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Miley's Bong

Fires Up

Anti-Salvia Movement

12/11/2010 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus is getting ripped by the dude who tried, unsuccessfully, to ban salvia -- the hallucinogenic herb sources say Miley was smoking last month during her 18th birthday party.  

Anthony Adams -- a former CA State Assemblyman -- tells TMZ it was irresponsible of Miley to smoke salvia, which he says can make "you do incredibly crazy things." Adams adds, "Miley is a star and young kids are going to emulate her behavior."

Back in 2007, Adams tried to get salvia outlawed and classifed as a Schedule I controlled substance -- the same as LSD and marijuana. When the bill was voted down ... Adams settled for restrictions on selling salvia to minors. It is still legal in California for adults.

After seeing the video of Miley smoking the drug, Adams thinks this is the perfect time to bring back his failed bill: "It's time for state and federal governments to renew their push toward an outright ban."


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I self medicate with salvia to PREVENT serious clinical depression. one a pinch of all I need once a week. Thanks, Miley. Your mindless antics may put me on the crisis line again. You are truly a trainwreck.

1383 days ago


Disney gives these kids millions then they turn to drugs. I am thinking that Disney is the destroyer of kid stars. You look at the long list of potential d-tox candidates and where they come from. It is quite possible Mickey Mouse is a drug dealer.

1383 days ago



1383 days ago


Wow people will do anything to sabotage. Baby girl you shoul've been more careful, there is not such a thing as friends. Kids are Kids but you're a "CELEBRITY" good luck on this. =D

1383 days ago


She is trailer trash

1383 days ago


All the people who say this Drug shouldn't be banned are the one's who are smoking it and don't care about anyone ,like other people's kid's,grandchildren,or any other relative we have that we try so hard to keep them on the right road!!! You know what, those who think it shouldn't be banned, keep ****ing your own life up by it just like you've been doing and leave the rest of our families out of your corrupt minds. Don't like ,too bad.I don't really care

1383 days ago

Max Silverhammer    

Once again, too big of a deal is made out of someone getting high. She's 18, she's going to experiment with drugs. Who among us hasn't experimented with drugs at one time or another? Besides, the worst drug in the world (alcohol)is legal, so why not the rest of them. We could take a page from Portugal's stance on drugs. They help people hat need it, not lock'em up and throw away the key. What the hell's wrong with America these days? The father of our country and it's first president, George Washington was a marijuana farmer. He was also an incredibly successful land surveyor and a General in the First Continental Army.

1383 days ago



1383 days ago


Legalize Pot so people who wish to get high can do so Safely!

1383 days ago


I understand that being famous it comes with the job to be under the spotlight. This guy says that "Miley is a star and young kids are going to emulate her behavior." You know if it werent for people HAVING to know about every little bit of someones personal life then we wouldnt have kids being badly influenced. Shes going to make mistakes or experiment like most of us do. And because of that this fool wants to sit there and be like shame on her?? Shame on the people who report this bull****. Leave her alone she will try and do as she damn well pleases and its up to the paparazzi's, reporters, or anyone who HAS to write about an 18 year old who is experimenting with something legal, I blame them for why our youth is misguided. If they would take the time and think, hmmmmmm yea this is going to make money, but so is writing a story about her new album, or what she got for her birthday, instead of constantly targeting the newly adult. If anyone is to blame for our children being misguided its those who purposely put things in the paper, magazines, web that are showing our kids these things and wanting them to be mislead so you have another story about "How 15 year old girls are experimenting with drugs: Statistics show.....This is MILEY CYRUS' fault." OMG grow up and write about something that actually makes her look good after all you do jam to her music. She does make more money than you. Maybe its jealousy that you have to target her for salvia. Its legal GET OVER IT!!!!!

1383 days ago


How many DWI of Salvia have there been? Does this drug hurt anyone? Is it worse than alcohol? How many people have been killed by it? How many were killed by alcohol? This is something people do in the privacy of their own home and hurt no one.

1383 days ago


We don't need another Lindsey wannabe.

1383 days ago

Howling Drunky    

She's a cute girl. Too bad about the deformed mouth. Perhaps it can be corrected with a surgical procedure.

1383 days ago

Been There    

I'm older than both of Miley's parents, and I for one, have tried just about everything, including Salvia. #1 You def. need to not be alone (which M isn't), you need to have a "sitter". The first time I smoked it, I lost 45 minutes and our living room furniture was being "pulled" out the window. Not to mention the circus of colors and distorted images/people/the whole out of body experience was very different from anything I had ever tried.

It may be legal still in some states, but soon, I don't feel it will be legal anywhere in the U.S. It's a comical experience, yet scary. I don't recommend it, but it's your right if it's legal in your state. This is a ritualistic herb generally diffused into tea - supposedly causing the person to go "inward" as a meditational experience. I personally didn't feel more peaceful using it, I felt out of control. Not a good feeling...thankfully it doesn't last too long. And it didn't leave me with a feeling of wanting more.

Just don't do what I did and call the local big box store to ask about their "LSD TV's".

1383 days ago


i agree that its teen many of us did dumb stuff or still do dumb stuff?....but i also agree it shouldn't be swept under the rug....i really doubt she will go down a bad thinkin she tried it and thats as far as its gonna go...i don't see her ending up like whats her face..lindsay lohan.....

1383 days ago
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