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Dog Chapman -- I'm Coming for Ya, Randy Quaid

12/11/2010 10:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Duane "Dog" Chapman is focusing his bounty hunting skills on Randy Quaid -- and we know this ... because he said so on Twitter. Goodbye, element of surprise!

Dog made similar proclamations a few months back when he was a guest on "Lopez Tonight." He eventually decided against pursuing Randy and wife Evi.

The Quaids have been hanging out north of the border lately. They've had warrants issued for their arrest several times this year, stemming from a case in Santa Barbara where the Quaids are accused of burglary after they were found allegedly living in a home illegally.


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Canada is not going to deport them , She is a Canadian citizen and he is her husband . So you are screwed. Going to Canada will get you in to big time do do!! Bounty hunters are not welcome there , the Mountie's do not take kindly to jack asses on their turf and the last thing they will tolerate is this wing nut reading the riot act !! Canada is not Mexico , think long and hard about it !

1283 days ago


Hope the mounties toss this dumbass in jail at the boarder. Wingnut knows nothing , bounty hunters are illegal in Canada. Leave Quaid alone if you dont want to get locked up .

1282 days ago


You go dog. If anyone can catch those chicken lillys you can.

1274 days ago

Eric Willy    

The last ass clown bounty hunters who tried to arrest and
take someone out of Canada, are still here doing 5-10 in Kingston Pen.
So dog give it your best shot, it would be one way to get that stupid show off the air.

1269 days ago

shirl smith    

Do your job and these other people need to find something to do . These people would have a different view,if someone did something bad to one of their family.They call you for help, I would!

1267 days ago


Chapman looks like an idiot, talks like an idiot and acts like an idiot and is a hypocrite to boot. I would love to have seen Mexican bounty hunters come busting in on him to cart him back to Mexico a few years ago. The man's a fool if he thinks the Canadian government will allow him to cross the border and grab anyone without thier consent and cooperation. This guys 15 minutes has run on for far too long.

1169 days ago


@Mark: "Dog the Bounty Hunter is the empitome of style, class and grace. From his sun-kissed mullet to his leathered face and trend setting fashion sense, what fugitive in his right mind wouldn't hope to be brought to justice by this All-American icon of law abiding decency and refined elegance?"


Your GAY is showing!

1168 days ago


They are all idiots and do not deserve a show. the self proclaimed ''Dog" is God spelled backwards..he gave the name to himself cause he truly believes he is a profit. God like. he is a racist pig and wants to be a hollywood star thats it. and his 20th wife beth thinks she is Godlike too. they are all nuts and should not be on tv anymore. They might lose there mansion in Colorado hopefully..charging for autographs...come on..

1168 days ago


Dog/Family (FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE) are the BIGGEST hypocrites, lyers, dramatic white trash who all are beyond RASCIST to the point of ignorance and then some.. Dog is a EGO maniac and his phsycho wide Beth is friggn insane (not good insane either lol) they all need help that family.... He lacks true emotion etc and they are by far messed up for trying to go after teh Quaids.. FOCUS ON HOME DOG! and while your at it, tell the family to stop using so much meth as you publicly condemn it yet you all ostly use it! (FAKE CHRISTIANS DO THINGS LIEK THIS!) DOG YPOU FORGOT WHERE YOU CAM

1004 days ago
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