Spider-Man Stunt Guy -- Xmas in the ICU

12/24/2010 9:00 AM PST

Spider-Man Stunt Guy -- Xmas in the ICU

The guy who plummeted 30-feet on Broadway in a Spider-Man costume -- breaking his elbow, some ribs, and cracking his skull -- won't be going home for X-Mas ... in fact, he'll be holed up in an ICU.

Spidey actor Christopher Tierney's dad tells TMZ, the family was set to have Christmas at home before the tragic accident earlier this week -- but now they're making arrangements to be with him at the hospital in NYC.

But all's not lost -- Tierney's dad tells us, “[Chris] cannot wait to get back into the Spidey costume … It wont be as soon as he would like but ... his spirits are high and he cannot wait to get back.”

We're told Christopher will remain in the ICU until Monday and then move on to rehab.