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Oprah Gives Away

More Than a Mil

in Australia

12/13/2010 8:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey dropped serious cash on some Australians during a taping of her show today ... including $1,000,000 worth of computer equipment to a local school.

O gave over $1 million of HP and Microsoft gear to the Canterbury Boys School -- including a laptop for every teacher and student.

In a particularly tear-jerking moment, Oprah presented a check to a man battling cancer in the amount of $250,000, courtesy of Microsoft. They also got an Xbox 360 video game system.

The episode will air some time in 2011.


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Hey Oprah, ever hear of the kids in the United States that could use your expertise in their educational experience?

Oh, that's right, it's the Angelina Jolie Syndrome. Help kids that don't live in the United States of America, it's more exotic, thought witless.

1373 days ago


Not to worry, Oprah, food stamps are available here. You won't starve.(snicker)

1373 days ago


When I first saw the title for this article I figured that was her dinner tab for all the animals she's eaten during this trip.

Should I be impressed when somebody with a net worth of $2.3 billion gives away a million. (Not that Microsoft didn't heavily discount everything probably.) Bill Gates donated ten billion earlier this year to develope and distribute vacines for poor people all around the world. He wasn't even trying to build his brand in the process. I'm not in the least impressed.

1373 days ago

D Wayne    

No Oprah! Hey, that backwards os HARPOON! hehehe I crack myself up!

1373 days ago


Bill Gates only added to the problem with the vaccines. The world is overpopulated and there soon won't be enough drinking water(it's going to happen sooner than you probably suspect.) He should have sent $10 billion worth of birth control products to those third world communities.

1373 days ago


I don't want to hear you gave these down on their luck folks an x box or any other techie crap. Food. Shelter. Health Care. That is charity and worthwhile. Anything else is just a piece of crap contributing to the problem, baby.

1373 days ago


notice the key it was all donations from other companies she didnt give jack crap..even the 250 thousand dollar check was from microsoft yet she gets all the praise for it.hats off to microsoft for doing this.

1373 days ago


I think that she is remarkable and has done all this on her own so she deserves to give away to whom she wants. But I have a few grandkids here in Omaha, ne. that would love to have a computer. I am all for giving to different countries but there are so many children here in the U.S. that would love to have help also. People say that here in the US there are place to go to get help, but that is not true.

1373 days ago


Burffffff... Oprah gives me gas.

1373 days ago

casting couch    

Well it is almost Christmas time... Oprah thinks she's Jesus Christ. Her next stunt is walking across the water of the Great Barrier Reef.

1373 days ago


and how much of the million came out of her pockets???? None

1373 days ago


What the stories haven't reported in the US is that the Aussie government chipped in 4 million to get Oprah and her guests over so really it's Oprah giving 1 Million back to Aussie.

1373 days ago


I hate to inform all of the haters on here but Oprah gives plenty of money to schools here in the states and pays the college tuition for many that you do not even know about. She does it but doesn't always televise/brag about it, there are some things that she does quietly. So before you all get your panties in a bunch remember that and quit whining about someone who is trying to do some good in the world....ask yourself what have YOU done for anyone lately?? Probably nothing so quit bitching!

1373 days ago


All of your negative comments are appalling. I don't see any of you putting forth efforts to make the world a better place!

The gentleman battling cancer who received the $250k check is a friend of mine. His battle has been nothing short of hell for him & his family. Every cent of that money will be put to extremely good use. If you want to follow his story, check it out.

I'm an Australian now living permanently in Kansas.

1373 days ago


No kid wants PCs or Microsoft crap. They want Macs.

1373 days ago
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