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Vivid to Octomom -- Be Our Hostess with the Mostest

12/6/2010 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Vivid Entertainment still wants a piece of Octomom -- but now they've lowered their request down so far, it almost has nothing to do with porn at all. Almost.

Vivid has previously offered Nadya Suleman $1,000,000 to do porn as a way to help fight off her financial troubles. They tried again for $500,000 and then offered her a job as a production assistant. Octo turned 'em all down.

But now Vivid is trying again -- this time head man Steven Hirsch has his eyes on the AVN Awards in Las Vegas next month. He's sent Nadya's lawyer a letter, offering her a job as co-host of their parties during the weekend's festivities. No word on how much she'd get paid.

As we first reported, Octo has until December 31 to fork over a $450,000 balloon payment on her house ... or else the guy who holds the note is going to kick her to the curb.


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Sure he will kick her out.
How many times have we heard that?

1334 days ago


2. Steven, no one cares about OctoMom at AVN. What are you getting for the money? She's creepy. I thought Vivid was about hot girls not scary MILF. Is Vivid that desperate for press??

Posted at 12:30 AM on Dec 6, 2010 by Phil
She is more of a miwf - m. i (Wouldn't)F.

1334 days ago

me not you    

This Steven Hirsch is a despicable predator. I'm not defending the woman giving birth to a litter she can't afford to feed, but give her some credit for not stooping as low as being involved in the porn industry, which caters only to life losers such as Hirsch - people who can't form true and decent relationships only shallow sexual ones.

Why would this woman want to have her children grow up to see her associated with porn? It's bad enough they'll grow up being ridiculed about their births. Leave her the **** alone already - if you cared for real, you'd just help her out instead of preying on her, but then that's what porn people like Hirsch do - prey, because they're predators.

1334 days ago


It's beyond my understanding why that company still thinks she is relevant in any ways

1334 days ago

Patrick Henry    

The only people we should feel sorry for are those 14 kids has by this woman.

As far as her landlord, it's damned is he does or doesn't. If he lets her stay he is screwed and if he kicks her out he is seen as a jerk. That is a very expensive note for someone to keep up on their own.
On another note what is this woman skilled at, anything? She is famous for having octuplets? She brought all those kids into the world without a father, or a financial plan and that is way wrong!

Doing porn is not the noble way to go either.

It is the press who makes these immoral do nothing women famous: Octomom, Rachel Uchitel, the Charlie Sheen porn star, and Oksana. Thanks for giving us such high values TMZ and company!

1334 days ago


The man that claims he is the owner is going to have a hell of a time getting her out of the house . The courts arent going to kick a women with all those kids on the streets. She is going to ride this out until she is ordered to move. I dont think she will take any offer this porn Co. has to offer. She is probaly waiting for TLC to offer her a reality show.

1334 days ago


Geez, Bob, don't you mean vienna sausage?

And to answer your questions Patrick Henry, Foster Care, yes, yes, yes, No, Yes, but she did it anyway, and finally, noble? So far I haven't seen anything noble, so, why not go for the porn offer? We've all seen most of her stretch marks, what's the big deal?

1334 days ago


This BUM does not want to work. She will be living off the system forever!!!

1334 days ago

truth and mercy    


1334 days ago


Kimba10/Nadya/nutso.....I would Love to see your ugly as. out on the street and your precious neglected babies go to homes who would love them and take care of them and not lock them in cadges also they would not sell their strollers and keep the kids locked up all day! You are a sorry excuse for a mother and a are a liar, mootch, and a welfare troll! you think everyone owes you. you always have your ugly hands out BEGGING for money. you wear name brand sunglasses when you take your ugly as. down to Alhambra to collect your welfare. OH AND FIX YOUR KIDS LIP!!!! how can you walk around looking like a baboon as. when you won't fix the boys lip.. SHAME ON YOU!

1334 days ago


Boring! The shock value wore off the first time. Fraudia doesn't want to listen to the experts. Forget that Suze Orman, Oprah, Dr. Phil or Angels in Waiting ALL extended enormous amounts of FREE help in many forms and Fraudia turned her nose up at it. She only wants CASH so she can spend spend spend on herself. Her story has only been revealed as a scam and deplorable attempt to gain what Kate Gosselin and Michelle Duggar received.. pubic acceptance.

1334 days ago


Posted at 5:04 AM on Dec 6, 2010 by Kimba10

Kimba, I'd like to address your post.

1. Bad choices. Are we, the public, responsible to pay for her bad choices? I don't think so.

2. Down on her luck. OMG Kimba... she's been "down on her luck" since she pulled the Worker Comp scam 12 years ago. She needs to realize you have to "work" not to have money problems. She could have done that 10 years ago. (No, she didn't have a bad back!)

3. Who isn't in this day and age? Well, a lot of people are strapped now and that makes it especially crucial that those people hold on to their money and not support someone who PLANNED this fiasco!

Kimba... just keep on sending her your paychecks - maybe you can help pay for her next eyelash extensions or help to keep her kids in private school.

1334 days ago


"My prayers are with Nadya and her precious little ones. I hope she can gather all the money she needs to pay her mortgage in full and then some. I don't ever want to read that her children has been thrown into the streets. No one deserve that, not even Nadya.

Nadya may have made some bad choices, but she's not a bad mother, not a bad person. She's just a single mom of 14, down on her luck and having money problems. Who isn't this day in age? Cut her some slack!

Posted at 5:04 AM on Dec 6, 2010 by Kimba10"

SOME bad choices? She chose to have 14 kids knowing there was no way she could afford them. She had 6 kids and decided to have 8 more knowing there was no way she could afford it. She didn't have a job or a house at the time. She figured she could cash in on having octuplets and that plan backfired on her. She is a bad mother and a bad person. Her kids are going to be the ones to suffer. She had a lot of nerve putting up a website after the 8 were born looking for donations. The guy who owns the house she is living in deserves to be paid. He has every right to kick her out if the mortgage is not being paid. Maybe if she didn't spend all the money on plastic surgery, shopping sprees, gym memberships, starbucks and trips to disneyland she would have some money to pay for her own kids. Nobody owes her anything. If you feel so sorry for her, why don't you start sending her money? Why should anybody cut her some slack? Everything that is happening to her is her own fault. It's not like she was supporting her own kids and then she lost a job and was unable to support them. She couldn't afford them from the beginning.

1334 days ago


I agree with no. 3, I would do the nude pose and take the money. There could be worse things that could happen. She needs to take care of her children. Use what god gave you. People are going to judge you either way. Everyone has an opinion. And yes she does give me the creeps but hey, everyone has a story.

1334 days ago


Why the **** would anyone want to hire her??????????????? I honestly think she needs to give up some of those kids, she is just delaying the inevitable.

1334 days ago
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