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Bristol's College Decision -- Signs Point to Devils

12/25/2010 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bristol Palin is telling friends she may enroll at an Arizona college once she moves into the home she just bought in the Grand Canyon state ... TMZ has learned.


So far, no official word on which school the 20-year-old has her eye on ... but there are a few major clues.

Bristol just purchased a $172,000 home outside the Phoenix area -- which she paid for IN CASH! The home is just miles from the Arizona State University school of broadcasting ... a school that boasts one of the most state-of-the-art facilities in the country. Bristol has expressed an interest in public speaking.

Plus -- and possibly more important -- ASU totally DISSED Barack Obama last year!!

As you may recall, Sun Devil honchos refused to give Obama an honorary degree last May after he gave the commencement speech at graduation ... with school officials insisting the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES hadn't accomplished enough in his career to warrant the honor.

Sounds like Sarah Palin's kind of place  ...

So far, no comment from ASU.


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DeeDee Russel    

Five bedrooms! 3900 square feet! This house must be a palace! You go, girlfriend! LOL

1368 days ago


Maricopa is 35 miles from ASU and my bet she bought that house for a rental. There is nothing in maricopa except houses .... People move there that work in Phoenix and the houses are lot cheaper. I doubt very much she is moving in herself

1368 days ago

betty Nicholson    

bye bye ms. american pie!

1368 days ago

Even though I make of her on DWTS of her dancing. I am glad she picking something for her career...please no politics. Now ASU, why Obama don't get a honorary degree, and he done a lot of things trying help economy to recover in the mitts of GOP blocking him to succeed in order gain 2012 presidential elections, History reminder*GOP tried this tactic back when FDR was president. Stats shows when Demo Presidents loses majority in both house of Congress in their first term wins their 2nd term...FDR,Truman, & Clinton name of few... Plus Obama is a Harvard Graduate, a Constitutional Professor

1368 days ago


I have to agree with #15. I'm American and am ashamed at the horrific way all of you slam each other...have you done something to earn a house?? Are the many teenage mothers out there working to support their children? SHE IS!! and for the chin?? MY GOD PEOPLE SHE HAS HER MOUTH OPEN!!! Look in the mirror and if you don't have the same thing when your irrelevant trap is open then you must be beautiful beyond words...You're all just little have NO idea about politics or you'd be blasting that Muslim for his socialist methods instead of Sarah Palin...Your parents warped your little minds to believe it's ok to slam a young woman rather than look at your dismal lives and do something with it. Can't dance?? Go get a college education...but don't go to Arizona...none of you are good enough to get accepted there.

1368 days ago


I wonder who will be paying to college to make sure that baby elephant here graduates?

1368 days ago


uhh good one #128...who paid for yours?? oh that's right...welfare doesn't pay for college...or does it...I'm sure you know.

1368 days ago


lol she probably had HORRIBLE scores. ASU is such an easy school to get into. Her parents are afraid she'll get a real education at college campuses so they sent her to a more conservative campus. How pathetic.
I refuse to be kind to this DOB because shes a horrible person to basically every non white person out there.
Merry christmas. Bah humbug.

1368 days ago


"she's horrible to every non-white out there" WTF are you talking about?? How in the hell do you have any clue?? That's about the stupidest Dumb A** statement I've ever heard....QUIT DRUGS...haven't you heard they're bad for you!! You just proved how brainless you are with that comment...geesh, where are there any smart teenagers.

1368 days ago


80% of housing is underwater and going deeper and she's Buying a house in the desert state.
Journalism and Broadcasting is a dying profession and she's going to do just that.
Arizona State University is a dying and decaying institution. Universities in general are going the way of the dinasour. Colleges in USA are nothing but a money making scam. And she decides to take courses at ASU. Sure she'll be able to party her life out and also take some courses on the side.
Arizona economy is a train wreck..and of all the places in the world one train wreck decides to move-in with another train wreck. Good going!
What else can you expect of one dumb b****. At least she's being a role model in misleading all the other dumb b***** of this country and sure doing her small bit in helping out the wrecked AZ economy.
How much is Arizona paying her and Palin family for all this positive publicity it is getting?

1368 days ago


How in the hell do you have any clue?? That's about the stupidest Dumb A** statement I've ever heard....QUIT DRUGS...haven't you heard they're bad for you!! You just proved how brainless you are with that comment...geesh, where are there any smart teenagers.

feel free to read the facebook notes she posts. Theyre horribly racist. YOU should quit generalizing. You just show how brainless and close minded the older generation is.

ASU has an SAT requirement of 1800 +/- 75 for admission,which is a very low score to get into any university.

1368 days ago


hmm lets see thick young cute she's housable.

1368 days ago


The sheer hatred for someone you don't know..and will NEVER have enough class to meet. Actually it sounds like a lot of petty jealously...I wish her the best. YOU GO BRISTOL...DON 'T LET THESE AHOLES get you have more class and brains in your baby finger then they'll ever have the joy to experience...Liberals are do I say it....jackasses?? yea that's it.

1368 days ago



1368 days ago


Liberals are awesome Tami. Conservatives have a stick up their ass. Screw being polite. And if liberals are *******s then what does that make the bad mouthing homophobic conservatives? hah. dont make me laugh.

1368 days ago
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