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SeaWorld -- We DON'T Use Cow Vaginas!

12/8/2010 4:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

SeaWorld is finally lashing back at Tommy Lee -- claiming the rocker's allegation that the park uses cow vaginas to "masturbate" their killer whales for sperm collection is "beyond ludicrous."


A rep for SeaWorld tells us, "If Mr. Lee’s information on Tilikum and SeaWorld’s artificial insemination program for killer whales comes from PETA we’re not surprised that it’s wrong.  PETA is as careless with facts as they are extreme in their views."

As we first reported, Lee had fired off a letter to SeaWorld demanding they release Tilikum the orca back into the wild. In his letter, Lee also stated that he learned the "sick and twisted" info about the cow vaginas from SeaWorld's own director of safety.

But the SeaWorld rep notes, "The process of collecting semen for [artificial insemination] doesn’t differ in any meaningful way from the techniques employed in managing livestock or other species for zoological display."

"Contrary to the charges made by PETA and repeated in Lee’s letter, our trainers do not now nor have they ever entered the water with Tilikum for this purpose.  The safety of SeaWorld staff and the welfare of our animals are our highest priorities."

The rep adds, "Whatever his views on SeaWorld, Mr. Lee would be wise to spend more time checking his facts.


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Q: How many PETA members does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: None, PETA can't change anything!

(source, the daily

1323 days ago


Why does anybody listen to what Tommy Lee has to say anyways!?

1323 days ago


no 21: Animals that live in groups/herds/pods etc. usually try to reach an optimal number of pod members...optimal number to best hunt together while not having to share the prey with to large of a numbe rof group members. If there are too many they break off into smaller groups. Needless to say not every group has the ideal number of members at all times, and groups with too few members will probably be much more open to accepting new members to their group - so Tilikum, even if he'd be alone at first (if released into the wild) does have a chance to find a group that would accept him as a member. And besides, Tikum stil has survival skills, since he was born in the wild. Also, ther are ways to train animals and prepare them to be released (back) into the wild.

1323 days ago

No comment    

Do you remember the whale from Free Willy? When that whale was released to the wild he chased/followed boats for companionship and food. He died with in a few years of being set free. They should NOT be allowed to breed in captivity, but the ones in captivity have to continue to be cared for.

1323 days ago


Don't make fun of the PETA people. They do a lot of good. How many of us act or do anything about anything. You PETA nuts keep being PETA nuts. And, I like Tommy too.

1323 days ago


Did anyone else notice that the whale's name is Til-I-Kum? Do I need to say anymore about this?

1323 days ago


It's not Tommy's fault he's wrong. It's likely the hepatitis he caught from Pamela has gone to his brain.

1323 days ago


Close all zoos. I think our kids would be just as happy to learn about wild animals via 3D natural movies shot wihtin the natural environment of a species, whale watching excursions, shark cage diving, bird watching, safaris, internet interactives, large screen movies etc. Esp small children have such active imagination anaywas that if a man in plain clothes desses up Santa Claus right in front of them, they'll still fully see him as/believe he is Santa Claus once his costume is on. Kids will be just as happy, and have a much more appropriate understanding of wild animals, with movies etc as/than zoos.

1323 days ago


I hate PETA so damn much, why can't they all just have a mass suicide?

1323 days ago


"The process of collecting semen for [artificial insemination] doesn’t differ in any meaningful way from the techniques employed in managing livestock or other species for zoological display."

translated --

Female graduate students handle it.

I never laughed so hard as when CNN showed them collecting sperm from a leopard in the 1990s. A new twist, and twist is the right word, on Girls Gone Wild.

1323 days ago

Y do he got    

Could you breed a packadurm with a whale? a killer whale with a trunk or a killer packadurm?.The circus stopped using most animals years ago and that is even more insane to rail big cats and packo`s and watch`um go insane and kill thier trainers.Disney is insane MADvs madd war pushers and GOOPY`s killing and stealing our 51union blind.

1323 days ago


I don't trust anything SeaWorld says.

1323 days ago

Jen O.    

You go, Sea World! Fkng PETA...

1323 days ago


Tommy Lee learned this information from the "director of safety" - yeah, I guess that safety would be an issue.......

1323 days ago


TMZ, you said in both this post and the previous one that Tommy Lee (and PETA) are wanting that Orca released into the wild. Where does it say that? He says released but never says wild. PETA's webpage says released into sanctuaries.

This is an issue because people could argue that releasing him into the wild wouldn't work, citing "Free Willy" as an example, when in fact releasing him into a sanctuary would allow him much more freedom but also deal with the fact that he's not able to go into the wild again.

1323 days ago
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