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'16 & Pregnant' Mom: My Baby Spent Xmas in the ER

12/27/2010 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The daughter of "16 and Pregnant" star Ebony spent Christmas Day in the emergency room -- after a freak accident left her with a bloody gash on her head ... TMZ has learned.

Ebony -- who was on "16" season one -- tells TMZ her daughter Jocelyn was playing with her cousins in Arkansas on Saturday when she "bent down too fast right next to the fireplace"... banged her head .. and a "nice big gash" opened up.

Ebony says she immediately rushed Jocelyn to the ER -- where doctors closed up the wound with surgical glue.

Incredibly, Ebony says Jocelyn "didn't cry at all" during the painful, bloody ordeal -- and is safely back at home and "doing fine."


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u *******s are sooooooooooooo racist. funny how u can take anything & turn it into a race isssue. but when u watch the show, 95% of all the girls are white. posing for people and us weekly like having a child at the age of 16 is something to be proud of. but it's funny how white people never have anything to say then. then it would be, oh that poor child, hope she's alright." u guys are such hypocrite devils.

1335 days ago


#6 ur a serious doosh Bag... how u gonna go on and leave a comment when u have no idea what ur talkin about... and u really believe everything on T.V and think "reality" shows are 100% actual REALITY huh? thats my family ur talkin about punk and thats my brother who u say "abandoned" his daughter, #6 the one who wont leave their name but "me" is a f**kin MORON who prolly has nothing to with THEIR own life but watch "reality shows" and jerk off on the computer.... by the way their lil family is still livin together and going strong, my bro is in the Air Force now and is a perty damn good dad...

1335 days ago


Although this show, this girl, and the topic.. have to say some here hit the nail on the coffin.. yes we're aware that MTV tries in a very mellow way of talking about teen moms, and since they put white/mix chicks on the show alot.. many still get caught up in the drama.

teen prego's are here to stay.. as long as you have these pretty pics of kids.. you will not end the act.. these girls now have kids in order to look "cool"... yep.. as crazy as it sounds.. they do it for that.. either their friends have gotten pregnant to run with them.. or pacs been made to raise their babies together.. these chicks are sealing the deal in order to catch a free ride.

although they know there's a ton of drama coming their way.. they still go on to get pregnant.. on purpose.. refuse to take Plan B or birth control. due to it causing them belly aches... yep.. and this is a main excuse that comes from selfish "all about me " girls.. they look at having a child reaps easy rewards such as.. no work, free money, live off of child support expectations,.. many.. i repeat many have this beliefe system thats been supported by.. aunts, cousin, other welfare moms.. its THIS generation that continues to offer support repeating the cycle..

best advice guys.. is just this.. if she cant afford ANY birth Control at all.. dont have sex with her.. period... if she complains of not wanting to take birth control due to it causing her a "belly ache" in any fashion.. do not have sex with that woman... .. if she already has 2 kids.. and claims her "tubes are tied"... DO NOT touch this women.. she is lying and trying to get pregnant in order to collect a check..

black/white/mexican... they all do it.. its a problem with woman-hood and the other sisters out there fail to do anything about it.. or slap the hell out of them for it.

you must look at shows like maury povic which points out on just how many times chicks are pinning babies on guys who they're well aware is not the father.. shows like this continue the trends.. makin it look all glamourous.. im sure its hard to swallow for a few here.. but indeed..

thats the truth...

you can have your "i did this and that and still made it" stories all you want.. it still gets interprested as "having a baby is the easy way out of having a life!"

1335 days ago


tmz wow,, do you have plants in every state?
how did you know her daughter was hurt in AK?
she didnt even continue on with later seasons of 16&preg, she didnt do Teen Mom, so how did you all still know about her daaughter's injury?

1335 days ago

the truth    

this show needs to end because girls are getting pregnant thinking they could be on TV! MTV SUCKS!!!!!!! EVERYTHING ABOUT IT SUCKS!
this girl is not a star! shes another girl who's gonna GET ADDICTED TO THE ATTENTION AND FORGET HER KID.! THAT KATE WITH 8 KIDS ONLY ARE AROUND HER KIDS when the cameras are around! enough of this crap. whatever happened to music on MTV.

1335 days ago


OMG-quit giving these teenagers who got pregnant so much attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1335 days ago


Wanna see teen pregnancy reduce,just let the Govt.stop giving out Wic, Foodstamps,Sect.8 Housing,Medicaid,Welfare money and all freeness to these Single Parents,and to qualify you have to chase the father of the child.Talk about splitting up families see our Government.

1335 days ago


this is why we say baby's shouldnt be having baby's they cant even watch them selfs wat makes u think they can watch a baby smdh all it take is for u to turn away for one sec an something bad happen ....oh an there not star there young girls wit no guidence in life where r there parents!!!!

1335 days ago


she was not on 16 season 1. that was maci amber farrah and catlyn.. i think she was season 2 but 1.. get the facts right please

1335 days ago


Uh, this girl's married to the child's father, and he's in the military. They are one of the few couples who actually stuck together AND made something of themselves. Glad the little one's okay!

1335 days ago


my bad on my comment... its #5 who is the jerk off...

1335 days ago

Gloria Unread    

@Kevin why does the girl have to be referred to as a "ghetto ho"? If it's because she is mixed with black you need to seriously check yourself. You may have some black in you and don't know it.

Posted at 8:00 AM on Dec 27, 2010 by Nikki
Oh, I think I would know if I had some black inside of me.
.... ;)
.... ;) ;)
... and by that, I do mean their notorious well-endowed genitalia. I just want to make that perfectly clear!

1335 days ago


@Ashley You're an idiot, she was on Season 1, go look it up. And get your facts straight.

@Idiots who said she is not with her boyfriend... Wrong, she is. And they were going to be engaged if not married by now.

@People who say she has no guidance... I have to say she was on of the great couples on Season 1. Sure she got pregnant young, but what else is new... So those half the teen population and probably one of your parents. At least this couple worked hard, finished school and decided to join the military... They were not set up like Maci where her Father owned a company and could give her a job so her bills were paid. Or like Farrah where she was spoiled and had a lot by her parents rolling around in her Father's BMW. Or Amber who obviously has mental issues and should have seen a psychiatrist a long time ago. Caitlin, was pretty responsible nothing really to say on that issue as she does well for the background she has to put up with. Though she gave her daughter up but I can respect her decision.

So no need to put Ebony down. And @Tye, get a life. The baby was playing near the fireplace with her cousins and she tripped and hit the fireplace. There is nothing dangerous about playing near a fireplace if it is covered properly or enclosed. She could of been four feet away and her cousins were chasing her and tickling her and bam. And it was obviously Christmas so they were playing with their toys. Now stop assuming and putting people down, when you don't know the full story.

1334 days ago


Yep we don't educate kids on the facts when it comes to sex. We don't educate them on the facts of Sexually Transmitted Diseases or on the truth of being a parent. So many kids think oh babies are fun a cuddly.... Sure they are cute but HELLO!! Until we are REAL with kids about stuff then we will sadly continue to have a high teen pregnancy rate. CONDOMS and ADOPTION. Then we push marriage on them. For crying out loud on HUGE life changing event at a time. You don't have to get married to be a good parent. What a F***** up society!!!

1333 days ago


This "CHICK" is my cousins wife! She is an amazing mother and wife.. You are right that she was not on teen mom! because they made them look like horrible people and there not! As for Josh the father he is in the air force and takes care of his wife and kid... So for all the d bags talking sh*t now you know the real truth!

1333 days ago
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