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Lindsay Lohan Incident Report: Blow-By-Blow

12/21/2010 11:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a copy of the incident report Lindsay Lohan's alleged victim sent to officials at the Betty Ford Clinic ... and the allegations of violence are even more serious than first reported.


Dawn Holland
-- whom TMZ interviewed Tuesday afternoon -- wrote her report 6 hours after her showdown with Lindsay at Betty Ford.  Holland says during the heat of the argument, Lindsay "threw the phone ... I threw up my left hand to block it and then she grabbed my right hand and tried to snatch the phone that I had up to my ear, then called me a 'C__T B___H.'"

As TMZ first reported, Holland was called in by BF security to do a breathalyzer test on Lindsay and her two roommates after they returned from a night of partying past curfew.

According to the incident report, it was Dina Lohan who told Lindsay over the phone no one had to submit to a breathalyzer test.  Holland writes one of the roommates admitted drinking, and then went into Lindsay's bedroom and Lindsay "yelled at me that she was talking to her mother and her mother told her she didn't have to breathalize, she asked me if I wanted to speak to her mother but would never hand me the phone."

In the report Holland says she told Lindsay -- whose code name at the clinic is Bella G. -- "You know that I could press charges against you for putting your hands on me.  And she replied 'Oh, you want money.'"


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Sick of Lindsay    

If Lindsay was even remotely serious about her recovery, first she would not sneak out of the facility, she would have taken the breathalyzer without any incident. I think she is the most pathetic piece of work I have ever seen. Her arrogance, blatant disrespect for authority are her downfall. If she lives to be 30 I honestly will be amazed. I am sick of her and the whole Lohan family. And her mother needs to stop enabling her daughter. And we all know that is not going to happen. If she cared about her child she wouldnt be in the media every time Lindsay farts. Let the chips fall and let Lindsay pick them up on her own.

1402 days ago


First of all it is ok for Dina to act the way she's acting. Would your parents not try to do what they could for you? How many time do we pass judgement day to day about people parents or not. I fully belive LiLo, this lady obviously knew that she was an easy target for money. Its not hard to kick someone while their down and thats what this lady is doing. LiLo is in rehab, yes she fought kicking and screaming to be put in there but how many of us will surrender any freedom we have. Most of us wont even go to a movie we dont wanna see that someone we care about does. So people including the pap's should just leave LiLo alone and let her finish her rehab so she can become that better person that everyone is faulting her for not being even though we are no better than her......

1402 days ago


i dont blame lilo this woman is an eyesore i feel like punching her right now! shes just triying to get quick cash and fame shes just a leech way to go lilo !

1402 days ago


Since when do you go out for the night while you are in rehab? I work for a treatment facility, and our clients go to outside meetings with the assistants, and once they are in extended care they may go out for short passes that are totally mapped out and planned, and they are drug tested, searched and breathalyzed EVERY time they return!

1402 days ago


Heard people are now trying to get out of COLD DRAB NO-FUN CENTER'S and head on over to BETTY FORD'S.

BF the way to go:

Night's of fun, booze and dance.

Meaningful friendship's with ex-con CRACK HEAD'S (the staff) don't always go wrong.

Plus they run to silence any minor/major "slip"

1401 days ago


I said it before and I'll say it again - lock her up and throw away the key. What a spoiled brat.

The easy fix is to ship her off to Sheriff Joe Arpaio, he'll straighten her out REAL QUICK.

1401 days ago


This so called staff member needs to be prosecuted. Her lawyer is telling her not to cooperate because she could be looking at some serious criminal consequences. TMZ should yake a hard look at the addict staff members past the likelyhood she is looking for a pay day. The sword cuts both ways and its time that we get the full story.

1401 days ago


They need to send her to a real treatment program like Rimrock foundation in Billings, MT.

1401 days ago


Just remember that Lindsay Lohan is a very young woman with 'obvious problems'. She's addicted to the LA party machine (that's a sickness in itself), drinks too much, has crazy ass-parents that f--k with her, she's caught in the legal system, yes she's screwing up, and it's all out in the open. Yeah she's cute, yeah she's got some money, so hate her for that. But don't expect much more than what you see. Maybe you'll all be happy when she offs herself, eh? Of course you will.

1401 days ago


Ms. Lohan may be troubled, but the gal who worked at Betty Ford had no legal reason to go to TMZ. It is against the law to say anything about a patient. ESPECIALLY to the press. It can take many tries at sobriety to make it work. People coming off of an addiction can be fiesty, mean, and not totally one minded on sobrity. Their bodies are going through terrible withdrawls. Addicts will lie and cheat, just to have a reason to get high. Lets take these club owners to task for serving underage kids. Miss Lohan is an addict with addict behavior. It does not go away because she is a star. It may be harder for her. People like to say they got a celebrity high. It is hard to get sober, it does not matter who you are. YOur brain and body does not know you are famous, they just know that your body hurts, your psych hurts, you self esteem is nil. Look how long it took Downey and other stars to get clean, and yes they relapse. Mental illness is not something to make for fun. She is a sick girl. Look around at this girls support system.

1400 days ago

Lady Carolyn    

Lindsay need to be in jail like anybody else who break the rules. Just because she got money means for her to get away with things. That is stupic and the judges who let her keep getting away with it. Is stupic too she don't need rehab she need hard core jail time. That would set her azz right. And know how regular people feel. When they are lock up.

1400 days ago


# 139 by NoBreederRat

In all fairness, Dina seems to knows the law but is not practicing law. Consumers should know their legal right's.

It is true that Lindsay did not have to take the breath test or comply with Betty Ford's program but why is she there then;

1400 days ago


It time to give up on her, all this is keeping her name in the new.
The more you read and hear about this is more money in the pocket of the Lohan, Let her kill herself and be done with it

1400 days ago


I just took 7 years clean and sober and Lindsay is no worse then I was, I still have a lot of hope for her.

1400 days ago


Have any of you people stop to consider the physic of these two woman, Dawn Holland is so much bigger than Lohan! Be smart people!

1390 days ago
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