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Miley Cyrus

Not Dazed by

Bong Controversy

12/12/2010 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus isn't letting the uproar over her bong use knock her off her game -- in fact sources say since the video of Miley experimenting with drugs came out ... the 18-year old's been a total pro on the set of a movie.

Miley arrived in New Orleans last week to shoot "So Undercover" -- and sources close to the production say hours after TMZ published the video of Miley taking bong hits ... she showed up for rehearsals.

We're told Miley and her co-star -- Kelly Osbourne -- ran through script lines, as scheduled, on Friday. According to our sources ... Miley knew the bong video was out, but "she kept her focus on the movie."

Miley's mom, Tish, is a producer on "So Undercover." It's unknown if she is on set yet ... filming isn't scheduled to begin until later this week.


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I don't get the mothers of these young stars. Pushing them from the time they could walk to a life filled with the potential for disaster and heartache is what they have devoted their lives to. As a mother of 4, my opinion is these mothers should be used in textbooks all around the world and their examples of child rearing should be used to teach kids how NOT to mother/parent their children one day.

1374 days ago


of course she's not dazed - her mom is Dinah - I mean Tish - and when you are high - NOTHING fazes you.

1374 days ago


what is the big deal? i get she is supposed to be a role model.. but in all reality.. think what you were doing when you were 18. i know when i was that age everybody was smoking weed and drinking.. shes just your average teenager experimenting! just cause she took a few bong hits and everyone thinks she is some out of control drug addict.. jeez

1374 days ago

Moe Green    

Kelly Osbourne is ugly and is only able to get parts because of her parents.

1374 days ago


Come on already TMZ.......This story is played, its been on here since Friday. I know it was a "real" scoop, and all, because its on vidio, but its over......(@: Dont dwell.

1374 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Wont be long before she is GETTING BANGED TOO, like all the rest of the young celebrity "STARS"-- The Kartrasian effect!!!

1374 days ago


Miley not dazed by bong controversy? She's probably high on something and has no idea what's going on.

1374 days ago

Carole Clarke    

Things like this are carefully scripted by the stars' agents to maximize all kinds of publicity, which is what the stars pay them for - the next gig comes by way of publicity. Bet the agents sat down with her parents and lawyers to see exactly how far they could push the envelope to publicize the fact she is no longer a child and can move on to adult parts. Moviemakers don't care about minor immoralities, just who can pull in the big bucks for their project. If she has to pretend to get caught smoking something, well, that's what it takes. The thing is, this is a real slippery road for her - what's the next "outing" going to be? It would have to top smoking, ordinary drinking, kissing women and raunchy dance moves. And there is no going back to normality. Real stars like Greta Garbo saw where it was headed and opted out. Poor Marilyn Monroe didn't have a clue. Allowing her to makes these choices doesn't say much for how she was brought up...

1374 days ago


Maybe she's happy to shed the BS goody two shoes persona she's been stuck with. The only people hating on her seems to be fat chicks who are jealous. The polls posted on this website really don't count since 90% of the people on this site are jealous girls.

Posted at 5:04 AM on Dec 12, 2010 by Truth Hurts

I'm guessing you're one of those homely young women who gravitate towards the druggies because even you look good to some of them when they're stoned. You know you're doing wrong but fight desperately to make us all say it is ok when it's not so you can feel better about your stupid choices. You'll be pregnant anytime now because, you know, who can keep track of those birth control thingies when stoned. You'll spend much of your life sitting on the porch with your bong while the baby cries in it's bed. If you move on to heroin as soon as possible you can end it all a lot sooner.

1374 days ago


She is

1374 days ago

Big O    

I can't wait to take my kids to see Miley and the Bongettes!

1374 days ago

That Dude    

Beleive me, If that were some Black or Hispanic celeb they would have been blacklisted...Look at the other 3 crackheads Linsey, Paris & Charlie. They still are welcomed with open

1374 days ago


Grate news!

1374 days ago


Poor girl.... She has been working for years, her parents are getting a divorce, and she is a teenager who is forced to act like an adult every moment of her life. You go Miley .... let your hair down... just not too much you have millions to make tomorrow!

1374 days ago


I recall Lindsey Lohan NEVER showing up to work on the movies she was working on.
Miley is a professional. She's 18. She made a mistake and let her dumbass friend videotape her doing that mistake.
Yes, it was stupid. But at least she's not throwing punches at her backup dancers and ending up in rehab. Miley Cyrus is just doing what she think is what a normal teenager does, unfortunately, when she gets caught, its not just her parents criticizing her. I love her, always will. This made me a little dissappointed, but hopefully she'll find that acting this way isn't appropriate. Teenagers make dumb mistakes. I hate that she can't make them without being hated on :(

1374 days ago
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