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Mel Gibson's Church -- Shutting Down Mass Services

12/9/2010 2:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson's mega church is putting the brakes on all congregational services because of a picture that was taken on church grounds this weekend and then passed on to TMZ.

Sources connected with the church tell us ... Gibson was "extremely concerned about the invasion of privacy." One source adds, "He is not just concerned that photos of his daughter were taken at the church, he is concerned for the privacy of his parishioners."

Members of the Holy Family Chapel in Agoura, CA received an email notice from church honchos yesterday which read, "There will be no Masses here at Holy Family Chapel until further notice."

Our sources tell us, however, that limited services will continue to be provided. In fact, a service was conducted yesterday -- the Holy Day of Obligation  -- for long term parishioners.


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It could have been lifted from an F**king FACEBOOK page for all we know.

1359 days ago


Good for the church council taking a stand on parishoner privacy.

@ Tell -- love the 'Church of the Immaculate Interception' !!!

One small point: The church is owned by the parish (an IRS foundation), not Mr. Gibson.

When I saw the 'church' pix, I thought they were probably taken by a kid with a cellphone. But again, my kids' cellphones probably take better pictures than that.

Thank goodness there is a 'real' thing to comment on that we are not so uncomfortable.

Tee hee

1359 days ago


@yo - why do you type in all caps? It's really annoying. It makes you look coked out.

1359 days ago

don't make me laugh    

Can't see her climbing a tree with that big old purse she carries.It would get caught on a limb,could get ugly.Oh heck it could be used as a parachute.

1359 days ago

bring back recent posts    

I think alot of this was set-up, why does he have to stop services, just don't bring daughter there!.something missing here!

1359 days ago



Mel, mel, the bat from hell
Bought a church but couldn't sell
Said "here's baby, ain't she cute?"
Go ahead TMZ and shoot

Then he shut the churchy down
"Why not, I own it, clown!"
"If you don't like it go and pray
at somewhere else, I'm done today!"

1359 days ago


Cant think of anything holier than a picture of Mel the racist with his bastard child.

1359 days ago


It's a shame that services need to be suspended this time of year, but I understand the reasoning. The pics looked like they were from a camera phone and not a high powered lens to me. It must hurt to know that one of the parishioners betrayed the others.

1359 days ago


Cant think of anything holier than a picture of Mel the racist with his bastard child.

Posted at 10:55 AM on Dec 9, 2010 by Holly

Holly, whatever your opinion of the parent, don't take it out on the child.

1359 days ago

don't make me laugh    

Wow yoyo, here you are, wasting all that talent for evil ways,just to be mean,sad really.

1359 days ago


@Mac - how does that work with the Church building? I know it's funded by Mel through the AP Reilly foundation ... how does the parish own it? I don't have a head for taxes and accounting. When my accountant says something I just nod and say "okay!"

1359 days ago


Okay mama, throw me the phone.

Posted at 10:43 AM on Dec 9, 2010 by don't make me laugh

Here you go, make sure to hang it up properly when your done this time, please.

1359 days ago


Agree#79 What kind of legitimate church cancels mass right before Christmas because of a picture of their daughter??? He knew that could happen when he brought her there, he might have even hired the photograher. Geez talk about drama king!

1359 days ago


Sad but understandable it had to come to this ...

it only proves a point that some evil people will go to great lenghts to ruin / disturb Mel's life at will - be it a 'visiting'parishioner', a pap or sby send there by Oxy Moron wanting to jeoperdise Mel's position at the upcoming custody hearing ..

I wonder what SHE will think of next to TRY to discredit Mel again ?!? _______

1359 days ago


I thought we were guaranteed freedom of worship somewhere? So, Mr. Gibson is now allowed to practice his religion in privacy?

Why the hate and ugliness over someone's religion? Do you think if someone was Wiccan, or Jewish, or Baptist, Evangelical, or AME, or Methodist there would be such nastiness?

Sounds like nasty religious bigotry to me.

Tee hee

1359 days ago
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