Conrad Murray to Prosecutor: So Whatcha Got?

12/29/2010 5:40 AM PST

Conrad Murray to Prosecutor: So Whatcha Got?

Dr. Conrad Murray's preliminary hearing in the Michael Jackson manslaughter case ... set for next Tuesday ... will be a one-sided affair, because TMZ has learned Murray's side won't utter a peep.

Sources connected with Murray's defense tell TMZ Murray's lawyer, Ed Chernoff, will be there to listen -- not to ask questions.  Specifically, when the prosecution lays out its case, Chernoff will be looking for holes and inconsistencies.

As TMZ first reported, the prosecution will call approximately 30 witnesses, including experts and LAPD detectives, to establish Murray acted recklessly in fueling MJ with Propofol the day he died.

It's a very good bet the judge will order Murray to stand trial ... judges rarely dismiss charges after a preliminary hearing.  So there's no point in Murray's lawyer playing his hand.