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LeAnn Rimes


12/28/2010 4:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's a good thing LeAnn Rimes works out -- because the newly engaged singer hit LAX with fiance Eddie Cibrian and she needed all of her strength to carry that GIGANTIC diamond on her finger.


Eddie popped the question a few days ago -- and if you're keeping score ... the ring is a 5-carat oval diamond set in rose gold fleur-de-lis connected to the band.

Celebrity romance doesn't come cheap.


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I feel sorry for Eddie's kids. They have a bad example of a dad. I used to like LeAnn when she was a teenager, but now she's such an idiot. No wonder she broke up a marriage - her parents divorced when she was young, so she didn't have a good example of a family either.

1404 days ago


Another selfish whore at work
Karma is real...unlike that smile

1404 days ago


She is a home wrecker and they'll be cheating on each other soon. Cheaters cheat. They are both cheaters and could give a chit about the pain they've caused others.

1404 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

Home wrecker. Get off the internet.

1404 days ago


I just do not understand how you can be married and have children and then all the sudden fall out of love for someone else and not even think about it. Then stay involved and get engaged! Your children will be so proud of you, what an example! Why bring them in the world just to let them down. She was married also and she should be proud of herself. I hope this is all worth it!! By the way your ex was a lot better looking!!!

1404 days ago

Misha the CrackHo    

The ring was on Home Shopping Network... CZ... $39.95.

1404 days ago


@27 Exactly.

Once a cheater, always a cheater. Break up or divorce someone. Don;t take the s***bag way out and cheat. What an idiot. Bus cheaters are idiots. Just ask my Ex.

1404 days ago


I am A GIA Grad. I am sorry but I think large gems in rings is horrid looking. Anything larger then your finger width IMO is just tacky!

1404 days ago


Jan Michael Vincent is looking pretty hot.

1404 days ago


So people hate LeAnn because she is supposedly a Christian country singer. I can understand some of the venom, but I bet it comes from people who don't understand that Christians can be forgiven. She does seem to be reveling in her adultery. I see it as glowing with happiness. The matter is between her and God, as far as I'm concerned. It's what people do, but it isn't our place to judge. She's been judged more harshly than most of these far from perfect celebrities. So, basically, if she said she was no longer a Christian, people would stop hating her? Really, she doesn't need to quit the religion, she just needs to ask forgiveness. I thought that was the way it worked.

1404 days ago

Y do he got    

FAKE RING it`s plastic like the owners FACES

1404 days ago


The hand that grabbed the **** of someone else's husband.

1404 days ago


The hand that grabbed the ****** of someone else's husband.

1404 days ago


I don't understand the hate directed at LeAnn. Angelina Jolie did the same thing and is beloved by the masses. Are people forgetting that LeAnn married very young, was probably a virgin, to a man whose masculinity was questioned? She probably had her first real surge of hormonal lust with Cibrian. The grin on her face says it all. She is happy like a teenager. I wish people would stop the hate. She is far from the only adulterer in this country. Geesh.


The problem is she's a cheater. Ever been cheated on? Then you know how it feels. If not, don't even try and defend this whore. If she really was a "Christian" she would have done the Christian thing and ended the relationship instead of breaking one of the 10 commandments. Cheaters are cowards. They can't tell the other person they're unhappy, so they resort to the despicable. Cheaters never cheat just once either. It's a serial thing with them.

1404 days ago


I remember when she had no rocks and could really sing, so sorry to see that era is gone!

1404 days ago
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