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SeaWorld -- We DON'T Use Cow Vaginas!

12/8/2010 4:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

SeaWorld is finally lashing back at Tommy Lee -- claiming the rocker's allegation that the park uses cow vaginas to "masturbate" their killer whales for sperm collection is "beyond ludicrous."


A rep for SeaWorld tells us, "If Mr. Lee’s information on Tilikum and SeaWorld’s artificial insemination program for killer whales comes from PETA we’re not surprised that it’s wrong.  PETA is as careless with facts as they are extreme in their views."

As we first reported, Lee had fired off a letter to SeaWorld demanding they release Tilikum the orca back into the wild. In his letter, Lee also stated that he learned the "sick and twisted" info about the cow vaginas from SeaWorld's own director of safety.

But the SeaWorld rep notes, "The process of collecting semen for [artificial insemination] doesn’t differ in any meaningful way from the techniques employed in managing livestock or other species for zoological display."

"Contrary to the charges made by PETA and repeated in Lee’s letter, our trainers do not now nor have they ever entered the water with Tilikum for this purpose.  The safety of SeaWorld staff and the welfare of our animals are our highest priorities."

The rep adds, "Whatever his views on SeaWorld, Mr. Lee would be wise to spend more time checking his facts.


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en Todo Momento!!    

yeah Mr Lee! they use their bare hands!!!!! how's about that for miserable???!!

1418 days ago


Ha Ha ... Tommy Lee is quite fond of cow vaginas

1418 days ago


Celebrities + PETA = Dip ****s

1418 days ago

My two cents ;)    

Geez Tommy dont stress there is enough cow vag to go around..besides Kid Rock returned yours aka Pam to you after she flogged his dolphin...Idiot!

1418 days ago


tommy and pammy should rant about peta.

1418 days ago


PETA = Dip sh*ts, period.

Let's worry about humans, first.
When every person on this planet has food and shelter, then we'll worry about the animals.

1418 days ago


Did you notice they didn't specify what the process IS they practice?

That's clever. They denied denied denied doing it in the manner Tommy Lee accused them of but did not pin down what they actually do to collect it from this subject whale.

They also never addressed the fact that this is ALL THEY USE THIS WHALE FOR. It's clearly cruel.

I call on SeaWorld to stop assuming every single person who takes issue with their caring for the animals in their charge, associated with PETA. I'm not and I agree with Tommy Lee.

Mentioning PETA is a nice little smoke screen.

1418 days ago


How did PETA come up with this? Did they 'plant' a spy at Seaworld and saw it with their own eyes? Or in this case felt it with their own hands that it was cow vagina? And Why aren't they harrassing whoever killed/mutilated the poor little cow? She's a victim too!

1418 days ago


@Poster no. 5-

PETA doesn't have any animals TO kill.

I am no member of PETA but your post is just ridiculous.

1418 days ago


Tommy Lee should know quite a bit about cow vaginas... he was married to one for years. I'm sure he still hits it on occasion... that is when Pamela isn't schtupping some director in a desperate attempt to be relevant. Such a non-story TMZ... really who cares about PETA, Tommy Lee or Pamela(cow vagina) Anderson? The only reason why I even bothered to respond to this malarkey was so that I would have a reason to type cow vagina several times... THANKS!

1418 days ago


What DO they do then? Such a typical politician like answer, avoiding the question

1418 days ago


JLS ~ how's that cyber law business going for you?

1418 days ago


Who the heck cares HOW they do it? I'm sure they don't show it whale porn and wait for nature to take it's course. Really people. How do you think farmers get it from horses or cows? No one is getting off but the whale, so who cares. Would you prefer an electric prod instead? Seriously.

1418 days ago

Howard Sterns pen is in a cow vagina right now. Sirius 100.

1418 days ago


What was that sound? Oh it was just the sound of someone getting PWNED

1418 days ago
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