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Gene Simmons

Hard Proof

He Banged 5,000 Chicks

12/20/2010 4:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gene Simmons not only claims to have knocked boots with around 5,000 women in his lifetime -- dude claims he can prove it ... saying he took Polaroid pics of practically EVERY SINGLE ONE.

During a kiss and tell session on the "Woody & The Wake-Up Call" show today on WCOL -- Gene says he took "Polaroid photos of the ladies who graced the bed in my room" during his 37 years of touring with KISS.

Gene then copped to having "right under 5,000" Polaroid snapshots of his conquests -- with each woman holding the key to the hotel room where Gene conducted the coitus.

Coffee table book, anyone?


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Judy Griffith    

I'm sure it helped to have the makeup on. Without it, he's yuky looking!! And low class for even talking about the girls, much less having pictures. Can we say dirty old man?

1380 days ago


He got this story from Chuck Berry. Gene is a pompus liar and his "reality" show is completely scripted as was his lie detector stunt on the Corrola show. Go back to making crappy music for the 40 year old dorks who still live at home!!!!!

1380 days ago


Big deal if even true. It's not. What does he consider banging? Simmons give it a rest.

1380 days ago


are you saying it took 5000 times to get it done right. poor shannon she must have alot of toys.

1380 days ago


He's just so eeewwww. Not an attractive man whatsoever. Those women only slept with him because he was in the band KISS. He's a walking STD. Also, shame on him for keep saying this. He has a daughter you know. Disgusting! And no one cares.

1380 days ago


That old whore Shanon is ONLY with him for his $$$$$$$$$$$$

1380 days ago


Gene's drug of choice was groupie-coochie and he is no doubt addicted. Addicted in a sad, lonely obsessed kind of way... Hugh Hefner - Larry Flint - Charlie Sheen -

These dudes are never happy -

1380 days ago


I wonder how he'd feel if his daughter ended up being one of a thousand girls some nasty "rock star" had been with?
He could hardly blame her, he treats her mother with absolutely no respect, how could he expect his daughter to turn out differently than her mom?
Or maybe he thinks his daughter is somehow better than all of the other daughters/sisters he's been using and discarding like tissues over the years? Why would that be Gene? Because she grew up with your money, and poor, undereducated girls should feel lucky for the experience with you?
Or is it because she and your son have had the unfortunate displeasure of having their nasty old father's sextape(s) come out so all their friends could see it- and they vowed they'd never be as disgusting as him?
Keep bragging about being a filthy lecher Gene. Its "entertaining".

1380 days ago


This guy is all flap and no throttle. He is just trying to maintain some sort of publicity!! I personally like him as a devoted Father, Husband(Long Time Live In Love)and Son!

1380 days ago


Gross. Every one of those women might as well have blown their nose with a tissue that had been used 4999 times.

1380 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

I'll bet Harvey KNOWS he is a JEW-- Probably have the same RABBI who taught them their TRADES!!!

1380 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

How can anyone brag about his "conquest" I would lovve to see the picture s of just a FEW of the SLUTS or REAL LIVE PIGS rear ends that he lick with his FILTHY tongue!!!!!!

1380 days ago


i just threw up 3 times....absolutely nasty!!

1380 days ago

Sad sad    

Comes out to ruffly 135 women a year. Ruffly 11 women a month. 2-3 women a week for 37 years. And people jump on Tiger Woods.

1380 days ago

Mad Dog    

Gene has no respect for himself, his wife or his children. Too bad. Cher? You gotta be sh*ting me? She is such a skank. He must have been really hard up. Cher would not be something I would brag about.
Gene, with all your millions, do something for humanity because now you are an old has been.

1380 days ago
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