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The Great Debate

MTV on Hook

for 'Teen' Violence?

12/29/2010 9:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The gloves came off today in the TMZ newsroom over MTV's role in the Amber Portwood domestic violence case. Thankfully -- unlike that "Teen Mom" episode -- no one got punched in the head.

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Any woman who plucks/shaves her eyebrows and then paints them back on has serious anger issues. I was abused by an angry mother day in and day out. I am not one of these who are compelled to not hit a woman. If a woman puts herself in a mans place, she will be treated like a man. (she hits a guy, she gets hit by the guy) I have not hit a woman, because I have told them my background and if they hit me, I will hit back. Abuse is abuse. Women today have no consequences for their actions. They can do whatever to anyone and nothing happens. Lets bring back consequences.

1361 days ago


First of all, NO ONE has a right to put their hands on anyone. Period! Amber should not have hit him...she took advantage of the fact that he is a guy and he wouldn't hit her. Don't be a bully.

Second, Amber-- you are not a "single" person anymore. You are a "single parent", which means, you do whats best for your child and yourself.

1361 days ago


To the guy who maintains that do***entary films are only meant to observe and that MTV may have saved the kid's life since the police are now investigating... well, maybe the attack would not have happened if MTV was not filming in the first place. And don't give MTV credit for saving the kid since they did not say nor report anything. I love MTV but it seems like they only cared about their ratings this time. Sorry, but i vote that this show be canceled.

1361 days ago


Harvey your right its wrong but i do agree part that its a do***entary so what happens, happens your rule should have applied to jersey shore when snookie got the snot knocked outta her could have ended that show 15min now shes dropping the ball in nyc. infact shes in it the first ever and it her F that stop watching these crap shows demand more from you tv real actors and actress

1361 days ago


I agree with Harvey. When I watched this particular episode, it was extremley disturbing to watch with no one stepping in and taking hold of the situation. As with any other "reality" show, there is always a policy of now physical violence of the cast member is removed from the show. Was was this not implemented in this particular case especially with a child involved. I bet if Gary would have turned around and smacked her back, then all H## would have broken lose..which makes me question that the severity was "overlooked" since it was a woman beating a man.

1361 days ago


I remember when the first Real World aired and there was a confrontation with a couple of the room mates was kicked out by Mtv producers. Why couldn't MTV do the same in this case with this idiot who obviously has been doing this for some time! You don't just start beating someone overnight just because they said the wrong thing. I agree with Harvey...Mtv is responsible for the well being of the child! Would they have continued leaving that child there if the child would have been molested for "do***entary filming"? I think not!

1361 days ago


Yes, I blame MTV for this and since Amber is so 'dangerous' they should have stopped her. I get the feeling that MTV wanted Amber and Gary to fight every time they were on screen because it made good tv. MTV should have not aired this in my opinion.

1361 days ago


MTV has such double standards. They won't edit and cut out this chick who clearly beats up her "baby daddy" but when Snooki got punched in the face on Jersey Shore they edited it out. I think it's very sexist to glorify a female beating a man but in turn isn't okay when it's a guy hitting a female. If it's not good for one then it shouldn't be good for the other. Whether male or female, it's still violence!

1361 days ago


I couldn't stand that blond lady before this clip and that just cements it. I expect people to be shallow who work there, but she takes it to a new level. Do you guys have any intelligent females working for you? Is that why you keep them off TMZ live?
But hey, she managed to wear a shirt that covered both shoulders instead of that obnoxious 80's look she's always trying to pull off.

1361 days ago


I think I heard a comment that the blondie's husband is someone important. Maybe that explains how she stays on the show and Harvey let's her make ignorant comments like that? She looks so smug saying it too, like she's all that. Lady you look like a horse and not a trophy one either. So don't act like your **** doesn't stink and you are so much better than people.

1361 days ago


I am a child protection worker. Please understand that domestic violence is emotional abuse. It's also potentially dangerous for a child, in the event that a situation escalates even further. Domestic violence takes away a child's sense of security and stability and teaches them that violence is not only acceptable it's a way of living and a way of treating others...and so the cycle continues. This teen couple are not responsible or mature enough to take care of themselves; how can one expect them to take care of a completely innocent child who relies 100% on them to ensure she is cared for and safe? Harvey is right. EVERYONE has a responsibility to ensure that children are not subjected to any kind of abuse, including the EMOTIONAL ABUSE this child is being subjected to by her parents. This includes MTV who was present for this attack. That child should have been removed from the situation immediately. It does not matter that the attacks were not directed towards the child; it does not make it any less serious.

1361 days ago


So Harvy I have to ask; does your arrogant blonde female employee think that it would be OK if (for arguments sake) you two were dating and you hit her? I mean no offense but you are lilliputin in size and she is bigger? Women today have been able to get away with murder with no consequences.....bring back consequences.

1361 days ago


It's a shame that TV has come to this, all you see is reality TV with non educational people trying to be famous and because money brings money the people putting it on air are more discusting to me then the people on the show.!!!!

1361 days ago


Really? you (the two idiot "journalist") laugh at domestic violence and are concerned if the show gets cancelled...apparently you poor ignorant ladies have never had your teeth knocked out by an abuser....hopefully it will happen to you and we can all point and laugh at you...

1361 days ago


Hey Harvey, would the women in the room say it is OK for you to hit them? I mean if you were dating (ya, I know, but) they seem to think since he is so much bigger than her it is OK, and since you are lilliputin in size, would getting beat by you be acceptable?

1361 days ago
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