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Spider-Man Stunt Guy -- Xmas in the ICU

12/24/2010 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who plummeted 30-feet on Broadway in a Spider-Man costume -- breaking his elbow, some ribs, and cracking his skull -- won't be going home for X-Mas ... in fact, he'll be holed up in an ICU.


Spidey actor Christopher Tierney's dad tells TMZ, the family was set to have Christmas at home before the tragic accident earlier this week -- but now they're making arrangements to be with him at the hospital in NYC.

But all's not lost -- Tierney's dad tells us, “[Chris] cannot wait to get back into the Spidey costume … It wont be as soon as he would like but ... his spirits are high and he cannot wait to get back.”

We're told Christopher will remain in the ICU until Monday and then move on to rehab.


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Good for him :)

1399 days ago


It's a little early for rehab. Fractured skull, broken elbow and broken ribs take weeks of healing prior to rehab. Like 12 weeks....!

I have personal experience with it.

1399 days ago


Best of luck to him for a speedy recovery

1399 days ago


YES, best of luck to him. I wish him a painless and speedy recovery.

1399 days ago

Laughing Riot    

Ok, what is the truth: Broadway World is saying that the AP is reporting that his brother is saying that Christopher will be out of the hospital in the next couple of days. Seems they are playing down his injuries.

1399 days ago


Why have they said on the news over and over he suffered "minor" injuries? That doesn't sound to minor to me...

Wishing him a speedy recovery~

1399 days ago

Buck Simpson    

What on earth is XMas????

1399 days ago


Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Christopher. Happy holidays to all wherever you are, (having spent Christmas in hospital rooms/waiting rooms with my mom). Families together is what important.

1399 days ago


Yes I agree with #'s6&7. Guess the AP and media was trying to do "damage control" for the media, don't want the movie to be associated with a serious injury. Bet the movie's insurance will have a big payout. A skull fracture tis certainly not a minor injury! Sure fractured ribs hurt like hell, but a skull fracture could be a career-ender. I suffered one in a car accident and now have seizures, central sleep apnea (my brain doesn't tell my body to breathe), other neuro disorderes, can't drive, etc. Never the same. I know stuntmen realize the dangers of their work, and might make decent money, but the big name actors get all the big $ and glory compared to the saps doing the dangerous stunts, funny how our society is-seems backwards to me. Best wishes young man Godspeed.

1399 days ago


Is this post kidding? ICU is for extremely dangerous cases. If he has a head injury, that is a very serious thing. This post sounds like it is downplaying his status.

Having spent time with people having head injuries in ICU and rehab facilities, it's not a straightforward or easy situation. Anything can happen during ICU and recovery. Sorry he and his family has to go through all this. Wish him and and his family the best.

1399 days ago

The whole concept was idiotic.

1399 days ago


So much for the web theory. Batman couldn't have saved him from the fall?

1399 days ago


He didn't fracture his skull.... at all. He broke his ribs and his sacrum and had internal bleeding. He's in high hopes in Belluvue hospital and the union and actors equity are investigating the show. They gave out a bunch of rules the show has to follow, including cutting an aeral stunt scene (the net sequence) and making the cable shorter so if it snaps again the actor won't fall off.

Spiderman will continue to run and work with the union.

Please get your facts straight before you say someone broke their effing skull TMZ.

1399 days ago


Somebody forgot to turn on the lights. Maybe they would've figure it out that Spider-man is not meant to be played on Broadway. Should've left it to the professionals in Las Vegas.

1399 days ago


I believe Spider-man officials are downplaying what his injuries are. Here in New York the news programs have reported that he suffered back injuries and underwent back surgery on Thursday. So his injuries are indeed serious enough to reguire ICU.

1398 days ago
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