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Miley Cyrus

Not Dazed by

Bong Controversy

12/12/2010 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus isn't letting the uproar over her bong use knock her off her game -- in fact sources say since the video of Miley experimenting with drugs came out ... the 18-year old's been a total pro on the set of a movie.

Miley arrived in New Orleans last week to shoot "So Undercover" -- and sources close to the production say hours after TMZ published the video of Miley taking bong hits ... she showed up for rehearsals.

We're told Miley and her co-star -- Kelly Osbourne -- ran through script lines, as scheduled, on Friday. According to our sources ... Miley knew the bong video was out, but "she kept her focus on the movie."

Miley's mom, Tish, is a producer on "So Undercover." It's unknown if she is on set yet ... filming isn't scheduled to begin until later this week.


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MC is of legal age, so keep your judgements to yourself. I tried salvia, it was okay. Sheesh y'all assigning alot of influence to this chick.

1411 days ago


Is this like Lindsay Lohan or what!? It's what she used do when caught.

1411 days ago


What else was she supposed to do? Blow everyone off and give the media more to write about?

Now she's actually doing what she's supposed to be and people act surprised......

1411 days ago

Sad sad    

As she should be doing and not caring what everyone else thinks.

1411 days ago


The new Britney Lohan! Woooooooo!

I'll pass.

1410 days ago


I for one am disappointed.
Salvia is a low grade legal substitute for actual hallucinogens.
After hearing much of its hype, I tried some in my pipe, and it made it taste of skyke. It's a bad way to ruin a perfectly good bong, because its residue is all like "you can smoke me, I'm legal and taste like grass clippings from your neighbors yard after you own dog has pooped on it, enjoy!" It's more expensive than actual marijuana and gets you less high than dog poop rolled in grass clippings.
I've seen the Youtube videos that proclaim the wastedness that it makedness, and it's all a bunch of high school crap, like when someone has a single wine cooler and acts all drunk.
You're harshing my buzz, sideshow.

1410 days ago


PLUS - She didn't even clear the bong and blew out almost no smoke. She just wanted to hang-out with the cool stoner wanna-bes who act all burnt out and end up dropping out and become carnival workers because that's where all the candy and oversized plush toys are. She knows that's where she's headed - carnival enternainment. Not even on a carnival cruise ship, where she'd almost die at sea from some food bourne strain of e-coli, but somewhere in the Appalachians where shoes are scarce and teeth are even scarcer, shivering in a thin worn blanket as chlamydia shuts down her organs. Happy birthday!

1410 days ago


if i were a celeb id ride around town smoking tobacco out of a bong just to **** with em.

1410 days ago


BFD ... it was a bit of SAGE in a bong.

By the way "so undercover" is "so" going to be her version of crossroads, which killed Britney's movie career stone cold dead.

1410 days ago


Kelly Osborne and Miley Cyrus... what a craappy movie that's gonna be

1410 days ago

casting couch    

So what? It was just a hit from the bong. Ask Snoop or Willie.

1410 days ago


Obviously, not her first time.

1410 days ago


It's called DENIAL!

My EX was really good at it! ; )

Pretend it's not happening and maybe it will go away.

People can say what they want abt her Dad Billy Ray, but he is the only one who addressed it right out of the gate.

I see who's taking the high road and who's taking advantage of a situation.

1410 days ago


I hope companies start dropping her. She really is not that good at anything , singing , acting or dancing. Only reason she got to where she is at is because of her dad and that stupid one hit wonder of a song Achy Breaky Heart.

1410 days ago


So what? It was just a hit from the bong. Ask Snoop or Willie.

Posted at 4:00 AM on Dec 12, 2010 by casting couch

Snoop and Willie's main audience isnt 10 - 14 year old girls and boys. Miley is a marketing machine. If you walk through the girls toy deprtment you'll see what I mean.
That's what most parents have a problem with.
As for me, its her life. Do what you want if it doesn't interfere with my life.

1410 days ago
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