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Scott Disick

Explodes on Photog

12/30/2010 1:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kourtney Kardashian's baby daddy Scott Disick went ballistic on a photographer at Miami International Airport yesterday -- screaming at a snapper who got too close to the couple's little kid.

Multiple photogs -- not ours -- were shooting Disick and baby Mason, when Scott turned to one snapper and said, "How close can you get?? ... stand back, you f**king idiot."

Seconds later, Disick snaps -- charging towards the photog screaming, "Don't get that f**king close to me!!!"

Moments later, Disick calms down and tries to explain himself ... saying, "I mean he's this f**king close to my kid man."

Scott left the airport minutes after without any further incidents.


No Avatar


This guy clearly needs some serious help.Persons with anger and control issues are easily provoked over even the smallest thing.come on, the paparazzi was not even close to his kid .. GROW UP IMBECIL!!

1395 days ago


These people ASKED for this life. They arent not movie stars who paps go after they CHOSE this as their lifestyle. They deserve every paparazzi in their face (well they dont because they are famous for nothing). This is a couple who CHOSE to put their child on a reality show yet he is telling the pap he is to clos e to his kid? R u kidding me dude!!! You cant ave your cake and eat it to Scott. The entire Kardashian clan are money grubbing whores!

1395 days ago


Dude should have a talk with Jack Nicholson, talk about a man who knows how to keep his kid safe. I remember a pap stalking him and the baby, he calmly walked up and told the pap, "Take all the pictures you want of me, but take a shot of my kid again and I'll push that camera into the back of your head". I still laugh when I remember the shocked look on the paps face.

1395 days ago


Kim had sex on tape now the family is infamous. What a bunch of fugly, moronic whores!

1395 days ago


He so needs his ass kicked! -- I have seen that show a few times due to my wife's love for the show.. and he's a serious d i c k.

1395 days ago


A real slow day at the airport. Scott Disick Kardashian should be thrilled anyone would take a picture of his spawn.

1395 days ago


That paprat is a real creep. Even after being yelled at, he went in closer. Too bad he couldn't have had his camera smashed into his face.

1395 days ago

the truth    

good for Scott!!! im on his side with this one! yes they shoot a reality show but that part wasn't about the show. all he was doing was protecting his child.

1395 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

It's both hilarious & infuriating when Ken dolls try to get all gangsta, as if that's something to aspire to. He's just a kardashian b!tch boy & now he's trying to play tough guy? Go back to your room at the Waldorf. You're late for your mani-pedi.

1395 days ago


What an idiot. They make a lot of money out of people, watching their stupid show and now they want "privacy".Scott, I would not pay a cent for your picture.

1395 days ago


Good Day,

Hair brought to courtesy Emilio Estevez circa The Breakfast Club...


1395 days ago


All I see is a scared little boy. And I'm not talking about Mason.

1395 days ago


why are they snapping pics of this loser? he's a bankrupt nobody. he should get the stick out of his ass

1395 days ago


If someone tells you to back up.... you back the **** up! I know they get paid for pictures but he practically wanted to put the camera up their noses and their asses. Get a real ****ing job...

1395 days ago


I exploded on Kor K's face once. She ate my baby.

Instead of getting pregnant & lying that I'm the Dad like she is doing to this insane tool.

It's not your baby man.

1395 days ago
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