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Alexis Neiers Arrested -- Black Tar Heroin Found

12/1/2010 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alexis Neiers -- star of the E! reality show "Pretty Wild" -- was just arrested for possession of black tar heroin ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Alexis Neiers Arrested
We're told Neiers missed a post-jail probation meeting in November -- a probation violation -- so this morning, cops decided to pay her a visit at her L.A. home.

Law enforcement sources tell us cops searched the place, discovered black tar heroin ... and immediately placed Neiers under arrest.

Neiers -- who was released in July -- is still on probation for burglarizing Orlando Bloom's L.A. home last year ... so this new arrest could lead to some serious time behind bars. 

Calls to Neiers' reps have not been returned.

UPDATE: Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Neiers was also found with a fake Florida driver's license. All in all, she was booked on two counts -- possession of a controlled substance and perjury (for the fake ID).



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You are all wrong! It wasn't her purse! Wait, it was her purse but she thought it was gum! Wait a minute, that was Paris! Either way I'm sure this one will have a really good excuse as to why she's innocent! We know! We know! It wasn't your herion or your fake ID!

1392 days ago


hahahaa what a dumb b*tch. too bad the rest of her crackwhore family isn't in prison with her. They are all worhtless trash. Lets hope we dont have to suffer through another reality show. Stop giving talentless people sooo much attention.

1392 days ago


what a waste. need to be with Linday in jail.

1392 days ago


And so it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1392 days ago



1392 days ago

RJ Hunt    

She won't get any jail time other than the time she is doing waiting for court on the new charge, which will be possession of a controlled substance. She will get Prop 36 and her probation will be revoked and reinstated with new terms and conditions...She might get 90 days for the violation, but in LA County that's only 9 days, which she will have by the time she goes to court.

1392 days ago


Knew she was on something... and that it was more big than zanex... BTH- figures...pretty big in LA. -Also, I met Ryan Seacrest and he's 5'10" - not a midget. Just sayin.

1392 days ago


You can tell from the pics this chick is dirty - I mean skanky dirty. The kinda chick who's crib smells of dirty laundry and cat p1ss. The kinda chick who's car reeks of vomit and stale beer. The kinda chick who is content to live in a $2,000 rental filled with roaches, flies and garbage.

Is this one of those "hate the drug not the addict" moments?

1392 days ago


Come on people this is hollywood does anybody expect her to do real jail time the judge will sentence her and the sheriff will walk her out the back door and she will keep doing her reality show. THIS IS HOLLYWOOD BABY

Posted at 9:57 AM on Dec 1, 2010 by Gloria

If I remember right she will be going to a state prison for 2 years, not the local LA jail. Don't think she'll be getting out early this time.

1392 days ago


I hope Seacrest wises up and drops this project. These PRETTY WILD girls are pretty stupid. No one wants to watch a bunch of slutty young girls who do lots of drinking and drugs and has a wacko mom. AND SO IT IS!

1392 days ago


this is why I don't watch the E network all of their talent with the exception of Kendra are losers. The kardashians will attend the opening of a public toilet which is appropriate for these nut jobs. They are famous for a whore daughter making a sex tape, they were in dire straights before that money came rolling in, bridalplasty, married to rock, pretty wild talk about rewarding losers for being just that!

Posted at 11:38 AM on Dec 1, 2010 by faz

Hey faz, how is Kendra somehow different? She was a paid prostitute for Hefner and sold a tape of herself having every type of sex possible. Who makes a video like that at 18 years old? A professional slut, that's who. Now we're supposed to respect her because she has a baby while she's still dabbling in the porn on the side. She's by far the worst of the bunch.

1392 days ago


They say that "Black Tar Heroin" will cause festering pus boils on the user's skin, usually on the face, arms and back. Supposedly that stuff is cheaper than weed. She better wise up fast.

1392 days ago


Hurrr durrrr Imma herpin derper! Reap what you sow little girl.

1391 days ago


Alexis' mother is to blame. The way her kids treated her and the way she treated them as if they are equals/her buddies is ridiculous. People need to sto befriending and start parenting and I wouldn't get her butt a lawyer this time.

1391 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Hope she can make bail before going into dope withdrawal.

1390 days ago
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