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Audio Expert: It's Not Britney Spears

12/1/2010 7:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A certified audio expert who has analyzed the purported recordings of Britney Spears speaking to Jason Alexander tells TMZ ... he believes the female voice is not Britney.


Arlo West, who is a certified forensic audio expert, tells us, "In my opinion, it's not her voice in the recording."

West, who compared the recordings with a half dozen interviews Britney has done over the years, says "Listening to the phonetics, it doesn't appear to be authentic," adding, "the mannerisms in her voice just don't match up."


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Jim in Cali    

Well tell radaronline. They just released another recording.

1423 days ago


He's the same guy that said that the Mel Gibson audio tapes were edited.

ROL is just a trash site that caters to the lowest forms.

1423 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Arlo West? This guy is probably Kanye's brother.

1423 days ago


Go Brit.

1423 days ago


You need to watch the reality show her and Kevin did to hear her "real" voice. That Mickey Mouse babydoll voice she usually uses in interviews is NOT her normal voice. Her real voice is much deeper and very similar to the one on the recording.

Just like Paris, the cutsy babydoll voice is totally bogus. Their real voices are deep.

Just saying.

1423 days ago


Also, Radar just released another recording.

And, they say Jason passed a polygraph.

I think your Audio Expert is full of shiat. You can't listen to media interviews to hear a "real" voice.

1423 days ago

JLS known as the National Enquirer. And the group that owns those two and more are in a BK.

Radaronline lies regularly. Anyone who believes what's on that website is stupid.

And what do we know about Jason Alexander - Brit's 55 hour husband? He's lied previously and want's desperately to make money off of Brit.

If I were Jason Trawick I would lawyer up so fast. Let's make little Jason Alexander admit to what this really IS. He's a zero.

1423 days ago


rabiesonline doesn't know their azz from their elbow.

1423 days ago


She has some nasty old lady hands. What is wrong with this freak. Whats between her legs looked like a wrinkled up mess too.

1423 days ago


is it the same expert that said jackson is singing on the breaking news single ??? ive heard hes only got 1 ear and that needs duracells lol

1423 days ago


Sue? Times are hard. please wash your hair.

1423 days ago

SERIOUSLY !!!!!    

Seriously! Why does her hair always look like it hasn't been shampooed in months!? Man, that got to stink!

1423 days ago


oh course she isnt gonna say its Twitney..the only way you get an honest answer from her is if she is sitting in a court room an being paid for her opinion..she also knows sayin its her outside a court room gets her all kinds of sued an torpedo's her career...stupid post TMZ

1423 days ago


It's just a guess unless he's actually analyzed and compared the 2 voices. It was a really bad recording and the truth won't come out by just listening to it. It sounded a lot like her in that TV show she did.

1422 days ago


Well, Britney SHOULD sue. Then this despicable piece of spit, Jason Alexander, can either produce the "evidence" or else get out of town. Really crappy of him to do to her, regardless of the truth of the matter. Well shot of him, Brit!

1422 days ago
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