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Vivid to Octomom -- Be Our Hostess with the Mostest

12/6/2010 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Vivid Entertainment still wants a piece of Octomom -- but now they've lowered their request down so far, it almost has nothing to do with porn at all. Almost.

Vivid has previously offered Nadya Suleman $1,000,000 to do porn as a way to help fight off her financial troubles. They tried again for $500,000 and then offered her a job as a production assistant. Octo turned 'em all down.

But now Vivid is trying again -- this time head man Steven Hirsch has his eyes on the AVN Awards in Las Vegas next month. He's sent Nadya's lawyer a letter, offering her a job as co-host of their parties during the weekend's festivities. No word on how much she'd get paid.

As we first reported, Octo has until December 31 to fork over a $450,000 balloon payment on her house ... or else the guy who holds the note is going to kick her to the curb.


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She should just take the money and pay off the house. It is stupid to put herself through the financial misery month after month. Pay off the house and give ALL of the kids a secure place to live.

1419 days ago


@35 Renhater:

A secure place to live isn't the only thing the children need. First and foremost they need a mother or caregiver that isn't mentally compromised as octoslut has shown herself to be.

Even if she gets a gig that pays enough to purchase that house, how is she gonna pay utilities, insurance, taxes, food, clothes, transportation, babysitters, and an endless list of expenses that one encounters when raising a family...there is no hope for her and definitely no hope for her pathetic children. The sooner the end comes for her the better off the children will be.

1419 days ago


Tired of this same old story of her $450,000.00 ballon payment coming due every couple of months and her getting to slide. Same old song and dance tune.

1419 days ago


Vivid, this woman is a creepy psychotic. You really want your company that is all about sex to be represented by someone who has spent a lot of time on line crowing about how she doesn’t do sex? Not to mention she is representative of the sleaziest and most consistent sort of failures of every possible sort.

This is the kind of person guys watch porn to get away from and forget for a few minutes. Why remind them with a worn-out aging monkey-house nut case when you can hire such pretty new Southern California hotties by the dozen?

Don't know if you,Nadya Suleman, are a bad person, but you have never shown yourself to be anything other than an outstandingly terrible mother. Even when she awkwardly and unfamiliarly is holding her own kids, it's obvious that they never get held by her, and make no eye contact with her. It looks exactly like when one of those wildlife commentators show up with some spooked little critter on tv and you can see all the animal wants to do is bolt out of the studio. And she keeps all those babies in isolation from one another in cage-like cribs.

She is also universally detested for spending the past two years keeping 14 kids trapped and neglected while she spends her days ignoring them and squandering their future.She can't even be botheres to fix her own baby's harelip while she spends a fortune getting her own re-inflated to jumbo clown-size every few months Now that news has come out that she deliberately ordered her doctor to implant her with a litter of 12, what kind of a reception do you think she’d get, even at a porn convention. Even people who are stuck on porn have kids.

And she has a face like a baboon’s hemorrhoid. And a body to match the rest of the baboon.

so Nadya instead of tossing down a few more pharmaceuticals and spewing out all that fake kimba10/mssarcia fanmail to yourself online, why aren't you in the rest of your soon to be lost house taking care of 14 kids?

1419 days ago


She is a stupid retarded ho. She is a free loader, who dosnt want to do a "real" job. She only wants to do the Paris Hilton thing. Show up for a few hour party of "gig", get paid alot of money, and then go home and make more babies. She should have jumped on board for the million dollar porn job. Or she should have thanked and swept up the 5ooK job for not being on film, just on the set. That would have saved her house, and little extra for some time after. Dumb....

1419 days ago


My prayers are with Nadya and her precious little ones. I hope she can gather all the money she needs to pay her mortgage in full and then some. I don't ever want to read that her children has been thrown into the streets. No one deserve that, not even Nadya.

Nadya may have made some bad choices, but she's not a bad mother, not a bad person. She's just a single mom of 14, down on her luck and having money problems. Who isn't this day in age? Cut her some slack!

Posted at 5:04 AM on Dec 6, 2010 by Kimba10

Nadya, Natalie Doud, aka: Kimba10 or whatever the he$$ you choose to call yourself:

You are NOT "down on your luck". The hard working family down the street who both WORK, who have just lost their jobs, who might lose their house even though they have always worked hard, paid taxes etc...those people are "down their luck".

YOU on the other had have not worked in over 12 years, have collected bogus "workmans's comp" benefits, have collected welfare, food stamps and SSI while hoarding money and blowing it on luxuries for yourself. There is NO reason why you cannot WORK. You are young, healthy and able (well, you ARE mentally ill so I'm not really sure what sort of mickey mouse job you could possible qualify for and actually be able to perform other than working at the Goodwill). Even so, the Goodwill hires the mentally handicapped so I suggest you start there.

You ARE a "bad mother". A "good mother" DOES NOT keep having children that she cannot afford to feed, clothe and house. A "good mother" DOES NOT blow money on unnecessary plastic surgery for herself (tummy tuck, lipo, breast implants and breast lift, lip injections not to mention $400.00 eyelash extensions) while ignoring her child who has a cleft lip. A "good mother" puts her children before herself...something YOU HAVE NEVER, EVER DONE IN YOUR LIFE!.

The best thing that could happen to those kids would be for you to be thrown out on your azz. Those kids need to be farmed out to good foster homes, and I mean they need to be placed with good healthy famalies who care about their well being. I could give a rat's azz if you live in a box under a bridge and dig for good out of trash cans. That's what most people have to do who refuse to work.

1419 days ago

kH8 iR8    

I know, I know...
INC tl;dr post! ZOMGWTFOCTOZOMBIES!one!eleven!!1!!11!!!! omghax

Wait, so, lemme guess....

Fugya has been unemployed for nearly 12 years now and as far as what the future holds for the 14 hostages (that is exactly how I view them as. Just captive children having to live under the tutelage and regime of what I deem as an emotional and psychologically unsafe psychopath that is their mother), as it seems to me that she will never get a job. EVER.

Fraudya's narcissistic and sociopathic tendencies dictates what she deems or believes is her rightful entitlements above all of us commoners whom work hard and diligently at our respective jobs. Day in, day out. Year after year after year. Often tiresome. Often loathsome. Regardless (anyone whom uses the grammatically-tarded 'irregardless' ought to be shot, maimed and castrated ... -insert a j/t for those whose knicks are easily bunched) The tax man cometh and many of us, without question, pay into his coffers. Fugsy, not so much. I would love to see what the IRS has to say about her questionable income earnings.

In all of her 35 years on Earth, Fugs has worked, what, only 2 years of her life? Eking out a living as an hourly wage earner, slumming it up in a ward at a state sanctioned psychiatric institution. So, in those two years, she decides that she's had enough of "hard labour" and with sheer luck on her side, a riot breaks out and she "conveniently" injures her back? Riiiight!!!! (extra exclamation points for added emphasis)

CMIIW (/sigh that's Correct Me If I'm Wrong, for noobs) but didn't her employer request she return to work a couple of times and each time, she declined, out right and refused to oblige them? Yeah. And miraculously, whilst unemployed, she decides it is NOW the PERFECT TIME to become pregnant. And there we see a twisted pattern emerging.

Mr. Kamrava testified under oath that he recalled way back in 1997 during their first "Dr."/patient meeting, that Fugsy exclaimed, "'I'm going to have 10 kids, I just want to have large family,'"

[] -She was "very desirous" of having children, and the then-childless woman told him she had been trying to become pregnant for four years and had suffered a miscarriage. Kamrava said Suleman was already taking hormones to increase her chances for becoming pregnant at the time of their first meeting.

Griftya, undeniably loves any and all media attention (or sadly, the public ridiculing of ALL things Octofright in which her delusional state of mind cannot begin to comprehend the enormity in which many despise her), oft being photographed smirking at the cameras. Laugh it up buttercup. UR REALITY (a nod to Stephen King) clock is ticking.

1419 days ago

either or    

If she did take the Million, I wonder what they'd have to pay someone to do her in front of a camera.

1419 days ago


Why doesn't some consevative church or group help her out?
You know, the people who preach that birth control is eeeevil.

A mother with that many children should not be forced into porn or out into the street by financial problems.
Where are the compassionate, conservative Republicans?????

1419 days ago


Why doesn't some consevative church or group help her out?
You know, the people who preach that birth control is eeeevil.

Bewcaus ethis couldn't be faher awy firm the issue of birth control.
Because you aren't going to find very many churchgoers whose reaction to having six kids on welfare is to find a doctor monstrously immoral enough to implant you with a litter of twelve more at one go, many of who will be maimed for life. Just so you can get famous.

My bet is churchgoers are the least likely to give her anything but a cold shoulder. They know how to read and for two years all they've been reading is how she has squandered every penny donated to those neglected babies.

1419 days ago


one word>>>LOSER

1419 days ago

Snow White    

Where are the compassionate, conservative Republicans?????

Posted at 11:17 AM on Dec 6, 2010 by Shea

We are working our azzes off to support the lazy welfare ho's who won't go to work.

1419 days ago

kH8 iR8    

For all the Fraudya postings here on The Mel Zone, I'm surprised, disgusted and outraged that Harvey chose to ignore the damning testimonies from Mr. Kamrava's trial that began in mid October and final testimonies made this month.

Why did Harvey decide that Kamrava's trial was not "newsworthy" for his site? And yet continually participate in the purchasing, degrading and ridiculing of The Fraud Tales from Retardya?

Kamrava's testimonies against Octomum's IVF histories are shocking and damning revelations that should have had the exact, if not overt public ire, outrageously exploitative manner that the 'tups birth reeked not two years ago. It has certainly opened the proverbial tinned worms of whoop-yo-fraud-ass against the grifting family.

An expert witness for the state previously testified that her treatments could have cost as much as $15,000, but the judge stopped Kamrava from disclosing how much he was paid for the in-vitro treatments that resulted in 14 children."

And here we are. Many whom are but a mere casual acquaintance of this sordid tale, ought to be duly informed of what has transpired since.


"Dr. Michael Kamrava, the Beverly Hills fertility specialist who over nine years implanted 60 embryos in Octomom Nadya Suleman of La Habra, cried on the stand again yesterday.

Facing a California Medical Board that may revoke his license to practice, Kamrava tearfully admitted he was never board certified in fertility medicine, that he failed his oral exam and that he was kicked out of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

Kamrava was shunned after single mother of six Suleman gave birth to the octuplets on Jan. 26, 2009.

+ + +

In a span of less than eight years, Suleman underwent repeated in vitro fertilization treatments resulting in 14 children, including her octuplets born in January 2009. In all, Suleman was implanted with 60 fresh embryos, Alvarado said.

a doctor's good judgment requires them to ask questions when there are "many red flags along the way," including Suleman's "incessant persistence to get pregnant within months of delivery in every single case."
One of those red flags was how unusual it is for a single woman to repeatedly attempt in vitro after successfully having two children, Fujimoto said.

Kamrava's lawyer said Suleman had a partner early on, but Fujimoto said there was no do***entation of that partner existing or ever visiting Kamrava's office with her.

The sperm donor listed in her records is anonymous, which is unusual when a consenting couple seeks in vitro, he added.

"It's one thing to use somebody's sperm," Fujimoto said. "When you say 'partner' that to me means someone that is going to actively take part in raising those children."

+ + +

Fujimoto said Kamrava made an “extreme departure from standard of care” by failing to refer Suleman to a mental health evaluation after she said she wanted twins on the heels of delivering her second child. Her request, Fujimoto said, came in October 2002, after Suleman had borne two children through Kamrava’s treatments who were only 17 months and 4 months old.

“For me it raises a huge red flag,” Fujimoto said. “It’s a very unique request for twins after having just had a second child. In my opinion at that point it would have been reasonable to ask the patient or to request a mental health evaluation.”

+ + +

People mag:

Suleman has denied Beaudoin is the father of her children, claiming he was infertile. Suleman's representative, Victor Munoz, tells PEOPLE, "The real sperm donor knows who he is. This guy is definitely not the one. It's kind of comical. Nadya's not sure why he's doing this." Today, Beaudoin is married and the father of two children.

Claimed She Had Ovarian Cancer
Beaudoin said he was "shocked [and] surprised" when he first learned that Suleman, whom he claims he dated from 1997 to 1999, had delivered octuplets on Jan. 23. On top of all else, Beaudoin told GMA, Suleman had informed him that the doctors told her "she had ovarian cancer," he said.

Beaudoin – who is bi-racial – says Suleman's older children resemble him – and is pushing for a paternity test. He says he is willing to help Suleman raise all her children because he doesn't believe she can do so on her own. "Either which way, you know, know that if she needs it, I'll lend a helping hand," he says.

Suleman has not responded to Beaudoin's offer to help, reports GMA.

+ + +

The fertility doctor for "Octomom" Nadya Suleman testified Thursday that she disappeared after he implanted her with 12 embryos, and he only learned that she was having octuplets after they were born.

Suleman was adamant about using all 12 embryos during her last appointment in July 2009, Dr. Michael Kamrava said at his state medical licensing hearing in Los Angeles. Kamrava said he suggested only implanting four embryos but obeyed her wishes.

"She just wouldn't accept doing anything else with those embryos. She did not want them frozen, she did not want them transferred to another patient in the future," the doctor said.

!! As months passed from their last meeting, "I was all along apprehensive" because "I couldn't get in touch with her. Every time we called, just an answering machine, leave a message. We couldn't get any calls back," Kamrava said.

Kamrava said Suleman called him from the hospital, saying reporters were outside her door and asked for advice on what to tell media.

"Well, I was shocked to hear that news in first place," Kamrava said. He said he told her to tell the truth.

I've ALWAYS have been on the fence about Fraudya's fictitious version that she was implanted with 6 "frozen" ::coughs:: embryos and then two split off to "create" an imaginary set of twins.


I laugh in her face, if I could, because NOW that the 'tups are older and their features are more prominent, it doesn't take a Physicists major to understand and realise that NONE of her 'tups, much less the 6 older ones, look anything alike. It's like the 'tups have different paternal lineage. IMPOSSIBLY ODD, NO? And surely, anyone with 20/20 vision could clearly see that there are no twins.

How could ALL 14 children have such outrageously random genetics ranging from platinum blonde to GINGER to near-black hair and skin tones that wildly range from the pallid to darkly sun tanned, that Nutsy VOCIFEROUSLY CLAIMED FOR TWO YEARS were from the SAME donor?


Octonarcolips expects all of us to believe that the donor is so beyond multi-racial that he is capable of birthing his own nation?

SMMFH @ both Kh8 GROSSelin and Fraudya.

Seriously... Two Peas. One Pod

1419 days ago

Peanut Santiago    

Same old, same old.....
Let's see, OctoMoron, Amer, Vivid now......maybe Daddy Eddie & Mama Angela, Jeffie the Mouthpiece, and another beg fest coming soon.
Lather, rinse, and repeat.
Any woman who demands that TWELVE fresh embryos be implanted is nothing more than a pig. Oink, oink. (My apologies to real pigs.)

1419 days ago

Peanut Santiago    

JOB = Welfare benefits.
Hey, why don't the supporters SUPPORT her?
However, if she would get a job....great.
No complaints here.
Just as long as we the (majority of the) public do NOT have to see her ugly face and body.

1419 days ago
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