Lindsay Lohan: I Shirley Wasn't Drinking

12/22/2010 5:15 PM PST

Lindsay Lohan Assault: I Shirley Wasn't Drinking

Lindsay Lohan is finding Dawn Holland's claim she was drinking hard to swallow -- sources close to LiLo say the only thing she was downing the night in question were Shirley Temples.

We're told Lindsay met up with a friend at the Viceroy Hotel in Palm Springs, CA on December 11 to have her hair done. While there, our sources say Lindsay knocked back the non-alcoholic mixed drink ... along with an order of equally non-toxic french fries.

Our sources say Lindsay eventually headed back to her sober house -- completely sober -- at around 1 AM ... and that's when all hell broke loose.

Holland claims she smelled alcohol on Lindsay's breath, but LiLo refused to take a breathalyzer.