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Octomom -- Merry Christmas or Bust

12/13/2010 11:45 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Wearing a festively low-cut tank top, Octomom Nadya Suleman showed off her girls -- and 64% of her cute kids (pony not included) -- while posing for a Christmas card at her home this weekend.

If Octo doesn't pay the $450K balloon payment she owes on her La Habra home by Dec. 31 she will be ho ho homeless.



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Hmmm it would appear thst the sperm donor is blond, fair complexion right? Lots of blonde and blue in that picture.

I love babies and never would say any of her children should not be here on this earth.
However I will say that the doctor who implanted that many needs to be the one paying her house payment and other costs till the children are raised.

1408 days ago


Have the state take the kids, the taxpayers are paying for them anyway, and have her go to work and support them.

1408 days ago


This woman is a retard.

Any company that helps this bimbo out,only endorses stupidity.

Let her get a job like the rest of us,and pay the daycare out of her own pocket.

What pisses me off is companies try to market this woman,and if that not be the case..her only other option is welfare.

Well she wanted to be a celebrity,and what a dam stupid one at that.

Boycot anything,or any company that uses this woman for publicity.

1408 days ago

West Vasquez    

Wow, all those kids look mentally disabled.

1408 days ago


Even a working middle class couple,who both worked full time could not afford this amount of kids.

Why on Earth does a single woman do a stunt like this,and have this many kids.

Answer--> It's for attention,and to be a celebrity.

Her kids should all be put in foster care,because she gave birth to these children for selfish reasons.

Boycot any company that uses this retard woman for publicity gains.

It's not fair to the tax payers either,when a bimbo like this pulls such a selfish act.

The media should be ripping this woman a new arse,not trying to sell something.

This woman makes me sick.

1408 days ago


Judging by all the presents under the Christmas tree, this woman is FAR from broke. If you're broke, you don't go buying unnecessary items, such as presents. And if one does an Octomom search on twitter, by the tweets in the last two weeks, she averages 4 days a week buying fast food for some of the family--that's not a sign of someone being broke.

She has plenty, seeing as she's still getting botox and the mink lashes.

1408 days ago


I would hit it like Texas Blake

1408 days ago


The only one that looks remotely happy is the stuffed horsewith dark hair. (That would be the one in the back that isn't wearing a low cut tank top)

1408 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

Do you mean to tell me that all the minutes I've been forced to see this questionably intelligent woman and her spawn have been worth less than $450K to her? She should perhaps get a job.

1408 days ago


Is retardation part of the sperm donor package or did they get it from their mom?

1408 days ago


Octomom, rent a rug doctor and wash that nasty carpet.

1408 days ago


Oh would you look at all those adorable, cute, precious little faces. This is what Christmas is all about. :) Nadya you are truly bless... They Are Angels, simply perfect little darling angels.

I wish Nadya and her children the very best life has to offer and a Merry, Merry Christmas.

1408 days ago


Why aren't all the children in the picture?

1408 days ago


If I had the money I would help her.

Beautiful children, all of em!

1408 days ago

Peanut Santiago    

I don't know why I have to look at a pic like that. It is like looking at a train wreck.

OctoMoron has a too tight summer top on showing off her assets, a frozen and plastic face, AND a stoned druggie look.

However, who cares about her?
It is the kids that upset me.

The kid on the left (our left) looks severely mentally disabled.
Several of those poor kids do not look "right." Mentally disabled? Autistic? (3 of her 6 older kids are disabled, one known to be autistic.)

And the older girl has circles under her eyes.

Most of those kids are not smiling and the older girl looks very unhappy.

This is the real story of a crazy, lazy, selfish welfare mother who deliberately had 12 embryos implanted to give birth to 8 babies. Pathetic.

1408 days ago
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