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Lindsay Lohan to Betty Ford: Fire that B**ch!

12/21/2010 4:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will file a formal complaint against the woman who triggered a criminal investigation against the famous rehabber ... TMZ has learned.


Sources connected with Lindsay tell us Lindsay is adamant ... the staffer whom she pushed earlier this month was the instigator, berating Lindsay and grabbing her before LiLo pushed her.

As TMZ first reported ... the staffer has told cops she wants Lindsay prosecuted for battery.

Lindsay wants Betty Ford to take action against the staffer ... stat. 



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Erin A    

LOVE IT . . . SO TRUE . . . "And if Betty Ford doesn't fold to the B**ches demands what will she do. The judge put her there until at least January 4th of 2011. Boo hoo she talked mean to me............... What a loser b**th she is. I don't give her more than a month before she is drinking or drugging again after her release."

1370 days ago

Steelers suck    

If that person gets fired it will just show how gutless Betty Ford clinic is. Lohan needs to realize that not everyone is going to bow down to her! She needs to be made accountable for HER actions, just once would be nice! I'd tell Lohan to suck it!!!

1370 days ago


Boy how stories change. Over on ROL they are saying that Lindsay is taking responsibility for her action. And it also states that Michael said that the attendant was ushering Lindsay in because she was late, and THAT is how she touched her. It sounded inadvertant to me, and Lindsay overreacted.

Of course I also read that Lindsay was getting her hair done, while the other roomates were off doing their own thing. I'd like to know where you get your hair done at 1:00am!!!

Unless any of us were there, we don't know the true story. Let's hope it was caught on tape. BF must have cameras on the doors so patients don't sneak out at night, right?

1370 days ago


#15 I don't even give her a month. She is already out of control pushing the limits, not once but twice. Lindsay needs to take responsibility for her actions and to date she has not.

1370 days ago


Isn't she forbidden by the courts to be at a bar where alcohol is served?

1370 days ago


Why would anyone believe Lindsay? She is a lying manipulative drug addict. She should have just done time and not joined this fake game that she is trying to get clean. She is not even close to wanting sobriety.

1370 days ago


#17 I agree. California police are not going to walk away from a violent assault. If there was any evidence one of them would have been charged by now. I was under the impression this just happened. But I guess it was a couple weeks ago. They have nothing.

1370 days ago


Lohan has zero interest in getting sober. Lets not forget the whole purpose of her being at Betty Ford to begin with has much to do with her well thought out plan to avoid going to jail.
This girl knows how to work the system like a charm. She's a brilliant Con Artist and she keeps fooling the law.

1370 days ago


She's acting like a 4 yr old thinking that if she screams louder the the other person then people will believe she is innocent of everything !!!! She ran up against somebody who didn't kowtow and kiss her ass and she had a tantrum because she got caught coming in after curfew from a bar (which was a place she wasn't suppose to be in the first place..... I am sure everyone of those girls in her little party were primed and ready for a altercation when they went in the door cause they knew they were in trouble.... Never heard of a treatment center that condons the inmates(for a better word) going to a bar .........rediculious !!!!

Put her tail in jail , shes just running another Lindsey con to stay out of jail.....She is not about to change her ways she don't want too. You can send her to a million rehabit center and they will not work because she ain't ready to change.
Don't waste anymore money on this girl. I don't feel a bit sorry for her or her family .....

Have you noticed that if they go a week or more without a story in the media about them they all ,mama, papa and lindsey will find a way to get their names in the headlines......

1370 days ago


I can only hope betty ford is cursing the day they opened the doors to this wack job and her mother...she's making a joke out of a facility that has helped thousands through the years...she's such a punk...throw her out on her arse and let her fend for helrself..why can't she just take her millions go to a secluded island away from the press and come back in say 5 years...this is just ridiculos...she's such a looser....

1370 days ago


Who cares about this 'actress'??? Really, there have been so many before her and there will be others after her that have more talent and less drama. Her limited talent does not make up for her lack of social skills. Time for Hollywood to move on and the same with TMZ.

1370 days ago


Ok, under the circu.mstances as long as the employee is good then Lindsay will be the one getting into trouble because honestly and true to life who believes an addict or just recovering addict? They are so used to lying all of the time. And it's really hard to believe them. Those are just the FACTS of life. And Lohan hasn't proven herself to be honest or reliable thus far....soo......

1370 days ago


Unfortunately, because Lindsay has cried wolf so many times and has claimed to be the victim when indeed she was not, it's going to take a long while before anyone starts beliving her on the color of the sky much less this incident.

I don't understand a rehab that allows patients the freedom to come and go as they please unsupervised throughout their ENTIRE treatment. It makes the Betty Ford Clinic look like joke instead of a crediable facility. I hope the staff member doesn't get fired. It should be the people running Lindsay's treatment program getting the ax for failing miserably at her rehabilitation.

1370 days ago


Knowing absolutely nothing about this staffer from the BFC, I am 100% on her side. Lindsay has proven she is the lowest dreg of society who has constantly lied about everything. This is the same person who while coked up and drunk, highjacked a car with other people in it and chased another car down PCH trying to do harm to the people she was pissed at. But now we are supposed to believe that Lindsay, back from a drinking party while in rehab, was just innocently going to her room when this staffer attacked her? Right. I hope to God that she gets every day in prison that she has coming to her. Then she can go back to New York and be a coke addict and an alcoholic and we won't have to read about her everyday.

1370 days ago


DUH! She's trying to do anything she can to get out of there so she can celebrate New Years right! First a 'stalker' and now a big ole' meanie of a staffer. Give me a break. Love, love, love how she and her mother have learned what ever you can to get in front of a camera and earn a buck. Poor kid, doesn't stand a chance.

1370 days ago
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