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Road Rage Could Be Trigger in Publicist Murder

12/2/2010 9:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with the criminal probe into the Ronni Chasen murder tell TMZ Ronni had a temper and road rage is a scenario cops are seriously investigating.

We're told cops are interested in the road rage theory as it relates to the suicide of the man last night who was the object of a search warrant connected to the murder.

TMZ has learned ... the man who shot himself in the head is HAROLD MARTIN SMITH.

Although there are reports Smith is a suspect in the murder of Ronni Chasen, we're told that label is based on LAPD sources, and the Beverly Hills PD is only considering him a person of interest.

Nevertheless, sources tell us the BHPD is actively investigating Smith to determine if he was in the Beverly Hills area the night of the murder.

And, we're told, as far as Smith goes, money was not the motive.  Although Smith talked about getting $10,000, we're told that was in connection with a civil lawsuit.

So far, we're told, there's no physical evidence linking Smith to the killing, but cops are actively investigating.


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my opinion    

Law enforcement has announced that Harold was getting a $10,000 lawsuit.Maybe because Harold was mentally unstable someone put in his head that he killed the publicist for the money so he started to brag to everyone that he did this horrible crime or he knew something about the crime or the criminal that commented the murder. I still have the feeling he had nothing to do with this crime.

1388 days ago

Sad sad    

"my opinion" I agree. Crime spotless. Harold a mess. Not him.

1388 days ago

my opinion    

@atomDon- Yes, the source of my information has been from the local Los Angeles news you may be able to go to and get the information that I have heard on our local news.

1388 days ago

Sad sad    

OMG the brother. He stated "I’m sure it was road rage. I’m sure it was some kind of random thing.” Is he serious????????? red flag

1388 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    


1388 days ago

Sad sad    

Another statement from the brother from showbiz411:

" When I mentioned to him that most reports indicate a personal motivation for the murder, he said he disagreed. “Everything I’ve read in the paper is wrong. Everything the New York Post wrote about Ronni was wrong: the difference in our ages, when she changed her name, everything.”

The answer to that is weird. Plus when someone dies (but not always) we tend to feel the need to blame someone or thing. I find this really weird. Anyone else? I'm wondering who came up with the road rage theory first. In no way did that come to my mind first hearing this story. Road rage on sunset blvd in that area? Enough room to drive right around them at that time of night. Obviously no one was out on the street at that moment. So what the heck?

1388 days ago

Sad sad    

Ah crazy scary as hell. Is this the brother?

"As a matter of fact, there’s a parallel relationship between God Told Me To and Phone Booth in that both have a figure who’s basically playing God, who’s totally dominating the existence of another human being – acting out a God complex – and using a sniper’s rifle to invoke fear. "


Script by Larry Cohen

1. Phone Booth (2002) - Joel Schumacher [Amazon US] [FR] [DE] [UK]
By some lucky quirk of fate, Phone Booth landed on Hollywood's A-list, but this thriller should've been a straight-to-video potboiler directed by its screenwriter, veteran schlockmeister Larry Cohen, who's riffing on his own 1976 thriller God Told Me To. Instead it's a pointless reunion for fast-rising star Colin Farrell and his Tigerland director, Joel Schumacher, who employs a multiple-image technique similar to TV's 24 to energize Cohen's pulpy plot about an unseen sniper (maliciously voiced by 24's Kiefer Sutherland) who pins his chosen victim (a philandering celebrity publicist played by Farrell) in a Manhattan phone booth, threatening murder if Farrell doesn't confess his sins (including a mistress played by Katie Holmes in a thankless role). In a role originally slated for Jim Carrey, Farrell brings vulnerable intensity to his predicament, but Cohen's irresistible premise is too thin for even 88 brisk minutes, which is how long Schumacher takes to reach his morally repugnant conclusion. --Jeff Shannon for

1388 days ago

Inouno Nyx    

Does anyone else think it's weird that they were able to shoot her 5 times in the chest? I mean, she sees a strange SUV approach her by the passenger side, sees them pull out a gun, they fire once or twice and she didn't try to speed away? Seems like she didn't do much to avoid being shot once everything started. I am assuming that it wouldn't be as easy to shoot your target when it's moving, much less when you are moving too. I say suicide by hit.

1388 days ago


Pro cop hit that is why she was shot five times in the chest by a governator`ss bad cop crew as the rightwing actor leaves office house cleaning of a fox mouth that would`nt shut up.Fox TMZ is reportin thier own news about themselfs more curruption and the LA~PD has been murdering people for the rightwing nazis since the 10,000 nazis were hidden in the USA after WWII masonicas broadcasters and jewish power groups have all worked with those hidden 10,000 ss for years more coverup.this is the cover up of scott harrold son of howard hughes JR and jean peters=whom hollywood also owned and used to kill and cover up the hughes`s

1388 days ago


Figures, Maybe those folks whom were hinting at what ex cops in LA are into these days were on to something.

1388 days ago


Killing her over the will doesn't make sense. If the will stays as it is when she's dead, then how does that put more money into the alleged plotters (i.e. brother and niece) pockets? It doesn't. The only way they'd profit from her death is if they had taken out life insurance on her.
I don't think it had anything to do with her value and someone getting her property when she died. Whoever did it needed to get her out of the way, probably before Oscar season.

1388 days ago


This is ALL BULL.

I smell a major cover-up. All the google headlines are "Road Rage". They all say "money couldn't be the motive" with no further explanation.


How corrupt is the police or the Press in Hollywood? Looks like they want to separate the dead guy from motive. Yeah, the dead guy killed her for because she cut him off.

Not even a make and model of his car. Lots of camera's along a lot of roads in Hollywood. You could pin his car to a path at a time. NOTHING.

I don't believe it. What's really bizarre is how ALL the Hollywood Press seems intent on covering it up. Looks like a concert of effort. Why? How?

BTW, was there ANY witnesses to the shooting of the suspect? There must have been ONE non-cop who saw it. The cop said he didn't raise his arms up as instructed, but reached for a gun.

Why would you raise your arms up when they just had a search warrant and claimed to just have a few questions?

The big QUESTION is WHY was he a suspect at all? That's the big one the cops have to answer. If it ends up being an anonymous tip, I'd be laughing out loud.

1388 days ago


Definitely not road rage. Her brother Larry Cohen said in the media that he believed it could be. The problem with the theory is they still can't pinpoint where she was shot. If she was shot at Sunset and Whittier, how in God's name did they get off 5 to 7 shots into her car without damaging the outside, and then how was she able to turn left, then drive down a winding street without running off the road? I don't think even a cop could do that with 5 bullets to the torso.

Also, in a road rage incident, the shooter would have sped off, and the sound of the car would have been heard by residents, and there would have been skid marks left on the pavement.

This was not road rage, nor was her death at the hands of an erratic, mentally unstable drug dealer.

1388 days ago


Seems like the BHPD are rather shady. Unless they come up with substantial evidence to show that Hary Smith was depressed and suicidal, I'm not buying that he shot himself in the head when the PD came to get him. It just doesn't make sense and is not a normal reaction but it seems to happen a lot in Los Angeles when cops are involved, that the person "commits suicide." I'll believe it when I see evidence he wasn't shot by the police. That stretch of Sunset is never backed up especially late at night and has multiple wide lanes. The fact that they are considering road rage is absurd to say the least.

1388 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

No road rage, no accident not even Oswald like pansi "they" set up. This was a hit and is being covered up an spun as something else. But our words means nothing really. everything is being or been taking care of. In the next week and a 1/2 two weeks maybe this will not be in the news anymore. "They" depend on folks ADD behavior to move on to the next thing.

This also reminds me of that surgeon being killed in a "road accident." Most us slaves are not part of that rem so when TMZ put that out I wondered why would they do that and this person is not obviously known. But it was not for us it was for the folks who knew him and are in that circle.

1388 days ago
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