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ASU Democrats -- We Can Stomach Bristol Palin

12/26/2010 11:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There is one issue Democrats and Republicans can agree on ... mama bear Bristol Palin needs an education.


Andres Cano, VP of the Downtown Young Democrats at Arizona State University -- where it seems Bristol will be attending school next year -- tells TMZ they will welcome her "with open arms" ... because "getting a college degree is a non-partisan issue."

The prez of the Downtown College Republicans -- Zachary Ziebarth -- also says they'd love to have her at the school ... but not EVERYONE feels that way ... ZZ says "Facebook has already been going crazy with status updates of excitement, mixed feelings and non-acceptance."

Ziebarth adds, "The adversity that she may face is nothing that she can't handle."

As long as she doesn't quit halfway through her first term.


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Chris O.    

Prancing with the HAS-BEENS bought that house, you dumb stupid morons.It's not like she earned an HONEST living - working hard to make the mortgage.
She waltzed her FAT ASZ on national tv like a fat dancing pony (only fatter) and waltzed off, making more money than most people make in two or three years in this country.
Are you people really that STUPID?????

1375 days ago


"I resent comparisons of Bristol to Chelsea Clinton. There were no photos of Chelsea with a bong in her mouth at 15, nor did she get knocked up while her father or mother held public office (or ever as far as we know). She also never got in trouble for drinking under age while her father was in office nor get caught with fake prescriptions for drugs (the Bush brothers' daughters, I believe). Chelsea never got heavy while dancing for hours a day, and actually is a trained ballerina who can really dance. Bristol is attractive, but seems to be ruining her looks and people resent her for winning on DWTS over people much more deserving. While we're on the subject of scandal, Chelsea was also never accused of taking prescription drugs illegally, or selling them, or school bus vandalism, like Palin's son (who I notice was shipped off to the military pretty fast and we haven't heard much about him since). And Sarah was involved in scandal even while Governor, and it was a fellow Republican who initiated the investigation. She also purportedly had personal contact with a company that was bidding on the Alaksa pipeline, a no-no. Some of the charges were silly, true, but there were potentially quite damaging. Chelsea held her head high even while her father was embroiled in scandal. She was never the one who actually brought the scandal upon her family....."


Great post. People that make the most noise tend to draw more attention to themselves either to satisfy an ego, or to cover up a perceived flaw due to pressure from outside influences.

1375 days ago


that is probably the worst chin shot I have ever seen.

1375 days ago


looks like a St. Bernard dog carrying a small cask under her chin, or many casks

1375 days ago


Well, ASU is known as a party school. seems fitting enough for her.

1375 days ago

The palin is a joke

1375 days ago



1375 days ago


she will drop out for some crazy reason,,like to save the world or help on her moms election

1375 days ago


Britol will do something stupid like have Levi come and live with her. Then "Mommie Palin" will have to come and bail her out. The funny and stupid things "Celebrities" like to do is "Blab" on what they are going to do. If Bristol wouldn't have said anything about her buying a house in Arizona nobody would have known. Celebrities are their own worse enemies.

1375 days ago


When your mommy has money you can do anything....even pay cash for a house in Phoneix.....(money talks)
Mommy can even be president someday if she saves her money.

1375 days ago

Rob Morgan    

I couldn't give a rat's ass about any of that demented Palin family.

1375 days ago


The Dems are so terrified of Sarah that they'll do or say anything to try to stop her. She resigned as Gov. because her office was spending tons of money on public records requests, wasting tax dollars. Let's see, she's been a mayor, governor, and national candidate while Barry the Mullatto has been a Community organizer, doing what? Setting up bake sales. Then he was a "present" voting state legislator and a US Senator for a few months? How is he so vastly more qualified? Sarah Palin is twice the human being Barry is. Thankfully we'll be rid of this socialist mutt in less than two more years.

1375 days ago


LMAO @ thwe first comment. Anyways, I hate seeing her fat face. Ugh...!

1375 days ago


eff this B and her whole family... seriously what is wrong with our country that we reward this little tramp.. how about all the kids growing up facing adversity and not being able to afford an education. Also who says that reading a few books would help. She couldnt figure out how to work a freakin condom!!! enough said.

1375 days ago


Please stop reporting what these dumbasses are doing. They would sink back into obscurity where they belong without the media.

1375 days ago
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