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Miley's Bong

Fires Up

Anti-Salvia Movement

12/11/2010 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus is getting ripped by the dude who tried, unsuccessfully, to ban salvia -- the hallucinogenic herb sources say Miley was smoking last month during her 18th birthday party.  

Anthony Adams -- a former CA State Assemblyman -- tells TMZ it was irresponsible of Miley to smoke salvia, which he says can make "you do incredibly crazy things." Adams adds, "Miley is a star and young kids are going to emulate her behavior."

Back in 2007, Adams tried to get salvia outlawed and classifed as a Schedule I controlled substance -- the same as LSD and marijuana. When the bill was voted down ... Adams settled for restrictions on selling salvia to minors. It is still legal in California for adults.

After seeing the video of Miley smoking the drug, Adams thinks this is the perfect time to bring back his failed bill: "It's time for state and federal governments to renew their push toward an outright ban."


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Was it even salvia?

1410 days ago

Brent Chaker    

You stupid f*ck, Ruin it for the rest of us

1410 days ago

Brent Chaker    

I cant stand her HEAD. ****ing thing it wasnt even slavia it was Marijuana. Bongrat Slut

1410 days ago


who f*cken cares its youth baby dont hate :D

1410 days ago


get over it !!!! who gives a crap :D ita all about youth :D :D :D :D

1410 days ago


Well he should try and get alcohol banned too,since alcohol makes people do "incredibly crazy things" also. HYPOCRITES!!

1410 days ago


This stuff does make you nutty. My neighbor who "was" a high ranking Navy boy smoked this and ended up being put on lockdown back to the base!

We didn't know what was up with him until I walked in on him smoking it and he said it isn't detectable in drug tests. (I jumped on him for smoking, then he explained it to me what it was).

It does make you crazy - as sad as it was - it was also a america's funniest videos scene where he was walking around our complex one night knocking on everyone's door and saying "cugh coo" outloud and walking like a chicken". Sad but true.

He also would bang on my door at 2am saying a pipe broke in his kitchen and water was everywhere. When I walked in, nothing was wrong.

He also would get very angry - he told me one day to "beat the **** out of him to make him listen" directed to my two year old because he kept playing in the water pouring out of the rain gutter when it was raining.

So, yeah, this stuff does make one crazy and flucked up big time!

1410 days ago


Yum-- salvia! I miss that stuff being legal in Ohio.

1410 days ago

jane doe    

Hey girlie girl, why dontcha be a little
more careful about who you party with...
you got set up and filmed for profit...
just not YOUR profit...

1410 days ago


leave your moment Ms. cyrus :D

1410 days ago


Dammit Miley, who taught you how to hit a bong? Clear that sh**! Don't leave a bunch of stale smoke for the next guy!

1410 days ago


Look at the pic of her! She looks like Lindsay Lohan when SHE was HIGH.

This chick has been growing more and more out of control while daddy said it's just okay. Not okay anymore...

And this is JUST the beginning.

1410 days ago


i want some of that hahahahahaha :P

1410 days ago


man, i was in this same boat a few months ago. i don't know if it exactly was salvia that i smoked, but supposedly it was something legal and i totally freaked out when i was trippin. it was the craziest thing that happened to me. but i told my dad about it the day after it happened, and he was totally cool about it and collected. but i probably had a little less tolerance for it because of the fact that i had been smoking weed for a little while before that... so that coulda been the reason i had such a bad trip as well. plus i freaked out, not knowing that i was going to trip at all.

1410 days ago


funny how all these politicians whine about weed and cigs yet they never complain about alcohol which kills more americans a year than weed does.not to mention id rather pass a car with a guy smoking a cig than pass a car on the road with the driver drunk out of his mind.reason why they dont bring up the alcohol is because most of the politicians drink themselves.

1410 days ago
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