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Another MJ Conspiracy Theory ... Made Bear-able!!!!

12/30/2010 10:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bears fighting over a hammock ... an armless dog shopping? Umm ... things that make La Toya Jackson's conspiracy theories about MJ's death worth hearing -- for a thousand, Dick!

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MJ is the Greatest of all    

King Angel MJ was definitely murdered! LaToya is totally right about this. All those involved will be soon revealed!

1361 days ago


well that was pretty funny LOL

1361 days ago


Didn't realize Murray is so tall.

1361 days ago


Dr. Murray = Dr. Death

1361 days ago


Murray + Propofol + Sedatives = Dr. Death

1361 days ago


Fans - they call us phanatics- no - we are good people, we like watching the best dancer and best artist ever - every celebrity, or people who really know Michael Jackson - all of them told us he was nice and humble person.

Haters- sick people, loosers, lifeless, rassist, media morrons like Diane Dimond etc. want to make money, want attention. They didn't make success and how pay attention.. cover negativ about Michael Jackson. Gene Simmons-idiot morron jelous-wants make money- let talk about Michael Jackson. Even Oprah wanted to apologise in some way. Larry King put red jacket...nice tribute to the best.

Haters, media killed one man, human being, father.
I have enough. All I can say...normal people know that you are innocent Michael. You will live in your music and children.

They are real criminals, killers. Haters you are sick.

1361 days ago


unreleased video of MJ has been leaked, I dont know what the song is called, i think it is an unreleased song too, check it out

1361 days ago

mj fan forever    

Murray has the full responsibility of what he did and must pay!!!! Absolutely!!!!

1360 days ago


The "Don't Worry" Murray bit made me crack up, lol ♥

1360 days ago


The last two posts: its slander. I will go to the police.

1360 days ago

David Hughes    

This wasn't that funny to be fair.
Come on TMZ - We want more news!

In the meantime, let's all just play Sonic :)

1360 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

If your precious King Michael really loved you, loved the children, blah blah...

- He wouldn't have had his body butchered. Look at any picture after 1990 and disagree. He turned himself into Frankenstein's Monster with plastic surgery obsession. That face wasn't the result of vitiligo or burns on his scalp.
- He wouldn't have lived the life of a pedophile. He would have had normal adult relationships whether homo or hetero.
- He wouldn't have abused drugs since 1985. He would have had his treatment for his scalp and moved on. Perhaps he should have tried yoga, meditation and physical exercise for his issues.
- He would have performed more and released more music giving more to his fans. Other stars do. Considering the length of his popularity his music catalog and number of live performances is small. See: Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Les Paul etc. Before you blame the record companies, others have overcome those hurtles. See: Prince, Neil Young on and on. He signed the deals.

If you loved him so much, he cheated you.

1360 days ago


I don´t quite know where TMZ is going with this..... But Happy New Year to them - don´t get TOO wasted tonight!!! :-)

1360 days ago


Phantom...nice video.

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1360 days ago
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