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FOX News Analyst: Michael Vick Should Be Executed

12/29/2010 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tucker Carlson said on FOX News Channel last night ... Michael Vick should have been executed for killing dogs.

Carlton railed on President Obama for suggesting Vick deserved a second chance.

A little extreme?



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I agree 100% with Tucker!
Constantly hearing how Vick "ran a dog fighting ring" VS "Vick KILLED DOGS" was indefensible to the poor animals who were TORTURED!!!
To minimize it like he made a poor business decision VS he willfully and consistantly MURDERED/ MAIMED /TORTURED and KILLED dogs should have been the point!
People who kill animals (repeatedly!!) are to be watched for other cruel and insideous psychological behaviors.
He should have been given the EXACT SAME TREATMENT AS THE DOGS he tortured!!!

1360 days ago

Wanda Cooper    

How do you make all a statement about being a christian and in the same breath say that a person should be executed? Glad you're not the spokesman for God...the God I serve is a God of second chances...

1360 days ago


Not an easy issue for sure. My gut reaction is hell yes he should suffer even a fraction of what those poor dogs did. I don't think he regrets a thing except getting caught.

On the other hand, yes he's a very talented football player (not that the NFL should have ever let him set foot on the field again...f*ck u Eagles. The Falcons did the right thing by not supporting him) and he did serve his *debt to society*. (Yeah, right.)

The good thing that came out of all of it though is that dogfighting and pit bulls in particular became a national topic. We have since adopted a pit which strangely enough may never have happened without Vick's heinous crimes and personality. I think he's evil through and through but nothing is black and white, is it?

1360 days ago


What's Tucker's view on murderers of HUMAN BEINGS we let out of our United State's prison systems way too early? Child molesting murderers have been set free in this country!

Is Tucker a vegetarian as well?

1360 days ago


Tre.......As I said , that is my view....and it will remain so. He became an informant, in order to reduce his sentence for illicit gambling and money laundering....sold out his associates and ' friends'...and was imprisoned on a lesser charge of dog fighting. The judicial system made a judgement....based on a plea deal.....the cowardly stool-pigeon left prison early, based upon this...It is a hollow victory...
As with O.J. Simpson, his base character will not fail him. My bet is that he will face the judicial system again. It is only a matter of time....

1359 days ago


M Vick should be sentenced to pick up dog **** in a dog park for the rest of his troubled messed up life!

1359 days ago


Mike Vick should not be playing in the NFL!!!PERIOD!! He killed so many innocent dogs. He is sick in the head to find pleasure in that. To play in the NFL is a great HONOR AND PRIVELAGE!! He doesn't deserve that chance- SHAME ON THE NFL AND EAGLES FOR ALLOWING HIM THAT CHANCE- Now this piece of sh** wants a dog WOW do child molestors get to adopt a child, play on a school playground etc. ? No they don't.

1359 days ago

disciple of justice    

Tucker Carlson, I prefer **** Sucker Carlson del Hannity. Where was the concern when that "hail Hitler" Bart police officer murdered that defenseless man in the back. So indeed, we are counted as dogs. The law is the right hand of God, and if the right hand of God offends Him, He will cut it off. Therefore all who withhold justice from the needy and the poor and subvert justice by taking brides will likewise perish.

1359 days ago


President Bush can send humans to fight and die without proper cause and is never thought of as being a criminal thug, why? Is it because he is white christian and wears a tie. People hate MV more than the hate Bush and he is no different from the thugs who bombed the twin towers. I'm AA and thought MV was the dumbest mf on earth for killing dogs, but to suggest he should be killed is offensive and cruel. Ps how many white and black babies died under bush administration? why isn't he in jail?

1358 days ago


Finally a bold individual who speaks the truth. Kudos to Tucker Carlson! I am a huge animal lover and the acts that Michael Vick has done to these beautiful dogs are disgusting. Have you seen the pictures? 18 months in prison is nowhere near enough the punishment he deserves. I am surprised at how many people still support him. I believe he regrets being caught, not for the cruel acts he has done to these innocent victims. He claims he wants to have a dog as a pet for his kids and I cringe to think that this will happen in the future.

Carlson has every right to his opinion, it's called freedom of speech. Why do people bring up other issues like Palin (who also participates in animal cruelty) or other crimes and the average punishment in this country (rape, murder) when the topic at hand was specifically Vick and the torturing of animals through illegal dog fights? How would any of you know his opinions on these topics if it was not discussed? He could very well believe in execution for such disgusting crimes.

I am even more shocked to see how many people do not care about the torturing of animals and hope that more people educate themselves. FYI humans are animals. Knowledge is power.

1357 days ago


Tucker Carlson's statement shows just how out of proportion our society is. As hideous as what Vick did was, these were animals, people. I wish there was half the outcry for the killing of baby humans.

1356 days ago

Lisa Kirchoff    

Michael Vick should be put in a cage with the most vicious of dogs and these dogs should be allowed to gnaw on him for awhile. This person should not even have been allowed prison food. Of course he's changing his ways about the horrific, disgusting CRIME he committed, because if he doesn't he'll really be out of his MILLIONS of dollars a year Eagles contract(or any other team who is stupid enough to pick him up) The NFL should be ashamed. I like football a lot, but when the Eagles play I stay away. He should still be in jail.

1355 days ago


Tucker Carlson can you truly say you have no skeletons in your closet? it never seem to amaze me how people in this country are so easy to point out the wrong of others but seem to overlook their own faults and misdeeds. I guess the saying is true, until you get caught, you did no wrong.

If so called CHRISTIANS pray for people as much as they criticize them for self-satisfy concerning their own insecurities or wrongs, society would be a better place. People tend to focus more on others than themselves. You would be amazed of the internal growth if you scrutnize self and work on improving your life, instead of regenerating conversation about Michael Vick and his past experiences.

1321 days ago


Tucker Carlson is completely right. I said the same thing a long time ago about the murderer/dog torturer. When someone intentionally and with great joy tortures and kills innocent, helpless beings they should not be on this planet. He is no different than Charles Manson---another guy that should have been given the death penalty.

1320 days ago


Tucker you are right,instead of giving this low-life coward s key to the city, execute him. Bleeding hearts you got a problem with that? Same thing should happen to child molesters and murders. Taxpayers are spending their hard earned money to defend,clothe,feed, and house people who made choices. NOw let us make a choice. REMOVE them. If the penalty is swift and final the word WILL get out. Thugs like vick will learn to make better choices. It would be a TEACHING process.

1320 days ago
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