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O'Reilly Burns Miley

'Pathetic' for Smoking Bong

12/14/2010 5:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bill O'Reilly lit up Miley Cyrus last night for lighting up a bong-load of salvia -- calling the former "Hannah Montana" star "pathetic" ... and officially calling an end to her reign as a role model.


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Yep.. thats right Miley this isnt going away.. you cant be tamed?? right now the supreme conservatives and tea party are now against you.. what ya gonna do.. you cant run.. you cant hide.. the bong smoke truth must come out..

you're losing your princess role model cookies babygirl.

Hold a press conference.. come out with the truth.. own your mistake.. we'll look up to you.. this failed PR attempt is rather lame.. stop being a fake.. or else.. your empire cash cow.. goes bye bye

Next Target: Call out Disney for their prompt response to all child star pressures once they've finished pimping them!

if i were a parent i'd keep my kid the hell away from anything to do with disney... especially now since Hanna Bongtanna has taken over the world...

/yea... and bill is right on this one....LOLZ

1408 days ago

lol people    


how! is this guy still alive

1408 days ago


I so agree. She is NO role model.

1408 days ago

lol people    

she never was a role model

but its sad that people perceive people on tv to be people you look up too. you can enjoy there talents and enjoy the show they put on. but if your following footsteps to someone you just dont know your the idiot in the first place >_>.

p.s. if you didnt tell your kids that shes just a television star then your a bigger idiot....

1408 days ago

Mr. X    

Then again, Mr. O'Reilly's no role model, either.

Have we forgotten his adventures with loofahs and falafel?

People in glass houses...or who appear on glass screens in your house...shouldn't throw stones...

1408 days ago


Unfortunately she IS a role model; thousands and thousands if not millions of young girls adore her, well Hannah Montana anyway. As long as the two are connected, which they are and always will be, she WILL be a role model. Having said that, she sucks, because so many young girls DO look up to her and she has to pull this nonsense, and let someone record it no less. She's trash, period...

1408 days ago


You cannot entertain children and then take drugs, you cannot, this is the most important rule of our society. Any company, corporation or person that supports drug use should be removed from society. There should be absolute intolerance for the destruction of our youth. This should not be debated in any way, there should be consensual agreement to remove drug intake from the United States.

This should not be an issue, self preservation should be a law.

1408 days ago


And O'Reilly nailed it; she IS pathetic.

1408 days ago


Gotta go with O'Reilly on this one.

Otherwise, can't stand him.

1408 days ago


Whats really sad certain folks assume " you cant teach your kid to have her as a role model" hello wake up.. when kids look at tv they see someone/something they want to become.. its the fact of life and everyone including myself , you, the president, etc has these images as role models.. think if someone never saw a president how would the job position be filled? tv inspires every last bit of american culture.. therefore.. those saying miley didnt want to be a role model just a celeb then you're full of ****...

smokers are to high to look at things both ways.. i think Miley needs to own up to her mistake.. its the 1st step into adulthood afterall.. instead she's doing the coward KID thing but just ignoring, walking away, pretending it didnt happen.. ive noticed alot of kids ( including miley) have this mentality that if they screw up.. its not their fault.. they quickly place blame on something/someone else... as miley has an easy excuse ( i did it cause my parents divorcing?) well thats understandable..but the chick should show some maturity.. not by running up talking to a coach to make her look grown.. or bong hits around other youngsters( i call them that cause they're obviously spoiled well off kids with nothing else to do with themselves they're still kids in their own eyes)

this proves that indeed this young generation as ALOT of growing up to do.. and the idiots are taking everything from weed, to pscyhotic drugs, to Rx ****tails + drinking.. its a serious bad world for kids today.. Miley would be great if she stood up and talked OUT loud about the pressures... mmmm maybe im hinting at how she could save her face and career..then again.. im sure she'll say ITS not my fault!

1408 days ago


Personally, I am a Miley fan. Everyone makes mistakes and i don't think she is "pathetic". It isn't her fault she has no privacy, and of course she's going to experiment with drugs like every other teen in the world. The fact that salvia is the most popular drug in the u.s. now that miley tried it just makes our country look pathetic..

Be your own person. Even if you have a role model doesnt mean you need to be exactly like them by doing everything they do. because that makes YOU look pathetic.

1408 days ago


Yeah, like anybody cares what that a**h**e Bill O'Reilly thinks.
Shut up and go away you jack a**.

1408 days ago


you can take the girl out of hillbilly-land, but you can't take the hillbilly out of the girl...

1408 days ago


#12: I never experimented with drugs as a teenager. I was too busy being an athlete and getting good grades. Sure, there were pressures....but I didn't give in to them. Not all teenagers are that stupid, and some of them actually do good things and make good choices.

Miley has the capacity to make good choices. Parents divorcing, etc is no excuse. I have friends with divorced parents, and much worse situations than that, that still made the decision to live a good life. Its personal willpower and strength of character that makes that happen. Hopefully she'll find some of that.

1408 days ago


Have you all forgot that Salvia is a legal substance? Anybody 18 years or older can purchase it in California and most other states. No different than if a 21 year old had a drink.

1408 days ago
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