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Dina Lohan -- Lindsay's Accuser Is Full of BS

12/23/2010 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan says the story that she told Lindsay Lohan to refuse a breathalyzer test is pure poppycock.


Dina is lashing out at Dawn Holland, the former Betty Ford chemical dependency tech who told TMZ Dina was jawboning with Lindsay over the phone, instructing her to just say no to a breathalyzer test.

Dina says, when she was speaking with Lindsay, she was merely trying to comfort her after what the employee did to her.  Lindsay claims Holland berated and grabbed her.

Dina adds, "I stand behind my daughter 100% ... the whole thing with the woman is a little sketchy."

And finally, Dina has praise for Betty Ford:  "With all the fabulous employees they have, it's unfortunate that someone with this kind of background gets through.  I stand behind Betty Ford.  It is such a fabulous facility.  They have been nothing but great.  They really helped my daughter and changed my life, too."



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WHY doe they pay this POS (Dina) to give "interviews" that are nothing more than a pack of lies? Frankly, I'd rather pay to have Dina in a dunking tank, with an apple stuck in her mouth. In fact, I'd pay a LOT to be the first in line to dunk her sorry ass.

1400 days ago


TMZ had this story wrong from the start, just read through Hollander's account of what happened. Typical TMZ rushing for a headline!

1400 days ago


@chris gambera

Robert Downey Jr. credits going to jail for a year and a half for finally getting him clean. The Lindsay supporters love to point to the fact that RDJ became successful after being an addict, but they never point out that he was sentenced to THREE YEARS in prion for MISSING a drug test. He didn't even fail it. And he served a year and a half of that sentence.

If Lindsay did in fact refuse a breathalyzer as has been stated, then perhaps Judge Fox should sentence her to 3 years in jail. Maybe that will finally work instead of the failed 5 attempts at rehab. (and Nicole I don't need to be reminded about the 180 days bs you throw out there ad nauseum...)

1400 days ago


Does anyone else think that the Judge is going to have a rather large problem with the Betty Ford Clinic, whose first reaction was to "keep it silent" and cover everything up? I don't think the Judge will be entertaining any motions to consider them in the future. Since when does aiding and abetting your patients addictions and failures constitute "treatment?"
Since when's jail helped any addict get and STAY clean?
We realy shouldn't know ANY of this stuff, regardless who's responsible for leaking the info, it's NOT in any way in the best interests of Lindays sobriety-it's a sad indictment on Betty ford.
Posted at 5:28 AM on Dec 23, 2010 by Chris Gambera


Sorry, but odd as it evidently may seem to you, jail has helped many addicts get clean. Staying clean is another thing and a matter of many personal choices whether out of jail, or rehab, or anything else. Full disclosure is ALWAYS the best for any "unknown" or anyone who thinks themselves or others as "celebrities."

Just a side note. When things get far enough for the option of jail, it means other options have failed, as with Lindsay. Jail offers chances for habitual offenders (Lindsay) a final reality check and to make changes, if they want. Kid-gloves time is over. The fact that Lindsay need the "gloves taken off" is obvious to anyone that's not a complete fool or sycophant.

Jail is meant to keep them away from the rest of us.

1400 days ago


@Melvin I get so tired of hearing that Dina is why Lindsay is the way she is. You don't think Hollywood and Disney and being a child star and decisions Lindsay made in Hollywood as a teen had something to do with it? Let me ask you something, why isn't Michael Jr at 23 years old the same as Lindsay? He's almost the same age and has the same mother yet he graduated with honors from college with no DUIs or connection with drugs. What about 17-year old Ali? She's not in the news for anything other than being Lindsay's sister and modeling. She has the same mother. What about 14 year old Cody? Is he on drugs or getting arrested or being reported for truancy or any other problems? Blaming Dina is simplistic and just ridiculous. I'm not saying Dina did everything right but who here has raised a child that had so much early success as Lindsay in Hollywood? You think it is easy? Do you not see that Demi Lovato has issues too? Or Britney? Or McCaulkey Culkin? What about the 3 kids from The Facts of Life. Yes, some child stars do well, but many have similar problems as Lindsay in life. It's a combination of Lindsay's fame, being a child star, her own mental/psychological makeup, maybe an addictive gene, and a whole bunch of factors we know NOTHING about that has her in her current condition (who knew that Todd Bridges was RAPED when he was a kid, it all came out later in the book). It's not just blame Dina for everything. That's absolutely ridiculous. And I don't blame everything on Michael Lohan either though he is despicable.

1400 days ago


@Delmar, stop spinning your entire statement of falacies by trying to point out an obvious.

Lohan, her mother, Betty Ford, and her attorney are all trying to abet Lindsey's usual spin of denial and victimization. Whether BF will up their ethical bar in the end, we'll have to wait and see. Their initial response was less than ethical.

1400 days ago


And DINA isn't? Just Saying...!!!

1400 days ago


@Delmar I didn't feel the need to respond to you anymore after illustrating the errors of the points in your previous statement, but after the post "allrightythen" left to you, I just wanted to say "Ditto!"

1400 days ago


Once again "IT'S NOT LINDSAY'S FAULT" according to her parents.
Is anything ever her doing?

1400 days ago


All of that BS while partying with a bunch of young boys...what a role model.

1400 days ago


Unless there is actual proof that Lindsay refused an alcohol test then shes not going to court until the scheduled hearing nor jail and will be completing probation in 64 days.

If what Dawn Holland did was okay as her lawyer is claiming then Lindsay has a very strong case against Betty Ford who probably just want the whole thing to go away.

1400 days ago


Chances that Dina is lying : 100%
Chances that Lindsay is lying and using : 100%
Chances that Dawn went public for cash : 100%

1400 days ago


Dina Lohan - the model of truth and propriety. LMAO. I don't believe anything that comes out of her mouth.

1400 days ago



Nicole, if there was a video with Lindsay confessing that the entire thing was her fault you still wouldn't believe it. In your obsessed-stalker brain she can do no wrong. I've never seen a lesbian fixation as strong as the one you have for Lindsay.

1400 days ago


Ok.. so all this is total B.S.. and its soo funny how non-chalant Dina is.. and she's lying..

so forget all this crap. can we please get this thing to court? when is she going back to court.. when.. when... when...

1400 days ago
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