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Britney Spears -- The Quest for the Little Green Man

12/28/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF



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So many mean spirited people
here how many of you could stand up to the
constant scrutiny not no mention vile mean spirited hatred?

1394 days ago


I am with you #69. What happened to treating people in the manner in which you would want people to treat you. Britney appears to be trying to turn her life around; support her. Even if she weren't she deserves to be treated with decency. I agree with your point that people posting these hateful and hurtful comments couldn't live up to the scrutiny and hatefulness that they are putting out there. What if this was one of their loved ones being treated so harshly? God help us because the cruel nature of my fellow humans leaves a lot to be desired. Thanks for being respectful and courteous. You were obviously raised properly.

1394 days ago


Big deal. Everyone picks. Brad Pitt, Paris Hilton, Gisele Bundchen, Tom Brady, Tiger Woods, Rachel Uchitel, Kate Middleton, Charlie Sheen, all those pretty girls on 90210, the actors and actresses on Glee, Ellen Degeneres, Oprah, Anderson Cooper, Larry King; they ALL pick their nose, fart, get diarrhea, and burp. Us regular folks just don't have cameras on us 24/7.

1394 days ago

Il Duce    

Dump this pic!! It's disgusting!!

1394 days ago


that dont even look like britney!!!

1394 days ago


talk about falling off....damn girl

1394 days ago


U got that right # 71

1393 days ago


Brit, hurry up and commit suicide watching you is worse than a re-run of "COPS" black or white people version.

1393 days ago


People got to put those buggers somewhere, usually they are under chairs where people sit and on lunch counters and under the stools at the bars and if you hug someone sometimes there are buggers on the collar of the shirt they are wearing. Just like the chewing gum that people stick just anywhere they can like under something. So are buggers. Buggers and Gum are common to be under tables and stools and all.

Someone has to dig all those buggers for all those buggers to be out there. So next time anyone sits down to eat a nice breakfast or dinner look under your seat or table that you are sitting at or on the edge of the soda machine. Buggers are everywhere and little kids wipe snot on top of things and eewwww if you really give it thought buggers are everywhere. Some mechanics wipe buggers on their mechanic suit, especially the mechanics that have oily suits and never hardly wash their suit. Just think if this female in the pic whoever she really is Does not look like Britney at all--is digging buggers she had to flick that bugger being it took so long to get it out of her nose, she had to flick it in or car or out of the window and somebody might of got a bugger that flew right in their face or coffee or food. If one is at the movies-- buggers can be on your seat under the seat under the handle and some people eat their buggers because they are so big and juicy to them.

1393 days ago


@12- Yes, everyone at some point has had to go in and get one out, but her being a celebrity and knowing that photographers are always following her, she should have been a bit more discreet!

1393 days ago


Geez, thanks TMZ. I was going to have a late lunch, but after seeing this picture, I'm no longer hungry.

1393 days ago


I think that if she has seen this, she is cracking up! Big deal, and how rude to post it. It's funny......and nothing else. Get a sense of humor!

1393 days ago


in the words of chris crocker, "leave britney alone"!(cries)waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh

1393 days ago


like the saying amount of money or fame can buy class.

1393 days ago


My God! She's almost up to the second knuckle! Is this ALSO a "Southern Thing"?

1393 days ago
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