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Lindsay Lohan to Betty Ford: Fire that B**ch!

12/21/2010 4:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will file a formal complaint against the woman who triggered a criminal investigation against the famous rehabber ... TMZ has learned.


Sources connected with Lindsay tell us Lindsay is adamant ... the staffer whom she pushed earlier this month was the instigator, berating Lindsay and grabbing her before LiLo pushed her.

As TMZ first reported ... the staffer has told cops she wants Lindsay prosecuted for battery.

Lindsay wants Betty Ford to take action against the staffer ... stat. 



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I believe Lohan on this one.

Typical behavior from "authority" these types of people (rehab employees, probation officers, etc) think they hold the key to your life and can do whatever they please. Sorry, but yelling at someone and then thinking its ok to grab someone or put your hands on them isn't ok. She isn't Lohan's mother.

Put your hands on my person and I will forcefully remove them, even if that means you lose a few teeth and get KTFO.

Good for Lindsey for sticking up for herself...

1400 days ago


Where LINDSAY goes, trouble follows.

Why the hell was she at a bar anyway ?? That shows you she is only in Rehab to please
others. You dont go to an establishment of alcohol on a night out of Rehab !!!
I dont care if she did not drink ( i doubt that,to) SHE HAS NO BUSINESS IN A BAR !!!!!!!!!

stupid is , as STUPID does

1400 days ago


If the staffer touched her in any way, she should be fired and Lindsay should sue Betty Ford. That is unacceptable behavior from a staffer who clearly is jealous of Lindsay's fame. That person has NO business working at a rehab facility that caters to the famous. If I were Lindsay, I would have pushed the beeotch too! You go Lindsay- nail that staffer to the wall!

1400 days ago


Everyone at TMZ should do the world a favor and just off themselves. Thanks in advance.

1400 days ago


Considering she was part of a booze party within the facility how in the world can anyone believe her??

1400 days ago


Exactly as I suspected in my previous post revealing the kind of people I suspect the Betty Ford Clinic, who left my father a mindless Fundamentalist Christian, hires, people for whom religion is their moral compass, and a tool of tyranny only points to destruction. These are the same sort of Alcoholics Anonymous/Rehab types who killed my sister by leaving her bereft and helpless to face reality, without addressing her real problems in any way.

1400 days ago


Words fail me. A person is considered a celeb when she gets her name on a gossip site for bad actions. The public is trying to defend its integrity by posting and one family posing as many different posters is winning the battle. This blows my mind.

1400 days ago


I'm hoping that Lindsay pisses off all her haters by becoming a huge Hollywood megastar in the next few years. Maybe she'll quit the drugs/alcohol party scene forever and become a health and fitness enthusiast.

Hopefully, Lindsay starts looking hotter than ever and starts ACTING like classy, sophisticated, charming, educated, well adjusted member of society. She'd shock everyone who is ready to "write her off". Maybe Lindsay can do it. It'll be interesting to see how the Lindsay Lohan soap opera turns out.

1400 days ago


I hate this Lindsay bitch more and more. Someone needs to put her where Jimmy Hoffa is.

1400 days ago


Watch. Lindsay will sue. She lost her role in that biopic, has probably run through whatever $ she got from her Milkaholic suit, and she needs another payday PRONTO.

1400 days ago


harvey - is it illegal if Lindsey smokes salvia?

1400 days ago


I hope Betty Ford kicks Lindsay out

1400 days ago


LMFAO~ This **** has Ding Dong Dinas name all over it

Stomp your feet all you want a Monster Mother it's NEVER going to happen...Lindsay will be kicked out before the staffer gets fired

Im waiting for the headlines to read that Lindsay gets kicked out or she gets arrested, it will be one or the other

Just love when good old Karma smacks the Lying Lohans. SNAP!

Someone said Dina should do the world of favor, and pull her bottom lip over her head and swallow. LMFAO!
just thought I would share that one with you

1400 days ago


Poor little baby Lindsay, NOTHING is going to help this twit. She has lost her mind, think's everyone owe's her something, she needs to get a grip and realize your star is DEAD and so are you. Hope she get's some charges against her for hitting the staff. But, as usual, Lindsay will get her way, that is what is wrong with her. No one will make her tow the line and act like a human being. They all treat her like a child and we all know she is not a child. She is an adult and should be treated like an adult.

1400 days ago


This kind of thing follows Lindsay. I seriously doubt the staffer is to blame. I'd bet that at this point, BF wishes they had never taken on LL or her family.

Once again, Lindsay doesn't seem to realize what she's there for.

When January comes she will go right back to using.

1400 days ago
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