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Miley Cyrus

Not Dazed by

Bong Controversy

12/12/2010 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus isn't letting the uproar over her bong use knock her off her game -- in fact sources say since the video of Miley experimenting with drugs came out ... the 18-year old's been a total pro on the set of a movie.

Miley arrived in New Orleans last week to shoot "So Undercover" -- and sources close to the production say hours after TMZ published the video of Miley taking bong hits ... she showed up for rehearsals.

We're told Miley and her co-star -- Kelly Osbourne -- ran through script lines, as scheduled, on Friday. According to our sources ... Miley knew the bong video was out, but "she kept her focus on the movie."

Miley's mom, Tish, is a producer on "So Undercover." It's unknown if she is on set yet ... filming isn't scheduled to begin until later this week.


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I let my daughter take a look at this video,She was a really big fan,She has since thrown out everything Miley and said,She wants nothing else to do with or hear about Cyrus,This today!Whats tomorrow????I agree with her,Not someone who I want as an influence for my daughter

1389 days ago



1389 days ago


k, to the dingaling on post 10 that said she was headed to carnival entertainment, um i ain't a fan of hers but lordy mr. u do know shes worth 100's of millions already don't you?

1389 days ago


never wanting to miss anything and to try anything once, i rushed to my herb shop and grab some of this stuff and pfffffffffffft, i didn't feel nothing. i wanna bite someones knows off for making me try it. useless. pack that baby with the ganja please

1389 days ago

Devir Carrera    

wow this just proves how much "loyal fans" you are of miley. You guys obvious dont give 5 flying ****s about her music because i havent seen 1 comment regarding about her music you obviously dont care.i am not a fan about her music but i actually give her pride because she stood up in front of all you 2 faced backstabbing sons of bitches saying " **** YOU " to all you guys.
she really doesnt give a **** anymore i bet she was waiting for that pink slip from disney to come so she can chill with her friends. BTW dont say wat she did was ILLEGAL! salvia is legal in california and who cares if shes doing " a bad thing" its her choice and she doesnt give a **** what you guys have to say

1389 days ago


Omg, it's just saliva, get over it people. Can she not have fun with her friends?

1389 days ago


honestly i think she wants everyone to see her doing this thats why it doesnt bother her at all.... she wants people to look at her this way. shes always saying how she just wants to live her life normally and grow up and be her age... ummmmm hello miley??? you idiot.. not all teenagers are doing drugs and getting ****faced all the time that isnt ALWAYS the normal teen thing to do... it just shows immaturaty

1388 days ago


as poster number 2 said and i agree with this her mom is another dina lohan

1388 days ago


Miley and Lindsay aren't that similar nor is Tish and Dina. Miley is in a blended family and is a middle child, she has 2 younger siblings and 2 older half siblings (plus an unacknowledged one her own age) where Lindsay is the eldest with all of the responsibilities that takes. There's no evidence that Miley's family has any abuse with alcohol and drugs like there is with Dina and her siblings as well as Lindsay's father Michael. Miley also isn't part of a celebrity gang of girls as Lindsay was and she spends more time with her family. Tish doesn't speak with the media much, while she may be a big part of Miley's management she isn't as visible as Dina. And Billy Ray is absolutely nothing like Michael Lohan. It's annoying that the media wants to make Miley like Lindsay. Miley, if she screws up in the future, will do it her way. She's a much stronger character and personality than Lindsay as Lindsay strikes me as fragile and depressed. I think the Miley is the next Lindsay notions are brainless and jumping on the bandwagon BS.

1388 days ago


i never cared for miley cyrus....untill now! i think thats so cool shes young and needs to live life to the fullest. you can only jet set around the world so many times before you get bored and wanna try new things. so if she wants to smoke salvia and eat corn flakes let her be. shes not drinking and cokeing with lohan.....yet heheeheh

1388 days ago


Maybe Kelly can give Miley some advice about the ugly side of drug use...and hopefully Miley will listen!
Tish is soooo the stage mother. Ick!!!

1387 days ago


9 & 10, just saying, you make yourself sound like an idiot... You might be educated in drugs, it sure sounds like it, but no one is impressed in your knowledge. In fact, you sound quite ignorant. Anyway, I think this is just what the world need of Miley. For everyone to see that she isn't so perfect and that even the little princess can make mistakes. It sucks, it happens, little kids probably should'nt be looking up to her anymore, but seriously, don't you think she's a little old to have 'daddy' punishing her? I know when I turn 18, I'm not listening anymore. So why should she? She's been making her own money since she was what, 11? I think she can do just fine on her own..

1387 days ago


She is so stupid. Especialy the fans that still support her. They can't see that she is a Britney in the making. The only difference is that Britney actually stayed sane for a while befor showing her drugy side. This girl is killing her carier before even enjoying it. Fans that support her should be emberrased if that is what they want as a role model they probably are doing salvia as well.

It's just so sad!!

1387 days ago


A singer....smoking. DUH Our children think she is great and want to be like her?????? I hope NOT. Boycott her and her line of clothes that are definately not made in America. She can maybe get a career over seas. Boycott Mom also!!!!!!

1387 days ago

Jackie Loy    

Oh my god she a kid !!! she did not do drugs so stop . If we didn't get so upset and what to read about this then it would just go away . TMZ come on there has to be something better then this to talk about . Or all you just that lazy that you don't what to look

1387 days ago
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