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Lindsay Lohan -- Back in the Driver's Seat

12/6/2010 10:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

She's baaaaaaaack. Lindsay Lohan finally has permission to get back behind the wheel of a car ... TMZ has learned.


Sources tell TMZ the people at the Betty Ford clinic finally decided to hand over Lindsay's keys today -- exactly two weeks after her license was restored by the L.A. County Probation Department.

As we first reported, Betty Ford was reluctant to let Lindsay drive -- because they thought paparazzi would follow her ... creating a dangerous driving environment.

Our sources say Betty Ford was proud of the way Lindsay handled the delay with patience -- and following phone calls from both her parents ... the clinic decided it was time to hand over the keys.

But ... this doesn't mean LiLo can hit the mean streets whenever she wants -- we're told she can only drive when she gets a pass to leave the sober living facility.

Buckle up, world.



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Somebody quick-throw Dina Lohan in front of her car. Lindsay can get rid of the biggest enabler on the planet.

It's only right.

1379 days ago


Speaking of Dina she is now! She uses the name Susan, Nicole and Dumas1000 to post here on TMZ

Say hello to Dina (poster 38)

1379 days ago


You know this is sad, my hubby lost his lis..for five years for a second DUI, needless to say he's learned his lesson and dosen't even drink anymore, but is well aware of the danger he put others in..i.e. no more drinking, I don't think the DMV would have worried, or hurried is getting his lisc back because his parents called...hmmmmmmmm maybe when she finally rolls over someone and either kills or seriously injuries someone the point will be made, how much is enough already?

1379 days ago


I'm so sick of reading about her stupidity! Stuffs gettin old.

1379 days ago


Bidet custom installed into Lindsay's car for all her lesbos.

1379 days ago


So someone's gonna do a biopic? Ought to be fascinating. Is anyone inked to play the current incarnation of Lindsay? I wonder if Bette Davis is still around. They kinda look alike.

1379 days ago


2 DUI's, high speed chase, smashed into a car in front of the Ivy while under the influence, runs through red lights, hits baby carriages, drives up and over curbs, hits trees, etc.

This girl should not be driving!

1379 days ago


That pic shows she can "Say aahhhhhh" like a porn star.

1379 days ago


Great another drunk drug addict on the streets again! Look out L.A.

1379 days ago

Dr. M    

Glad 2 see she is being slowly released back into the "wild" -
Peace be with you Lindsay -
Nosce Te Ipsum
Dr. M

1379 days ago


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1379 days ago

Sitting Bull    

How old was she when she was DUI, crashed, chased, etc...? 19 or 20? She's 24 now. There's a difference between 20 and 24. You get older and your head levels. Only the haters are wishing she will do something dumb again. If she drinks, it will be controlled. When she drives she will not be drunk. She doesn't want to lose her looks or her career. Google "Lindsay Lohan shops at designer outlets" to get a glimpse of how HOT she really is!!!! To all the haters, if any of your favorite celebrities did something similar to what LiLo has done, would you be as judgemental or hateful? Who gives a **** is she likes women. She is mostly straight...she likes men. Her looks and talent are all that matter. Lindsay will rise from the ashes.

1379 days ago


Hey, Lilo,
Bend over...I'll drive,. :)

1379 days ago


#49 Mike LMFAOROTF! You are just so stupid! Get your head out of your asz, if you think Lindsay is going to change. She is just buying her time at Betty Ford to stay out of jail. The whole Betty Ford thing is such a joke!

Even her little kiddie fans say "if she makes it" or "if she stays sober" or "she only has till" Everyone knows Lindsay is nothing but a lying, phoney, fake.
Just go to x17 online (where she works) and she tells them what to write on there site about her

Not a FCUKING thing has changed about Lindsay Lohan, except she is being baby sit, thats all

Once Jan hits, she will be the same old selfish,lying, drunk, theft, drug addict,annoying little skank that she is

LOL! Lindsay will rise from from the ashes, see even you know she is at the bottom ofthe barrel
Heres a news flash for ya Mike, Lindsay Lohan is done! So just stick a fork in her
The public is so sick of her and could care less if she even breathes again

Best Christamas gift Lindsay Lohan could give the world is, crashing into a brick wall at top speed. Oh and having her whole family in the car while doing so
Lindsay would not be missed

P.S. Mike, Lindsay will never gain trust or respect from the public ever again

1379 days ago


Hopefully she will drive off a cliff.

1379 days ago
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