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'19 Kids and Counting' Star -- Three Rifles, No Ammo

1/3/2011 7:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In an effort to give an Indonesian foreign exchange student the real "USA" experience -- one of the stars of the TLC reality show "19 Kids and Counting"  handed the guy a GUN and told him to smile!


The kid double-fisting the firearms is 20-year-old John David Duggar -- the 3rd of 19 brothers and sisters featured on the show.

John David's father, Jim Bob Duggar, tells TMZ ... JD and the exchange student were heading out to target practice over the holidays -- and posed for this photo before they opened fire.

Jim Bob insists all three weapons were UNLOADED -- and were each "standard firearms purchased at a licensed gun shop."

He adds, "All of the older boys, including John David, are well-trained in gun safety and always supervised when handling guns."



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en Todo Momento!!    

uh, you call that a 'gun'?! looks like an entire damn army to me...yikes!!

1355 days ago


RE: konaehukai

Michelle Duggar is NOT a slut. She has been happily married to ONE man for many years, and cofines herself to making LOVE with her husband.It's perfectly natural, normal, as opposed to the real sluts who spread em for any and all...How many have YOU shagged? She is a law abiding, church going woman who does a lot for people, including her family, and lives for God and family.. Last I checked, a slut was ANYTHING but that. I may not agree with her birth giving beleifs, but I wonder why she has to defend her personal beleifs from someone like you, who makes uninformed judgements?

1355 days ago


Millions of people enjoy recreational shooting

1355 days ago


That family is disgusting. And TLC isn't much better for glorifying a slut that doesn't keep her legs closed and pumps out kids like a jackrabbit. This family is absolutely dispicable.

Posted at 2:57 PM on Jan 3, 2011 by konaehukai

so now it makes you a slut if you have sex with your husband and have kids?

Posted at 3:00 PM on Jan 3, 2011 by tgrfan42069

It makes you a slut to pump out so many disgusting kids. Only vermin have that many offspring. Which is what this family is, nothing but vermin. Why people feel they have some right to overpopulate the planet is beyond me. If this moronic couple wanted this many kids, adopt, and that I would have applauded.

1355 days ago


They are part of the "Quiverful" Cult. I personally know someone who escaped from that when she was 18. Thank God she did too. She was stuck in a real nightmare. You have no idea what goes on behind the scenes and how hard of a life it is for the women in those families. I pray that the Duggar girls will have the strength to leave someday. It is possible to have a great relationship with God and not be controlled by a movement.

1355 days ago


This story makes TMZ look like a bunch of morons!

1355 days ago


Here is my issue with this whole thing. I don't understand how they can sit there and say they don't allow the dancing, music or the girls where dresses because God says it is the work of the devil. But, the guns are just fine. HOW THE HELL DOES THAT WORK??? Can someone tell me please?

1355 days ago


No here is nothing wrong with picture except for the fact they promote themselves as such a goody goody family that probably doesn't watch the news for fear their "special" kids will be upset by all the violence.

1355 days ago

Mickey Mouse    

So what's your point TMZ? Last I checked guns were legal and taking photos of them is legal too. Heck even if they were loaded it would be fine. The guy is 20 years old, not 7. As for the Freak family that they are, certainly nothing I would choose but this is America live and let live and I say every American should own a few firearms.

1355 days ago

carries big bucks only    

BFD, the guy just wanted to shoot some guns.

1355 days ago


Those who think gun ownership is a bad thing are the freaks. This country wouldn't even exist if citizens didn't own guns. Thank goodness for the Second Amendment. It's the only line of defense between us and a dictatorship.

1355 days ago

Chun LI    

LOL @ #6

1355 days ago


Everyone that is against guns and blogs anti-gun sentiment is ill informed about why guns are neccesary in our society. All who post should to prove a point and state where they are from. I bet most will be east and west coast anti-gun. The rest of us get it, if law abiding people have guns then the crimminals will thinks twice about pulling their illegal guns. That is why California has such a problem and other cities that don't allow guns. You don't want guns in to be legal for law abiding citzens that want them...soon only the crimminals will have them. That is plain stupid. The inmates will run your assylums. Keep your guns, continue to hunt and protect youseld. Go NRA! Posting from Phoenix AZ by the way. We carry guns, the whole State..

1355 days ago

Yeah, I said it.    

-- Duggar Logic:--

Guns = GOOD.

Kissing = EVIL !!!

1355 days ago


Wow I wonder how they can up with that pose... I THOUGHT THEY DIDN'T WATCH MOVIES OR PLAY VIDEO GAMES???!!!!!!!!

1355 days ago
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