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Miley Cyrus:

I Was Just Having Fun

12/15/2010 9:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus is telling her friends ... the bong video published by TMZ is no big deal.

Miley Cyrus Bong Video
Miley, who has taken a lot of heat since TMZ posted the story that she was smoking salvia, has been saying, she's just young and having fun ... this, according to friends in direct contact with her.

Miley acknowledged she's seen the TMZ story and also knew it was going to eventually surface.  As TMZ first reported, Miley's camp was trying to bury the incident by scooping up copies of the video.

One friend put it this way:  "Miley doesn't care. She's filming her movie and getting on with her life."


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Here's Hannah Montana! The Disney star that all your daughters look up to. Smoking a bong what a great role model to all the little girls around the world. What is she going to smoke next crack? Way ago Miley way ago.

1374 days ago


i think its crazy i think if she is going to be a childs rollmodle she needs to be more controling on her actions. do what you want to do but make sure it doesnt get out ...........i know that my lil girl will NOT be watching anything for her to get into anything like that. i think her mom and dad is most of the blame cause of not having control of her.! shes a beautful girl why mess up with something like this!

1374 days ago


Most teenagers experiment, just because she hits the Salvia doesn't mean she is turning into a Lohan.

1374 days ago


how come nobody gave a **** when i smoked weed. I guesse if i was a celebrity it would matter more. lol. Didn't you know that one of the requirements of being famous is that you have to walk a higher road? One that is noble and altruistic????? or maybe the only thing that makes someone famous is a camera and television? I don't know?

1374 days ago


She didn't break any laws did she? Last I heard, Sativa is legal. Big whup dee doo.

1374 days ago


1. Miley is a kid and is going to do stupid kid things. 2. Parents should not rely on these superstar kids to be role models for their own children. 3. The so called friend who leaked the video just proves that this whole Miley thing is no worse or better than any other curious teenager who has backstabbing, lying "friends" just like any other normal teenager. .

1374 days ago


This story seems bogus. I doubt Miley had a friend pass it along that she was just having fun. Of course she was having fun, but I doubt that is an official statement. Don't get mad at Miley because this is just gossip until I hear something from Miley herself.

1374 days ago


Kids will be kids.... While think this is a bad ideal, next year, who will care.

1374 days ago


It's funny how many people comment on Miley's lack of talent and then ask if she plays an instrument. Wow. Just basic research would show she plays the guitar and can chord at the piano. How many of these people saying she lacks talent have seen videos of her live shows on youtube? Try Rock in Rio in Lisbon for starters. Maybe you'll learn something. How many people have seen her interviewed? You can go back a few years since she was 15 or so and see that she gave very intelligent well thought out answers to questions and was verbally capable. She has remarkable poise. Yes, she speaks in a rapid-fire way, has a peculiarly deep raspy speaking voice, and has some teenage verbal tics (like, awesome, pretty cool, etc.) but she is impressive interview after interview. She's a bit inconsistent in concerts, sometimes really soaring and sometimes falling a bit flat, can get winded when singing, and her energy level tends to tail off in the last 3rd of concerts but she's no bubble gum pop star. Really check out her singing and what she puts out in concert before knocking her so much. Miley is a FORCE and will be if she keeps her current work ethic and professionalism, drive, ambition, and standards to constantly improve at her craft. On a very realistic level, she is an utterly fantastic role model. But she really isn't for kids and it is up to parents to explain she's a grown-up now. Child stars move on.

1374 days ago

Moe Green    


1374 days ago

Gordon Schiltkraut    

Can you say "white trash bimbo?" The only greater question is why anyone would give a crap about another Lohan wannabe bubble brain.

1374 days ago

you know it    

Jesus must be proud.

1374 days ago


seems like TMZ is the only ones beating this dead horse.for this is the only site who goes on and on and on about is a non story.the stuff is legal she was of legal smoking age so therefor a non people at TMZ love trying to tear people down.good for miley saying she doesnt care she is moving on.not to mention the people at TMZ probally set around smoking real weed yet they continue to bash miley for smoking legal stuff.

1374 days ago


Depends on you definition of "fun."

1374 days ago


"I was just having fun!" is an excuse most serial killers, rapists, psychopaths have said over the years lol!! NOT that I'm in anyway suggesting Miley is any of those, just a spoilt, narcissistic teen who wants to ditch her squeaky clean image from Hannah Montana and is doing everything she can to say "See, see, I'm 18 now, I drink, I like the odd bong, I like to dirty dance all over much older men, I like tattoo's and I don't think it's wrong to have sex when you're 16 - see I told you I was a rebel!" lol!!
Her I want attitude drove her parents up the wall, still does, but if Miley wants to look for one main contributing factor in the demise of her parents relationship she only has to look in the mirror!!

1374 days ago
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