Evil Supervillain -- 'Thrilled' Spider-Man Fell Offstage

12/21/2010 4:00 PM PST

Evil Supervillain -- 'Thrilled' Spider-Man Fell Offstage

Spider-Man's 30-foot fall in NYC last night wasn't tragic news for everyone -- in fact, TMZ spoke to a real-life supervillain ... who's "thrilled" Spidey's "overblown attention-seeking behavior" blew up in his face.

Spidey's new unspeakably evil arch enemy is none other than The Potentate (above) ... the fearless leader of ROACH -- a renegade faction of supervillains bent on "[burning] the straw houses of heroism to the ground."

The Potentate tells TMZ, ROACH -- which stands for Ruthless Organization Against Citizen Heroes -- "would never cheer at the injury of an actor doing their job, but yes, we're thrilled any time the ventures of heroes and their overblown attention-seeking behavior blows up in their faces."

Potentate adds, "It's a disaster, doing what heroes do best, failing spectacularly and looking ridiculous while doing so."

As far as we know, Potentate is still at large -- so if you see a man with smoke instead of a head, please alert local authorities.