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The Most Random Celebs Ever Sing 'Let It Be'

12/3/2010 7:26 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

If you ever wanted to see the most haphazard assortment of D-list celebs ever assembled ... like David Faustino, Right Said Fred, Alfonso Ribeiro, Tonya Harding ... oh, and Glenn Close sing along to the Beatles hit "Let It Be," then today is your lucky day.

It's a promo for some Norwegian television show, but looks more like a bizarro "We Are the World"/SNL sketch.

Be prepared to be mesmerized by the randomness.


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Jon L    

Except for Roger Moore's voice at the beginning this, as far as I can hear with my untrained ears, is the original track:
But it is a very nice piece of handiwork, isn't it?

1385 days ago


It says this is a private video and won't let me watch it.

1385 days ago


This video moves me! The shows title is "Gyllene tider" which means "golden times" and features most of the celebs whose shows I loved seeing as a kid.(me and the rest of the Norwegian population in the 80s and 90s) I love catching up with them on sundays to see where they are now and what happened to them after their success. This is a very heart warming program and in Norway it's the must see show of the week. This is the second "season" btw.

1384 days ago


Gylne Tider is just for fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

1384 days ago


Here's another one from last year i think:

Ist from the nostalgic tv show "Golden times" on Norwegian tv2.

..regards, Norway ;P

1384 days ago


It's not as random as it seems.

This is what we watched on TV in Norway in the 80's and 90's.
They were the stars in series/movies/music that was on TV when the TV hosts of the series was younger and in their "prime".
We're talking LA Law, Miami Vice, Bergerac, Police academy, Married with children, The Cosby show, Melrose place, Cheers, Fresh prince.., Baywatch, Beverly Hills 90210, Rocky movies, Falcon Crest, Columbo, Twin Peaks, Bud Spencer & Terrence Hill, Seinfelt, A nightmare on Elm street, Dalgliesh, Twisted Sister and other pop/rock and sport stars.. and so on.
I even remember Kathleen Turner and Romancing the Stone with Michael Douglas.. and war of the roses..

But how in the world did they get them to do this.
I actually like it a lot :-)
The only stars missing is from The Dynasty..

The TV show Golden Times is good too. At least for me that was born in 1974, and saw all of these shows.
The TV show have resulted in extra DVD/BRD sales of many of the shows/series - and they have started to show many of them on TV again. And with no commercial breaks I may add.

In 5-10 years time they can make a new TV show from the year 2000-2010.

1384 days ago

Golden Shower    

Check last season out:

1384 days ago


Norway TV-NRK did it, and everything is real. Very fun and entertaining.

1384 days ago

Norse man    

You all need to understand one thing. This video is a promo for a television show airing on Norwegian television. It takes the audience back to visit "celebs we remember from the 80s". It doesnt matter what kinda celeb u would rate them as now..

Its just humour...

1384 days ago


This is from a Norwegian tvshow that looks back to the 80s, and interviewing "celebreties" from the tvshows etc. that was shown on Norwegian tv in that periode. The people in the video is most of the people that was interviewed for that tvshow.

ps. sorry for my bad English

1384 days ago


Its just wholesome fun for a group of 80's and 90's celebrities! The video was made as part of the interview series and did not require a massive endorsement of any kind. People just aren't up-tight around the world. Come on, you all want to be in a tribute video!! :)

I just loved it, and the interviews are fun. Milli Vanilli is singing again, not lip syncing. Give Tonya Hardin a break please, how long to hold a grudge? This is a fun family show so lighten up all u negative people:) (I’m of course from Norway:)

1384 days ago


It`s a very cool show. They interview people that were stars i the 90s. They`ve also made a show about the 80s, with the same song and with the stars in the video. Remember these people were famous back then. It`s all for nostalgia..

1384 days ago


It is a promo for a show called "Gyldne Tider" (Golden Age in english). The show visits and interviews celebs from the 80's that the 3 hosts remember and used to like for some reason or another. Great show for those of us old enough to remember 80's music, TV, and movies.

1384 days ago

Girl from the fiords    

How did they make them do this?
Simply through being friendly,genuinly curious, and down to earth in their approach. Making the oldies but goldies relax I suppose...and thence not taking themselves too seriously the wrong way-having a little bit of fun...simply. Nice, ordinary norwegian guys bringing people down to the ground maybe? Simplicity rules.....and lots of humour.:-)

1384 days ago
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