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Lead in Publicist Murder Case Could Hit Dead End

12/3/2010 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The "person of interest" in the Ronni Chasen murder case may have actually shot himself dead because he feared he was going back to prison for possibly committing several burglaries in the area where he lived, and not for the Chasen murder ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Ronni Chasen Murder Suspect
As we first reported yesterday, the "person of interest" is Harold Martin Smith.  He has a long criminal record, including two robberies and at least 4 burglaries. 

Our law enforcement sources tell us ... there were several recent burglaries near the Harvey Apartments in L.A. -- where Smith lived -- and the suspect matches Smith's description.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... detectives believe there's a good chance that when Smith was confronted by law enforcement Wednesday, he thought he was being arrested for the burglaries, not the Chasen murder.

As for the Beverly Hills PD, our sources say detectives have no evidence so far linking Smith to the crimes.  Detectives are conducting ballistics and other forensic tests, but the results are not expected back until next week.  Until then, Smith will remain a person of interest.


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I'm beginning to think it was a family member that put the hit on her.

1422 days ago


The bullet pattern was too close. Hollow tip rounds. No evidence. Had to be a pro. This will go unsloved.

1422 days ago

sloppy seconds    

glad this criminal offed himself. saved tax payers millions. thanks.

as far as clues go, this totally looks like a 'hit' or contract killing. could be some very powerful hollywood people behind it.

look there.

1422 days ago


What about the niece she left $10 to? There was obviously something bad going on between them. Look there.

1422 days ago


PRO cop hit team cover up clean up by kichen cabinet SS governator of scott harrold son of FOX studio jean peters howard hughes JR cover up of the cover up she was the last person standing at fox to know=DOA.

1422 days ago

Sandy Bitch    

quote: If the brother stood to gain nothing from the will, why would he have her murdered? I'd look at the ones who stood make a bundle.

Because the bad guys A$$umed the Bro was IN the will..the Bro owed tons of dough (drugs & gambling & cash loans) to them, and they want their cash!!! NOW!! So, send a message to the Bro, while gambling they damn selves, HE'LD be there---- Turns out, Ronni gets the last the 10 bux she left Bro's daughter, and HIM OUT. What a story, folks!

1422 days ago

eggshells los gogo    

Sharks feeding off scott harrold howard hughes&jean peters son cover up LA~PD hit team COP`ss as rightwing governator does the dirt work for his moob mob buddys

1422 days ago

Just like the JFK assasination. Except that Jack Ruby and Oswald are the same man.

1422 days ago

Car Lee    

I hope the Cops are reading these Comments, and tracking exactly where they are being typed from (ie, Internet Cafe with Cameras, or a HOME computer) Looks like the freaks are right here trying to scare Fox back----------------


1422 days ago

Tina P.    

“The people in Hollywood are fabulously stupid.”-- Author Michael Crichton.

Rest in peace~

1422 days ago


COVER up of hughes`s peters kid scott harold..ronni was the last link left at FOX were jean peters scott harrold`s mother also worked.Hughes`s cover up ripp off smith is just a fall guy in a muti-billion dollar ripp off by the texas seven judges on the take with lummis for texas instruments CBS FOX war contracts and insider hollywood dealings Via scott harrold since 1964..she knew too much was given the forever GAG order inforced by the kichen cabinet bad cops and bad governator owned by the mob.On his way out he cleaned house for his owners.

1422 days ago

Y do he got    

governator haiburtion bush^^^ chenny hit team leftover WTF did you think he was doing for the sharks cleaning hughes`s kid`s for VIACOM FOX even scott harrold`s mother jean peters was a commie for FOX.Double name harold cover up muddle up of the HUGH^^^HUGHES COVERUP^^^ remeber glomar scarface and hells angels plus TWA and all those hughe`s bizs shot down by the hollywood kichen cabinets VIA`governator REAGAN GOONS to bush chenny manson satellite broadcasters killing hughe`s for a living SHARKS FEEDING off scott harrold AKE HAROLD doubled and covered up and killed off in scores of low^^^ satellite`s bu the score lows back to the cold war cuba starfish prime nuke stand off age of the spys jean peters was a spy for hollywood whom killed on hughes`s TEXAS INSTRUMENTS dirt texas seven judges on the take with lummis for the kicken cabinet`ss frats la mason broadcasters.She was a long long time part of the leaking coverup and harold smith was a loser to take the fall and light off the coverup.

1422 days ago

Jake Ross    

Gotta agree with Sandy Bitch--- The bad guys assumed Larry Cohen was in the will, and knocked off his sis as a sign of what would happen to him if he did not pay up his, they FIGURED he would be in the will..not only was he NOT in the Will, his daughter was majorly snubbed by the woman, Ms. Chasin... Finally, I have a script. :)

1422 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

huh??! i'm no expert, but is law enforcement seriously gonna try and say that some burglar is gonna kill himself over getting caught for some burglaries (non murder burglaries...) and not over some actual murder he may or may not have committed??!! so you are basically gonna kill yourself over a burglary, but not over some murder you may or may not have committed...? strange logic somehow.

1422 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

who did she go to the premier with, and who invited her? was this a normal kind of habit, that she'd attend an event as such alone? what about these kinds of questions. i mean it's kinda random for someone to 'stalk and target' someone off of their regular normal path (home to job-job to home path, for example). at 12am on top of all that! seems like a random stalker or a pre arranged encounter. just guessing though.

1422 days ago
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