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Michael Moore Posts Bail for WikiLeaks Honcho

12/14/2010 2:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Moore has anted up $20,000 to help post bail for WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange.

Michael Moore WikiLeaks Julian Assange

Moore just blogged, he will do anything he can to keep WikiLeaks "alive and thriving as it continues its work to expose the crimes that were concocted in secret and carried out in our name and with our tax dollars."

Moore takes note of Rep. Peter King, who called WikiLeaks a "terrorist organization."

Moore fired back, "And indeed they are! They exist to terrorize the liars and warmongers who have brought ruin to our nation and to others.

Perhaps the next war won't be so easy because the tables have been turned -- and now it's Big Brother who's being watched ... by us!"

It looks like Assange will get out on $310,000 bail.

UPDATE: Swedish prosecutors are challenging Julian's bail ... so he'll remain in custody for the time being.


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the world hates you..The USA is the most hated country in the world..Your Government should mind it's own business and stay out of other countries problems instead of making them worse..Your government lied too create a war and still does too this day..There is no place in the world that is so corrupt them the USA.your rights are being tossed out the window and you all sit around and let it happen..Wait and see what a **** hole your country will be in another 10 years...CANADA BABY CANADA..

Posted at 9:32 AM on Dec 14, 2010 by Palmiro


You probably also think Nickelback is the greatest rock band ever. Sit down and shut your uneducated piehole, you ****wad.

1376 days ago


#32: My thoughts exactly.

1376 days ago


We're going to be another third world country if we don't stand up to the lies and bs that our government is spewing everyday. Billions have been spent on war and bull****, billions have been spent on the marijuana war for ****s sake, yet we have homeless and poverty and it's not getting any better, so yeah, I'd have to say a move to Canada would be a lot better than this craphole country...I'm not a hater of the u.s., I've just lost hope in this country and it's not getting any better. We glorify rich celebrities and get distracted by sports, while our fellow americans are fighting for their lives in a war created by bull****. Merry ****'in xmas.

1376 days ago


Wow, some very naive Americans posting here. You think your country isnt corrupt? You still have your mummy's reading you fairy tales and tucking you up at night?
Wake up before its too late!

1376 days ago


surprising how many people still don´t get it. a nation that once stood for freedom of speech has become a nation of hypocrites. I bet some of you still believe in santa clause...WIKILEAKS FOREVER!!!

1376 days ago


Wow you American's seriously have no clue do you. "he is in jail on rape charges that is all, nothing to do with wiki" Man, no wonder your government has been able to pull the wool over your eyes for so long.
It blows my mind that you think Julian is the victim and Michael Moore is a s***bag.

I still don't get how you can say the Iraq war was justified and not a big lie "we are going to war over WMD's we know are there" Did yea find any? /end story

1376 days ago


I'm thankful for the few educated, brave men and women out there like Michael Moore, Army PFC Bradley Manning, and Julian Assange. I don't understand how so many here don't get it. Why do you condemn those that continue to prove that hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children have been killed because of government lies? When did openness and transparency become crimes? Liars and warmongers have brought ruin to our nation and to others, and willingly ingnorant, FAUX-News-believing sheep continue to turn the other cheek. Those who support the Wikileaks movement are true patriots.

1376 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

36: 'Santa CLAUSE'? ...... really?

1376 days ago

A pig helps a rat.

1376 days ago


Just proving once moore what a looser
he really is

1376 days ago


Had no idea surfers were a bunch of conservative lemmings.

I'd be interested to know what the demographics of this site/tv show are??

1376 days ago


WTF? Where did all these crazy conservatives come from? They don't read TMZ... Did the Faux news network send them here?

1376 days ago


Why do liberals always seem to support rapists and pedophiles? THAT is why he was locked up.

1376 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

I really think everyone needs to read history books about whatever country you are from. NEVER is history of man has there ever been an uncorrupt government. If you really think a government is uncorrupted, then you must also think crocs are still in fashion.

1376 days ago


Michael Moore would have better put that 20k into some gastric bypass and plastic surgery.....does he eat those krispy kreme bacon cheeseburgers where the donut is the 'bread'?

1376 days ago
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