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UFO Expert -- On Board with NBA Star's Theory

12/11/2010 9:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Here's a shocker -- a UFO expert is actually agreeing with San Antonio Spurs star Manu Ginobili ... that the unidentified flying object the NBA star saw earlier this month was NOT an alien spacecraft.


UFO aficionado Robert Kiviat -- the executive producer of "Alien Autopsy (Fact or Fiction?)" -- tells TMZ ... he believes the bright objects Manu spotted over L.A. on December 1 were most likely "from Earth, not a distant planet."

Kiviat says the objects appear to have "avoided crashing into the ground by making some sort of course corrections" ... therefore "one strong possibility is the UFOs were experimental military craft."

According to Kiviat, he believes the objects were part of "some sort of military test and farther away from the area than they appear."

So case closed ... or IS IT??????

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Maybe it's that mystery rocket we all saw off the West Coast a few weeks back? :)

1410 days ago


UFO's, 2012, miley, salvia ? It's the end. for the spurs. GO LAKERS ! ! !

1410 days ago

Hanging to da lef    

Mr. Kiviat is by no means a UFO aficionado. He's a scam artist.

1410 days ago


Not surprising. When you are an alien conspiracy theorist it helps your credibility to dismiss some reports as being man made.

Aliens in the universe? Definitely.
Aliens have visited Earth? Extremely unlikely.

1410 days ago


First we have a missile launched from 35 miles off the coast of Los Angeles and now THIS!?

This is really getting my attention. If it's our efforts, fine, but if not....

1409 days ago


Mystery Solved, people:


A video of the U.S. Army Golden Knights parachute team.

Not only is the visual effect *identical* to the one in the other video, but the Golden Knights were actually doing a demo in the same area on the same evening.

You're welcome.

1409 days ago


I live near Edwards Air Force Base and in the high desert...and it would freak people out if they knew all the stuff I have seen in the sky....I know now that they are military aircraft but let me tell you some of them are darn right freaky....EXTREMELY LARGE SLOW MOVING....hovering objects, you name it....but since I am near an Air Force Base I am almost 100% sure it is military...but you never know.

1409 days ago


Sorry Snoogs but you're wrong.
You're probably basing your opinion strictly on internet vids. I was there on the bike path when this happend. I've also seen the Golden Knights vids and looked at their website. This was NOT "identical" sorry. Similar, yes. Identical, NO. Also, the Golden Knights did not have any demos scheduled for the 1st or the 8th (both times these fireballs have been seen).
I was almost directly under these things with about 8 other people and those little flares the Golden Knights use were TINY compared to these. Its possible they use larger ones than what i've seen on videos but they would have to be MUCH MUCH larger to even be close to "identical".

Arrogance sucks man. *Mystery NOT solved*

1408 days ago


Kiviat is wrong. The object was a lot closer than it seems, actually about a mile. There's more video of the same object taken from Washington Avenue, at right angles to this, which places the object squarely over Santa Monica State beach, half a mile north of the Pier.

See contrailscience.com for detailed analysis.

1408 days ago


LOL SB.. you're right, actually. It was a different parachute team, as evidenced by the latest story that explains exactly that.

Have fun being an alarmist weirdo!

1407 days ago


Expert Textbert can't say Ta Ta Ta Tesla.
Number one excuse for not happening here.

1391 days ago


Expert Textbert can't say Ta Ta Ta Tesla.
Number one excuse for not happening here.

1391 days ago

Derick Hagins    

Well I saw the same type of object hovering over the skies, near or around the Orlando Fl. area on Dec.3 2010.I live about 30 miles north of Orlando,my family and I were traveling south toward Orlando about 8:30 am.That's when we saw a large solid triangular shaped object that seemed to shine as a star at a high altitude just hovering in the sky,then it went out of the earth's atmosphere.This encounter lasted about 15mins we didn't really believe what we saw and wouldn't dare go around telling everyone what we saw,knowing that people would say that were crazy.Only told a few family members at the time because these people know us and know that we wouldn't make up things like this.Then we saw a report on TMZ that captured the same type of object on film in California this all happened in matter of days of each other,in another part of the country.UFO or Govt I can't say but what I saw was pretty impressive and to similar to what was caught on film.Not to take anything away from mankind but what I saw couldn't come from this planet,we can't even put man on Mar's yet but they have a craft that's more massive than the space station and goes in and out of the atmosphere,hovers,and does flips..Can't buy that lie I know what I saw...

1345 days ago

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