Angelina Accused of Atlantic City Face-Punching

12/7/2010 4:30 PM PST

Angelina -- Accused of Atlantic City Face-Punching

Angelina Pivarnick went head-hunting in Atlantic City last weekend -- according to law enforcement, the former "Jersey Shore" star didn't just get into a scuffle with another girl ... she punched her in the face.

As we previously reported, Angie was set to square off in an official AC bout against another reality star -- Kerry Schwartz from "Frank the Entertainer in a Basement Affair" -- but got into it with a random girl at the Taj Mahal ... before ever setting foot in the ring.

Now the AC cops claim Angelina was the aggressor -- allegedly punching the unidentified woman in the face and body.

According to AC police, a summons complaint for simple assault has already been mailed to Angelina ... and she's due in court later this month.

UPDATE: Angelina tells us she plans on cooperating with authorities -- but adds, "That night I feel I was provoked, taunted , and harassed into a fight."

She continues, "On top of that there are signs pointing in the direction that this was a set up against me and I have witnesses and evidence to prove this."