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FOX News Analyst: Michael Vick Should Be Executed

12/29/2010 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tucker Carlson said on FOX News Channel last night ... Michael Vick should have been executed for killing dogs.

Carlton railed on President Obama for suggesting Vick deserved a second chance.

A little extreme?



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J Strangio    

Let me see...inappropriate... inflammatory, stupid, crazy, unprofessional, inconceivable, outrageous...I do not know what word adequately describes such an inane comment by one who is supposed to be intelligent and professional......what an idiot

At least censured and forced to give an apology and work community service in a prison and then have to write out 100 times his reasons for being allowed to continue in broadcasting

1401 days ago


Tucker Carlson's mother should have been executed for not having aborted his batsh*t crazy inbred "christian" azz!! But what can anyone expect but inbreds at fox news!

1401 days ago


vick is a sociopath, only a completely heartless person could be so cruel to animals. he doesn't feel bad, he just feels bad he got caught. and i think its deisgusting that the NFl is letting him play. more proof that professional atheletes are s***bags. pathetic.

1401 days ago


Typical coming from a Right Wing lunatic such as Tucker Carlson!
Tucker Carlson says he's a Christian and then follows that up by saying he thinks Michael Vick should of been I said in the opening...typical of a Right Wing lunatic!

1401 days ago


After seeing the condition of the Èmichael Vick dogsÈ at Dogtown, well Ièm very surprized that he was allowed back into the NFL and even more surprized at the praise that he received from Obama - Vick is one very sick soul!

1401 days ago


I agree with the commentator. Vick needs some good 'ol southern therapy...a chain and a pickup.

1401 days ago


What vick did is wrong but i dont care how you look at it, an animals life does not equal a human life. what tucker said was so stupid!!!!!!!

1401 days ago


I agree with the commentator. Vick needs some good 'ol southern therapy...a chain and a pickup.

* * * * * * *

As a Southerner I resent your assumption that we all share your disgusting, stupid, obnoxious, outdated, prejudiced, intolerant views on "therapy." I **hate** everything Michael Vick did and don't think he should have been rewarded with a return to the NFL, but that doesn't mean he should be dragged behind a pickup truck until his head is bashed in and flies off his shoulders. MV is a HUMAN BEING, even if his behavior was/is disgusting. Develop a conscience yourself, cretin!

1401 days ago


I guess executing a carabou for television ratings doesn't bother him?

1401 days ago

Dan F.    

If Fox News had their way, anyone who disagreed with their "fair and balanced" brand of propaganda journalism would be executed.

1401 days ago

jim watson    

I think he should keep those thoughts to himself, Tucker is in the position for influences people. for sure the people as stupid as he is!!! Fox should yank him off the air. I do believe in freedom of speech it depends on what venue!!!

1401 days ago


Mr. Carlson should spend some time getting to know what his savior thinks about Michael Vick. Open your eyes and ears Tucker, you will come away with a different perspective. I am thankful I will not have to stand before you on judgment day.

1401 days ago


So. This man says he's a Christian in one breath, and then says someone should be executed in another? I'm pretty sure Jesus didn't call for the execution of anyone. And I'm pretty sure he was executed as well. Creepy, slimey stuff there.

1401 days ago


Tucker is right! I would like Vick to be put in a room with thevdogs he abused. I would want the dogs to rape him bite off his balls and leave him to bleed out

1401 days ago


That would be OK as long as he (Carlson) was holding his hand. Douchebag for sure.

1401 days ago
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