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Stephen Baldwin: Costner 'Robbed' Me In BP Disaster

12/23/2010 10:21 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Stephen Baldwin is suing Kevin Costner, claiming Costner and his business partner  "schemed" to make millions of dollars off the BP oil rig disaster ... by allegedly duping Baldwin into selling shares in a company that builds machines that separate oil from water.


In a lawsuit filed in Louisiana federal court, Baldwin claims in April, he had a meeting in the wake of the oil disaster, and decided to become a 10% partner in an invention backed by Costner -- a device that separated oil from water that was actually developed during the filming of "Waterworld."

According to the lawsuit, Costner and his partners made it seem as if Costner had already sold his shares in the company when in fact he was still heavily invested.  Baldwin also claims the company misrepresented that there was no deal to sell the contraption to BP.

Baldwin alleges he was duped into selling his shares back to the company so Costner and his partners could score a bigger profit in a deal that was already inked -- specifically, a deal with BP valued at more than $52 million.

Baldwin is suing for unspecified damages. No comment from Costner's camp.


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Baldwin get a life because the one your living isn't working out for you. Megan Fox you look like hell! EAT! Those tats are trashy and you look like a 2 year old after playing with a felt marker.

1295 days ago


I thought oil separated from water naturally, so why would you need a machine to do it? Anyway, it's really a matter of buyer beware, someone is always out to scam you. I'm sure they are both out to make a buck on the deal so there is always a risk you may lose.

1295 days ago


Stephen Baldwin claimed to be bankrupt -some christian group started a website to get donations for him yet in April he;s got money to invest in a company -sounds like all the banruptcy stuff was a sham and the website for donations also. Someone should investigate this!

1295 days ago


"If you can't spell the name of the sitting president, you've got no business being in the voting booth."
Historically, that is not really a criterion. One does not have to be literate to vote for president. One might argue that if intelligence was a requirement, the sitting president would still be in Chicago, hustling welfare money.

1295 days ago


Proves all the Baldwins aren't the sharpest tools in the shed, he should lose money for puting together a frivolous lawsuit. Megan Fox- you use to be hot, but where are your boobs? Eat a burrito....guys like curves, and yes the tats are gross, next time write a novel on your back.....and who cares about Paris Hilton? I saw her at a club in Vegas and she was one of the ugliest girls there

1295 days ago


Oh Good Grief!!!! My Dad owned a shipyard on the Mississippi River, minutes from the French Quarter, from the 50's until the 80's. He routinely separated oil from water and from the chemicals he used to clean the oil barges. All the shipyards that cleaned oil barges did the same. Who got the crazy idea that this was some unique idea or a brand new invention? My Dad used to store the "cleaned" oil in tanks and sell it.

1295 days ago


hhhmm and he waits almost 8 months to figure he was duped and now wants to sue.. something idn't adding up here..hopefully he won't get a dime out of Costner

1295 days ago


baldwins like the other baldwins are always blaming someone else for stupid. if you make the wrong business decision, you suffer the consequences.

1295 days ago


in my opinion; Since Costner "smuggled"/ lied and tricked the native community when he bought up land and sold it to s*** who he knew would build a casino on sacred land; he has been a loser in my book.
I believe his family & career life have gone down since as you cannot mess with sacred lands. His "karma: if you will is playing out. A young wife who wanted kids that should be his grandkids, movie failures, and would she have wanted him if he wasn't wealthy? Doubt it...While first wife is tossed aside.. all bad juju. Go get em Baldwin.

1295 days ago


Costner is just a tipical lib. Money, money, money, but don"t anyone else to have some. Why not donate the equipment to your friends in need in the Gulf. Or don't you have enough.

1295 days ago

daniel Visone    

kostner always came off as a sissy boy trying to be a tough guy and baldwin comes from a clan of crazy people but in this case kostner seems to be the more likely crook

1295 days ago


I agree with # 16

1295 days ago

Carol E-B    

Honestly, I think Stephen Baldwin has little acting talent and has a hard time getting jobs in anything other than a hack movie or some low budget "reality show." I suppose he'll get a little exposure anyway. In show business they say that any press is good press. I personally do not subscribe to that adage. By the way, of all of the Baldwin brothers, it's Alec who actually has the talent. He has a degree from NYU, is a smart man, and of late he's proven he can be funny as well as a serious actor. I don't have a crush on him; I'm just stating a fact. As for the other brothers, I've never seen them turn in decent performances in any of their projects. It's sad when you have to make yourself so visible through negativity.
I'm an optimist, though. I wish blessings on everyone, and that includes all of you out there in cyberspace. Peace. DrCSEB

1295 days ago


Jeanne, Not only do I agree with you but what the hell is this idiot (Roland) even talking about? Besides being too stupid to vote or spell, how did he even bring politics into the above stories? I mean there is a connection to the oil spill but the story, if he could read, was about a stock fraud claim between two actors. Wow, now I understand the need to medicate certain people !!

1294 days ago
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