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Bristol to Margaret Cho: Here's a Gay Joke ...

12/6/2010 9:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Someone needs to keep the Palin girls off Facebook -- this time it's Bristol posting an open letter to her "Dancing With the Stars" co-star Margaret Cho ... and making a gay "joke" at Margaret's expense.

Bristol responded to a blog Cho wrote this week that suggested Sarah Palin made Bristol do "DWTS" -- and that Sarah "harshly and openly" blames Bristol for costing her the election.

In Bristol's new post, which she wrote last night, she made her point in a few decently-worded paragraphs, but then decided to end things by saying that if Margaret understood conservative politics better, she "would embrace us faster than KD Lang at an Indigo Girls concert."

Reading between the lines ... KD Lang = lesbian. Indigo Girls = lesbian. Cho is openly bisexual.

But Bristol did say she's willing to let Cho babysit Tripp, so there's that.


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What a dumb, rude brat! But then again, let's consider her background. Apple does not fall far from the tree. Why is a teenage mom given this type of coverage? Why? Because her mother is Sarah Palin? I am sure that there are a lot of politicians out there who have intelligent, educated children who would think twice before posting idiotic comments like this. Like the one this 15-minute famer is doing. Bristol Palin, go take of your kid, make sure that your shady baby daddy pays child support. If he says he has no money, tell him to pose for Playgirl again. Oh, he cannot, because he is too busy running for Mayor. Lol! Give me a break!

1417 days ago


eww that chinese lady is so gross looking wonder why she is making fun and trashing bristol because she has no self esteem and thats what bullies do because majority of bullies are ugly and are ashamed of their sexuality haha

1417 days ago


Now is it me or does that statement seem age innapropriate? KD Lang and the Indigo Girls??? Funny but my 19 year old would have no idea who either of them was, but someone my age,42, certainly would. Maybe "Mama Grizzly" Sarah is actually dictating what should be written? In any case they certainly seem like a very homophobic clan.

1417 days ago


The Palin's are fine people...**** you liberal **** are the perverts and deviants that are screwing up our children!!

1417 days ago


It's easy to see who the real haters are. Homophobic is such a copout and a brainless attempt at an insult. Liberal = hater. Conservative (obviously) = free thinking in spite of you whiney ass haters.

1417 days ago


I dont understand why people still give this family so much attention. Just ignore them and they'll go away eventually.

1417 days ago


Can you imagine if this family was in the White House! HELP!!!!! Is what you would be hearing from the American public. All I have to say, is the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!!!!!!!

1417 days ago


Actually, the commentis pretty funny. This illustrates just more Liberal Derangement Syndrome. Alinsky lite tactics of picking on individuals......tsk tsk tsk. Margie Cho is not funny, just like Kathy Griffin is not funny, just like Rosie is not funny nor is J'Behore.

These liberal people have a right to free speech, but when the Palin's do it they need to keep their homophobic conservative white racist asses in Alaska? Please. You blight the right to have free speech when you deny them the right to their own based on your own bigoted, prejudiced derisive comments.

You are hypocrites, one and all.

1417 days ago


Liberals are such hypocritical basturds

1417 days ago


Bigotry runs thick in the Palin blood.

1416 days ago


would embrace us faster than KD Lang at an Indigo Girls concert ok but it was funner the first time i herd it on saturday night live

1416 days ago

Dirty Martini    

Homophobic? Oh puh-leez. If Margaret Cho made that joke herself, you'd be laughing yourselves silly. Cho took a swipe at Bristol and her mother, and Bristol set the record straight, and made a good hearted joke too.

BPs got spunk.

1416 days ago


She's under-read and over-fed. She acts like SHE'S the politician. You aren't, darling, shut your mouth.You aren't witty, or clever, or cute.The closest you'll ever come to matching wits with a comedian is to put your flannel shirt back on and do your Roseann impression

1416 days ago


How come no one is mentioning the fact that Margie Cho several years ago said she wanted to bang or sexually assault Bristol's mom Sarah Palin? Even if Bristol was being homophobic towards Cho (I don't see it as remotely such), can anyone really blame her after all the nasty and far worse things that Cho said about her mother many times over?

1415 days ago

Dick Mac    

Cho will embrace conservatie politics faster than Bristol Palin grabs a hard **** right after an abstinence rally!

1415 days ago
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