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Brett Favre Accuser -- The NFL Is a Sexist League

12/29/2010 4:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who was allegedly on the receiving end of the Brett Favre weiner photos claims she's "extremely disappointed, but not surprised" with the NFL's ruling ... because the the NFL is a sexist organization.


Jenn Sterger's lawyer just released a statement saying, "While I am not privy to how Mr. Goodell reached such a finding, we strongly disagree with his conclusion that there was insufficient evidence to support a violation of the policy."

Jenn's lawyer continues, "Our evidence and the personal testimony of Ms. Sterger clearly showed a pattern of lewd and offensive behavior by Mr. Favre that lasted all of the 2008 season."

He adds, "Our evidence clearly showed that the photos were sent by Favre."

Sterger's lawyer concludes, "Today’s decision is an affront to all females and shows once again that, despite tough talk, the NFL remains the good old boys’ league."

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Honestly I'm more offended by those so called "women" sports casters that chase the coaches and the players around the field during the game to ask obvious, stupid ass questions. It's stupid that the NFL thinks so little of women to think they can throw a couple of breasts on the field to sportscast and us women are satisfied and all fine with that. Women have ABSOLUTELY no place on the football field during the game, unless they are are behind the camera, part of the crew or the fn cheerleaders (which are a joke as well).

1394 days ago

I'm only 17    

@ Carl and @ Mighty Mad- your two posts are the ONLY ones that have any intelligence and substance behind them. BUT as usual this doesn't surprise me. NFL=Numbskull Fans League.
And to women haters that say sports aren't for women. KISS MY HOT basketball, hockey, futbol, baseball loving A$$.

1394 days ago


She had planned on cashing in all along & will do whatever it takes to keep it in the news. As a woman, I hate to say that these money seeking whores are disgusting. They have no pride and want to get rich by blackmail. When that doesn't work, they go public to cash in & make a name for themselves. Why don't they work to make money the honest way instead of tricking the idiot athletes whose brains are in their pants. Brett was also at fault, but she's the one who made sure it all went public instead of going through the football league when it first happened.

1394 days ago


I am so sick of reading about these trashy, dirty women who involve themselves in situations with (celebs) and then turn around and try to get money out of them.

she didn't seem to care much TWO years ago and she was sending texts back to him. Sounds like she's just a golddigging hoe trying to make some quick cash.

I also don't know what the NFL has to do with it anyway.. seriously, if this were a non-celeb, there is no way the dumb broad would try to sue the guy's employer because she got a naughty text from him.


1394 days ago


Personally I think Bret ought to be commended for the guts he showed in announcing his short comings to the world.

1394 days ago


Personally I think Bret ought to be commended for the guts he showed in announcing his short comings to the world.

1394 days ago


A lot of uninformed people here. She was never going to go public with what he'd done. A 'friend' of hers saw the sextings and took it public. She doesn't want him or his money and never did.

Every female NFL fan ought to boycott that Good Old Boys' League!

1394 days ago


"NFL remains the good old boys’ league". Gee, do ya think? What planet are you living on?

1394 days ago


Go away, famewhores!

1394 days ago


Of course the NFL is sexist, how do you think she got a job with the Jets in the first place??? Her uncanny math skills??? ahahhahaha!

1394 days ago


Most women do not complain about sexist behavior at work because they would lose their job if they did, so they try to handle the situation themselves until they can find another job. Unless you are a woman in the work force, you have no idea what it is to go to work with men who consider women in the office fair game for sexual advances. Don't get me wrong, not all men are pigs, but men who have never had to follow the rules are the worst.

1394 days ago


figures all you men think this way! If the girl has the texts and they clearly came from farve's cell phone number, then how does that make her a gold-digging so & so? As for keeping women out of so called "men's" activities.....why are men not responsible for their actions when they are clearly holding this woman responsible for hers? f_____ng hypocritical cave men! i hope she does sue & all of the "evidence" she posesses becomes public, then farve's wife can divorce him and take 50%...would serve him right! he's just a closet roethlisberger.

1394 days ago


Yeah Jenn, the NFL is a sexist league. That's why there are only MEN in the NFL! What a jack ass. I'm sure she is totally innocent. Just sitting around in her nun's habit getting accosted by mashers with penis pics all day long. Sitting in a bar with her rack pushed up and out, complaining about the guys staring. Jenn, I shall call you 'TART' from this day forward.

1394 days ago


What's her beef? A guy was hitting on her and she didn't like it? Favre was never suspended or even fined before in his career and this chick acts like he should be banned for life. After 2 years of deliberation she figured she might as well take a shot at some $ and failed. What a douche.

1394 days ago


If she didn't want money & wasn't going to make it public, why didn't she get rid of the pictures? Why didn't she tell the football league right away? Why did she save the pictures? Why did she show the pictures to friends? How did the friend get the pictures if she didn't make them available? She's planning on cashing in, either by filing a lawsuit, getting paid for public appearance or interviews? As a female, this isn't going to make me stop being a fan.

1394 days ago
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