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'Jackass' Farting Guy -- The Mug Shot

1/3/2011 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the mug shot of Preston Lacy -- aka the guy who farted into the fart mask in a "Jackass" movie -- after he was popped for weed last month.

Preston Lacy Mug Shot
Lacy was busted in Oklahoma on December 14 -- after cops say Lacy was in possession of a controlled substance (weed) and drug paraphernalia (rolling papers).

Lacy was charged with two misdemeanors -- and if convicted, he could spend up to two years in prison and face $2,000 in fines.



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artie help    

leave the bloody guy alone, he seems to be haapy and harmless.

1368 days ago


What a pig & who cares??? How appropriate that Snooky's photo is directly below his on this article. Two of a kind.

1368 days ago


I actually know Preston. He used to live in Culver city and if he reads this, he knows my boy. He used to drive a white Chevy/Ford Truck. Mention the brazilian girls upstairs and he knows what i'm talking about. Preston is a really cool guy. Wouldn't hurt a fly. Just loves life and getting stoned on it. Leave him alone. This country has an agenda of it's own. It's only Marijuana. I'm pretty sure those cop's parents even smoke that ****.

1368 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

This guy looks happy.
Saving my hate for LiLoser instead.

1368 days ago


jesus christ, two years for possesion!? stay out of ocklahoma!

1368 days ago

He was arrested for rolling papers and marijuana. You can't be serious. Why don't the police concentrate on criminals and leave people who smoke alone. No wonder the US is turning into a third world country.

1368 days ago


2 years for some Marijuana? Wow this country is messed up.

1368 days ago


I always hear the same things when this kind of bull**** happens like when willie nelson was busted recently. Everyone says "It's just weed" and that the country has it's priorities way out of whack and on that I totally agree but what I wonder is if most people really believe that then why don't we get weed legal? Legal weed laws didn't even pass in cali where it's full of potheads and liberals.

1368 days ago


@#9 your right, i don't think mainstream american wants marijuana legalized but it absolutely should be decriminalized. i don't want someone who is high driving through my neighborhood but i couldn't care less if some college kids were doing it at a party; i'm much more concerned with them drinking and driving

1368 days ago


Response to #9

Because our government is full of fail. It takes years if not decades to get anything changed, and our politician's are too stubborn to change laws that have been on the books since before they were elected. Changing a law means that someone was wrong in making it, which was probably some of these fool's relatives who are in office now. Its all a scheme of corrupt cliques who don't want to actually work and would rather just get paid from taking a cut of your paycheck. If they really cared about the country they would work for free. Its not like they do much beside slandering each other when its time to campaign and blowing millions of dollars doing so. Its a shame that so many of these folks elected have shady pasts or are still involved in sketchy activity. They are probably all using drugs and just don't want to share with the common folk! Marijuana is a social drug when it is acceptable, so I'm guessing our law makers are on something else.

1368 days ago


What waste of time and money for all involved. Arresting people for weed is wrong.

1368 days ago


I am sure all the young girls are thanking TMZ for putting up this eye candy for them.Enjoy girls...enjoy.
He is one hunk of a man and he is happy too

1368 days ago


You do realize the fart mask is from Jackass number two right? And NOT Jackass 3D?

1368 days ago


Dean Wormer says: "Fat, stoned, and stupid is no way to go through life."

1368 days ago


Just legalize it already its obvious its going to be decriminalized within the next few years as all the geezers running america finally start to die off .. ahhhh looking towards better days

1368 days ago
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