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The Great Debate

MTV on Hook

for 'Teen' Violence?

12/29/2010 9:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The gloves came off today in the TMZ newsroom over MTV's role in the Amber Portwood domestic violence case. Thankfully -- unlike that "Teen Mom" episode -- no one got punched in the head.

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Your encouraging bad behavior on this one. Really disappointed on your lack of responsibility and ethics.

Leave the blond chick alone, I like her and the sad cat chick (get rid of your cats and get a dog).

1358 days ago


Team Harvey +1

Also, has anyone given consideration to the possibility that Amber has serious anger management issues?

Let suppose that her inability to control lashing out physically isn't only limited to the father of her child and she inevitably ends up physically abusing the child. Shouldn't something be done before that happens?

There are clear and obvious warning signs of a seriously (emotionally) unstable family environment in Amber's case. These signs should not be avoided.

1358 days ago


I've kicked the **** out of my baby-daddy a few times and he deserved it. So what? Baby-daddys need to be bitchslapped every now and then to remind them whose boss. I am sure "Fatboy" isnt as innocent as he tries to seem. My babydaddy would provoke me then when I couldnt take his **** anymore, he would act like the victim.
MTV crew should have butted in, instead of letting this go on and then air it, so the people involved can get in trouble like 3-4 months later.

1358 days ago


As a child protection worker, I cannot stress enough that domestic violence is emotional abuse. It takes away a child's sense of security and stability in the world and normalize's violence; and hence the cycle continues. It puts a child at risk of physical harm and in some cases death, when a situation escalates; and it does happen. These two teen parents are not responsible enough to care for themselves let alone raise a child who is 100% reliant on them to provide her with a secure, safe, and healthy home. Harvey is absolutely correct. As a society, it is EVERYONE'S responsibility to ensure that a child is not being abused. This includes MTV who should have removed the child from this situation IMMEDIATELY. The assault does not have to be directed towards the child; hearing assaults, witnessing assaults, and growing up in a chaotic & unstable environment is child abuse; PERIOD.

1358 days ago


If the guy had been the one hitting the girl everyone would be screaming from the roof tops. The two girls on the show that thought it was no big deal would probably be the loudest.
I feel sorry for that poor kid growing up with a mother like her...mtv should pay for anger management classes for that stupid teen mom...

1357 days ago


I agree with Harvey. MTV has evidently changed their policy about violence when filming. The early Real World shows had rules against any violence among the cast members. If a cast member hit another cast member, there was consequences, including removal from the show.

Now, it is a free for all. The more violence the better and it is justified in the name of doing a "do***entary". It is just a matter of time before things get totally out of hand on one of these shows and someone is badly hurt or worse.

I think it is funny that some TMZ staffers are using the do***entary thing as an excuse to exonerate MTV from any responsibility. If you are making a do***entary about wildlife, I would agree with them, but these are human beings and there was a toddler in the room. The humans may have been acting like wildlife, and that is my point. You never know what can happen when someone starts being violent, things can escalate very quickly and get out of hand. It happens all the time. In the meantime, a toddler is close by with no one watching out for her safety.

MTV has now established a long history of filming violence and doing nothing about it. I have to think that would not be in their favor if they were sued, even if someone signed a disclaimer.

1357 days ago


God both of these people are idiots. Haha of course they didn't get between them, it was a show for them too. I'd wanna watch it. And you know by watching them so much, that they were probably used to it and it was entertaining.

1357 days ago


I was diappointed that the blond woman there if so ill informed that she thought the girl hitting the 'fat' guy was fine. Is her logic because the victim is a big guy or because the attacker was a woman? Domestic violence is domestic violence Why don't we ask the little girl watching the violence if she thought it was funny or ok? The TMZ woman needs to educate herself about the devastation domestic violence causes in families.

1357 days ago


Wow! Harvey is 100% right on this one. It's so scary the two women are saying it's all fine. This is NOT OK to glamorize two crazy out-of-control morons with a child. Get these people off the TV, and into parenting and anger management classes.

Or, better yet, convince these two to put the child up for adoption to people who are capable of providing a stable and positive environment for a child. They don't deserve the privilege and honor of caring for a child. This is gross. These dysfunctional and clueless people DO NOT belong on television anywhere.

I'd just cancel the piece of crap show.

1357 days ago


Just watched it a second time. The three women need to do some volunteer work somewhere to learn more about domestic violence and the impact on kids. Their comments are soooooo ignorant and make me so upset. The moral compass and thought process for many "younger" people is soooooo screwed up.

What do they think is wrong? This is why throughout history people have stood by and watched bad things happen. People are so reluctant to take a stand on anything...except recycling and hybrid cars. What in world do you think is wrong if you think this is OK? Shouldn't protecting children be #1?

1357 days ago


Props to Harvey for being on point. His female staffers though are the reason MTV puts these ticking time bombs in their scripted "reality" shows. Females love to see other females relationship problems because it makes them feel better about their own issues. None of them said " hey, I hope the girl gets some help", or "I'm glad the baby wasn't hurt" but instead were worried about the show getting cancelled. MTV banks (and makes bank) on this phenomenon, and has since Real World 1. Buttheads make drama and drama brings viewers. If they showed well adjusted teens who were handling their life situations, there would be no show. And as long as people continue to watch this garbage, they'll keep making it. Kinda like porn....

By the way..

To: Posted at 7:58 PM on Dec 29, 2010 by Caroline

Someone HAS been killed as a direct result of one of kind of shows. A few years back one of the guests of the Jenney Jones Show went home and shotgunned his neighbor to death after his neighbor revealed he had a gay crush on him on the show. Give it time and it will happen on one of MTV's shows. Instead of punches, someone sooner or later is going to grab a knife or a gun or a 2x4, and they won't be able to react quickly enough to prevent a tragedy. And I'm sure all the girls on Harveys staff will make that a top rated episode when it happens!

1357 days ago


I agree with you guys, those pathetic women on the staff are the reason why shows like this exist...they are the audience for it. Not a brain cell to call their own. Do you notice they rarely have women do TMZ live? And when they do, the women spend more time making sure they look good on camera and they are posed right than they do saying anything.
It's nice to know that Harvey's staff are so shallow that domestic violence is a laughable matter when the victim is big. I would feel so much shame if I thought something like that let alone said it in front of an audience, but they just laughed like they were proud of what they just said. Harvey should have called them out on the spot. He just did what he's accusing MTV of doing by allowing that.

1357 days ago


I don't care if it is a do***entary or not, anyone that was in the room with this couple and their child, and witnessed the abuse, should have reported it! It doesn't matter if there is any law on the book about when or how to report abuse, if you see it, report it! I think that whoever was in the room at the time (producers, camera operators, sound techs etc) should be held responsible for keeping their mouths shut! Domestic violence if not stopped could lead to much more dangerous activity (such as murder! How many women are murdered every year by their abusive husbands/boyfriends?)

Aside from playing the blame game, what really needs to happen is that Amber needs therapy!! She has a HUGE Anger Management problem that she can't seem to control and she needs to learn how to channel that anger into more productive activities, and get to the root of the problem. What has happened in Amber's life to make her such an angry person? (Gary may not have helped the situation but he is certainly not the cause of ALL that anger.) Only after she is able to get her anger under control should she then have visitation with her daughter, and maybe someday even have joint custody.

1357 days ago



1357 days ago


If the Dad was hitting the Mom in front of the kid an angry mob would be banging down Mtv's doors not stepping in. That "fat kid" has the same right not to be smacked as any woman does. I can believe the immature attitude of some of the TMZ staff.

1357 days ago
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